by Peja

"Its not fair" Martin dropped down heavily into the overstuffed chair, pouting full out.

Stephan handed him a cuppa, smiling secretly as Martin leaned over the cup and breathed in the heady scent of the tea. "You're going to have to deal with this sort of thing, Mar."

"I don't even like kids." Martin grumped, taking a vitalizing gulp.

"You're great with them."

"They hate me."

"You're just imagining that."

"Yeah," Martin snorted. "Sure I am."

Stephan tapped on Martin's knee, smiling contentedly when the other man's legs fell open for him. He knelt before Martin's legs, finding a cozy home between his legs and laid his head on one nicely muscled thigh. "Does that mean you don't want kids with me?"

The cup rattled in its saucer. "Kids?" he chirped.

"Mmmmm." Stephen ran a finger over the bulge under Martin's trousers. He smiled as the flesh beneath his finger doubled in size. "I watched you, you know? Herding those kids around." He found the zipper tab and began to tug, tooth by tooth. "Made me smile."

Anticipation brought a groan and a rattle of china being set aside from above and he smiled again, for a much darker, sensual reason.

"So," Stephen released Martin from the tight slacks and leaned close to the heated flesh. "What do you think?" He ran his tongue round the crown, smiling at the distressed whimpers his lover made above him.

"Who," Martin panted. "Can think when you're doing that."

"Kids." Stephan licked Marting from the base to the tip, letting the crown slide into his mouth and laving it once more before adding, "Wanna have a kid with me?"

"Feel I should point out we haven't got a womb between us," Martin grunted out.

"Technicalities." Stephen tugged Martin's trousers off then rose to step out of his own.

Martin reached out to stroke Stephen's rigid cock reverently, sighing as he slid into his lap and kissed him deeply.

"Gonna do it right here?"

Stephen didn't answer, simply lined himself up and seated himself firmly on the hot length.

"You planned this?" Martin acknowledged, thrilled that his lover would have taken the time to prepare himself before seeking him out.

"Mmmmmm." Stephan purred, rising and lowering himself at a slow, deliberate pace.

Martin tried to thrust up, but Stephen held him still, setting his own tormenting pace in the over-sized chair. Martin could only hold on for the sensual ride and let the sensations carry him over the edge.

As he drew closer, his hand found Stephen's cock and milked it in time to the downward thrusts on his own, carrying Stephen over the edge even as he found his own ecstasy.

Wrapped in each other's arms, both me floated slowly back into themselves, and back to the question at hand.

"I'd be thrilled to give you a child we made between ourselves," Martin told him, nuzzling his neck. "If there was any way at all..."

Stephen grinned against his neck. "I didn't tell you about the new client I took on this afternoon. Seems he's a genetic scientist. Had an interesting break-through and wanted to have a legal opinion on the concept of male pregnancies."

"Ah-huh," Martin cuddled his lover closer and chuckled. "have any names in mind?"


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