The Anachronism Girls
by Sami

Lilah is very attentive in bed, but never tender. There are no butterfly kisses or tender caresses; maybe there were once, but she's with Fred. She straddles Fred, nipping at lips that Wesley loves, pulling at hair Wesley loves, and wishing to god she could kill the girl that Wesley loves. She knows its obsession but its as close to love Wesley will ever get. It's upsetting and painful, and Lilah doesn't want it to end.

Fred arches up and gasps like Texan fish out of good girl waters. Her nipples are dusky and hard while the rest of her is pale and sweaty. That brown hair Lilah images Wesley fantasizes about playing with is tangled as she hasn't let the girl get comfortable since she got in bed. The green sheets picked out to compliment Lilah's skin tone makes Fred look sallow. Lilah is certain that she mixed up her pills tonight and the coke she snorted is not helping at all. This moronic hateful feeling has been around her way too much. It hasn't left her ever since she fucked Wesley and had an afterglow.

Lilah has kept her clothes on but Fred is naked with her fluttering bird-boned legs knocking against the Burberry skirt Lilah is wearing. Fred is going to join Lilah in dirty whoredom tonight. She will look back and know that she stop didn't or ever want to stop. Lilah will see Wesley tomorrow and will smile knowing that his dream virgin princess gets off when bitten. Not to mention she loves the filthy abusive talk that Lilah is oh so willing to give.

"Sluts," panting then, "get naked and," pant, "fuck the evil enemy. But usually not when," pant, "they have two," pant, "men who love them and the enemy is a chick." Lilah grins and says, "That makes you a special sort of whore."

Lilah isn't surprised Fred is selfish in bed. Just looking at her devoted hunk of chocolate is enough of a clue. She latches on to a breast thinking that who needs to know anything about sex when one is the blessed Madonna of the good side of the force. Her hand snakes down and she fucks Fred with two of her fingers while her other hand scratches five red lines down Fred's skinny side. Lilah bites the underside of the girl's tiny left breast and pinches the nipple of the right. Fred makes mewing moany sounds that irritate Lilah.

Fred cries out something when Lilah presses hard on her clit while roughly keeping her two fingers in a fucking motion. She smiles because it would be good pun in some Shakespearian porn. It takes her back to college and her old girlfriend who loved it when she bit her shoulder. Fred does too. Lilah increases the pressure of her bite. She wants to taste blood, and she wants Fred to scream; she wants that twiggy bitch to wear turtlenecks in that stuffy hotel feeling the shame of being a willing victim. She wants Angel's groupies to see that Fred is a bitch tease user in a way Lilah almost envies.

Lilah yanks on Fred's hair to force her to stop shaking. The coke is wearing off and that downward spiral of heavy depression is moving over her. Fred whimpers and moans pathetically about completion so Lilah lightly scrapes the girl's clit with her thumbnail. She is becoming bored while Fred acts like she just discovered the joy of sex.

Why the hell doesn't this idiot get that she could have it all. And she feels so much anger at Fred that she bites hard and tastes blood. Her canines punctures the skin and the girl yelps. Idiot bitch, Lilah thinks as her fingers get rougher, who has her head too far up her ass to realize she's going to fuck everything up.

Fred screams when Lilah really digs her teeth into her neck and Fred comes. Lilah gets up from the bed and walks over to the bathroom to wash her hands. She moves back into the room and watches Fred blink. Her rival is sweaty, satiated, and covered in incriminating bruises and bite marks.

"What would Wesley think?" Lilah asks with a flush of victory on her cheeks.


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