"He's Definitely Good With His Hands"
by Joyful

It started as Nicky tutoring Matt in Biology, but quickly turned into looking at dirty magazines and talking about baseball.

"Are you trying out for baseball this fall?" Nicky asked Matt

"Yeah, but not many people try out, so it's really just signing up."

"I wish it was like that at SHS, but I think I might actually make the team, now that the triplets have graduated." Nicky's hands flew through the air almost as gracefully as Matt's. After 9 years, Nicky had become fluent in ASL. Nicky made a face as he tried to tilt his head to the right.

"Neck still bother you?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, I must have pulled a muscle."

"Let me work on it," Matt said, sliding behind Nicky. He started rubbing Nicky's neck, giving the older boy the best massage he had ever had. Nicky closed his eyes, and was unaware of the smile on his face. Being deaf had it' s perks-- Matt was truly talented with his hands. Nicky's senses took in all the stimulation-- the heat and roughness of Matt's skin, his hands were chapped from constant use, the deep, musky smell of sweat on the hot summer's day, the peacefulness of such a quiet house. One thing the Pike house would never be is quiet, and Nicky reveled in the silence.

Matt felt the vibrations of a deep moan escaping Nicky's lips, the touch so vibrant that he swore for an instant that he almost heard it. He became aware of how close they were, how connected he felt to Nicky. Nicky leaned back, and Matt absentmindedly stopped massaging, his arms sliding down to embrace to older teen. Silently, as everything was in Matt's life, he gazed down at Nicky's face. Serene, peaceful, beautiful. Unable to stop himself, he bent over Nicky and kissed him gently on the lips.

Nicky responded automatically, but a moment later leapt away, pushing Matt off the bed. Matt's hands flew at the speed of light, trying to explain his actions. Nicky turned away at first, ignoring him, and to Matt it was the deepest insult. Slowly, Nicky turned around and approached Matt, noticing Matt had tears in his eyes. In the kindest way possible, Nicky took Matt's hands in his own, silencing the younger boy, and pressed his lips to Matt's. Losing himself in the kiss, Nicky knew that he was home.


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