What's Up Buttercup
by Peja

Zack Addy always loved the city at dusk from the balcony of the apartment he shared with his lover. The soft glow of the lights coming on far below, lite the panoramic view making it glisten and gleam like an immense sparkling snow-globe city. The sounds of the nighttime revelers was like music in direct opposition to the silence of death he worked with day after day.

But more, it was the time his lover would miraculously appear and....

Warm hands covered his eyes from behind and even warmer lips nuzzled Zack's neck. "Nice save, Buttercup." The nuzzle turned into a tugging nip at his earlobe. "Thought for sure you'd given it away."

"Mmmmm...." Sighing raggedly, Zack relaxed into the man behind him, letting his tired body lie, standing up, against his secret lover. "I was daydreaming about last night..." He lifted his arms, wrapping around the neck of the man behind him, playing in silken hair. "...And the night before that...."

One of Seeley Booth's hands slipped under Zack's shirt, claiming a sensitive nipple and drawing a bliss-filled sigh from the younger man. Chuckling, Booth's fingers teased the pert flesh, drawing a groan from parted lips.

"Like that?" Booth purred against his throat.

"Oh, yeah..." Zack's head fell back bonelessly onto Booth's shoulder, his body arching under the tender caressings.

Booth's fingers played over the smooth chest, tickling and caressing until mewling his pleasure while his body writhed for more was all Zack could do

Booth stripped away the barrier of Zack's shirt then eased Zack forward, bracing the younger man's hands on the balcony railing. His rans ran possessively over the warm skin he'd unveiled, kissing the path of Zack's spine while his hands sought lower territory.

Zack's soft mewlings intensified as Booth unzipped him and shoved away the last of his clothing, leaving the passion blinded man naked to anyone who might be inclined to look up from the street, or cast a lazy eye out one of the surrounding apartment windows.

Preparing his young lover for the night's games, Booth thrust into his warm body. Zack's soft cries grew louder as Booth thrust lazily into him. And louder still as he thrust back. Booth grasped Zack's hips restricting his movements and kept up his slow teasing pace, all the while murmuring words of lusty encouragement.

Zack lost the ability to think past his need. Babbling, begging for release, the younger man could only ride out his lover's torturous delight, until Booth finally relented and quickened his pace. His hand sought Zack's cock, caressing and squeezing the orgasm out of his lover.

Zack's pleasure was a keening thing, alive with all the love he felt for Booth. Booth's own release followed seconds after Zack's first convulsive quiver and together they rode the dance to paradise, floating back to themselves, to lie in a tangle of arms and legs on the floor of the balcony.

When he could find the strength, Booth rolled his young lover onto his back and showered his bliss-ridden face with sweet kisses.

Zack grinned dazedly into Booth's dark eyes, then ran his fingers under the lapels of Booth's jacket. "I suspect you are a bit over dressed, don't you think?"

Booth returned his grin and nodded. "Lets go inside and see what we can do about that, then?"

Zack allowed Booth to pull him up. His lust-filled gaze dropped to Booth's softened cock. "Think you are up to another go, old man?" he teased and was off, leaving in his wake a burst of youthful giggles.

"Old man?" Booth blustered, dashing after his naked lover. "I'll show you old man...".


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