by Sami

Darla's eyebrow arched in disapproval. The two men of the house were engaged in a screaming match, well, Spike was being screamed at. It seemed that the ' discipline' could escalate into a brawl. If that would come to pass she would cease being amused. She had recently acquired this house and everything in the parlor was new and not in revolting pastels. If they had a brawl among her Chintz furniture she would have a fit that would end with them shackled.

Yet again Angelus's attempts to discipline Spike had gone typically awry. There were two reasons for this: Angelus loved teaching the lesson and it was a relatively new move in their eternal chess game. The fault in his logic was that she cared. In actuality Spike was useful to throw at rivals as a distraction and Angelus was the final blow when he trailed behind cleaning up. She hardly cared about the amount of time he spent away it was almost a relief after centuries of caring for one childe or another. But this delusion Angelus had that it was all discipline was inexcusable. His obvious affection for Spike could be used against him unless he acknowledged it and planned accordingly.

Spike would quit his childish pleas for attention if her boy would pay him mind as a reward. Goodness knows they had to listen to many a country squire going on about dog training which sounded similar to training a childe. It was a pity that her beautiful boy couldn't see what every fat lout of a lord in the Midlands knew from boyhood.

A loud shout in coarse Cheapside speak that Spike fancied drew her attention then the crackle of breaking glass spurred her into action.

"Angelus!" She said as the two vampires rolled on the floor knocking aside ottomans and small tables as they punched and cursed.

Darla had little knowledge of how once she took her eye away for a minute they could be in a full pub style brawl. Her boy was looking less than pretty with his eye puffed up though Spike was looking rather like a calico cat with his various and numerous bruises.

They didn't hear her to her great dissatisfaction. Darla pulled off her gloves and set them just so in her purse then with her long pinkie nail she stabbed her wrist. As her dark blood seeped from the wound the brawlers stilled. Their true demon faces, already revealed from the passion of the fight, rippled from the scent of such an powerful aged blood.

To their visible disappointment she lapped at her cut before she said, " Jesus Christ, Angelus, quit making such a production of it." Darla's lips curved into a smile. "Now clean yourselves up and be in my chambers sans clothes in an hour."


Darla was relaxing as her dear Italian pet, Louisa, rubbed the indents her corset left. She was wearing only her green dressing gown and as her pet's little fingers soothed her she was tempted to send the boys away but she needed Angelus to be set to rights. There was a rap on the door. She had hoped that Angelus wouldn't sulk but like it or not he would learn.

"Angelus, you may come in," She called out in a pleasant voice. "But next time wait until I invite you." True, he had been there for five minutes giving the minions quite the peep show but manners were still important even if one is allowed to think they were master of the house.

Angelus sauntered in with Spike following and just as requested they were nude. She delighted in the difference of their builds; one dark and muscled and the other lean and light.

"Louisa, shut your eyes and go into your room," she said watching her boy carefully as he looked with obvious distaste at her pet. Yes, she had let matters slip too far.

"Darling, if you wanted something little more Sapphic you could've only asked for Drusilla," Angelus said with slight mockery while Spike looked at him as if he were mad. Good, at least one of them had a brain.

Darla stood up and walked to her boy letting him take his fill of her looks. Reaching up for his face she grabbed his jaw and pulled him to his knees. Her thumb caressed his lips as she spoke, "You are having problems training Spike. Now think back to any successes he has accomplished." She looked over to Spike and let her eyes wander on his sharp cheekbones and plump lips. He was as pretty as a girl and no doubt Angelus had him trained with more skill than the whores around St. James Place. "Now recount any failures he has suffered. "

Angelus had already let his face fall blank and with perhaps more skill than either Spike or any whore had arranged his kneeling position into a seductive pose she remembered from their trip to Greece was painted onto ancient brothel walls. Now he spoke with that educated Irish lilt that she so enjoyed, " he killed a constable and left him in carriage while I took my entertainment among some ladies at Mrs. Windsor's. Then he-"

She raised her free hand. "Hush. I see what the problem is now. Recall that parlor party at Charlotte Lamb's townhouse and her quaint country cousin who raised hounds? Spike wants attention and you regretfully only grant his request when he makes a minor mistake. I've come to the conclusion that I shall need to take over any punishments in his house from minions to childer. I'm afraid that my visit to my Sire's court had been too long."

Darla let go of his jaw and turned away from the men. She dropped her dressing gown and walked over to an vanity ottoman and settled down on it. How did she love the tableau they made; the red velvet walls of her room and cream of her carpet provided the perfect showcase for Spike and Angelus's pale skin and taut muscles. They both looked so humble with downcast eyes and sealed lips. Her boy looked especially delicious in submission.

"Angelus, remember his successes. Are they sufficient for him to receive a boon?" She asked and once she received a slight nod in reply she smirked. " Excellent. Now, get off your knees and on to the bed. Make love to him, Spike."

Spike stared at her as if to make sure this wasn't all a jest then was straddling Angelus faster than she had thought he could move. It was a shame he didn't do his chores with such speed.

"Dear boy, close your eyes." She said giving Spike a nod to continue.

His pale hand ran down his grandsire's chest with his thumb moving between the abdomen muscles. Spike was leaning over the other vampire with his lips just grazing the skin as he kissed along the jugular. Darla could see him tremble and his face was a mix of joy and seriousness; he looked like a little boy given an important job. His ash blond curls barely dusting skin must have complemented the delicate kisses. Spike's lips must have belied the rough touch of his hands. She could almost feel the contrast between the almost bruising pressure of his hand and the petal soft lips on Angelus's throat.

Darla almost groaned along with Angelus when Spike scratched five perfect lines into the middle of his chest. Then Spike's tongue swirled as he moved up and down every line careful to get every drop. They were both moaning and their pleasure was evident and upright. Her boy wasn't passive for long and wrapped his arms around his lover caressing and rubbing his back. Spike slunk closer to Angelus fitting his legs between his elder's and proceed to grind with a will that would have shocked any whore from here to Rome. His lips were red when they descended on Angelus's and from the force and power of the kiss were swollen when he moved on to an ear. The hand that had been busying itself with keeping him up had given into temptation and found one of Angelus's nipples.

The two were moaning wantonly and seemed to forget Darla watching. She had brought herself under control and could see that she had been right in her analyses. Spike was a demanding lover who needed to adore and Angelus had always wanted devotion. Goodness, if she was able to relieve them of their delusions about their relationship she could take a trip to Italy without a mob chasing them. What novelty! Not only that but she could be entertained by them at anytime. And they were particularly engrossing. The passion and lust clouding around them was enough to make any society matron lift up her skirts and start sinning.

She could see that Spike wasn't in a merciful mood from recent absence of hip gyrations. He would drag this out as far as he could without getting a beating. He was devoting such worship on Angelus's neck and collarbone with nibbling, sucking, and soft touching that his grandsire was panting like a tavern wench earning an extra bob in an back alley . His large hands were busy trying to push Spike's hips into his but every time he managed to produce friction he was kissed with a furious passion enough to make him forget his name. The kiss was visually enough for Darla to sit up straighter as if to move over to the bed to push Angelus out of the way. Damn, if the family ever became destitute she was going to pimp Spike out or put his and Angelus's show on display.

When Spike's hand had finally wandered down to Angelus's cock her boy actually whimpered. She couldn't see what he was doing that made Angelus cry out and shake in a way that she would use against him later but she could image that Spike was using those light touches that reminded Angelus of virgins and his upper class conquests. Spike was whispering in his ear reinforcing erotic images to flit though the other man's head. Angelus was nodding and moaning and thrusting up. Darla never thought she would see him lose control outside her bed. It was delightful to be able to see what before she could only imagine. She had never been more happy with Spike; he was framing Angelus with his body allowing her a perfect view.

Then Spike stilled forcing Angelus to open his eyes in shock but shock turned into rapture as Spike's soft touches turned into rough violent strokes. She couldn't see his eyes as they were covered by his hair but his smirk said it all. Goodness, that boy will be killing Slayers next, she thought. She'll have to invite him to see her Master soon. With blunt human teeth he bit into Angelus's neck and her boy reached that plateau with yell of incoherent Gaelic. Spike soon followed his words muffled by skin. He rolled off Angelus and they both lay panting in the candlelight. She wondered if Angelus learned his lesson; if he gave Spike some responsibility then the boy became a man. But if he didn't she was willing to work with the both of them.

Darla rose and walked around the room blowing out candles before crawling into bed between the men. She sighed in contentment and knew that she and Spike would be happy dreamers that night. Angelus, on the other hand, was in for a sleepless night wondering how his insane girl's reckless boy had become so dear to him.


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