Not In Love
by cheebs!

Fade up on exterior of old roadside diner. We can see from the sky's color that dawn is approaching. The faint light lets us see the old battered panel van which is the parking lot's sole occupant. We get a sense that there's nothing else around but open fields.

Camera zooms to medium shot through window and we see ROBIN WOOD sitting in a booth on the other side. He's flicking sugar packets, preparing to empty them into his cup.

XANDER HARRIS approaches Robin's table.

Xander: Mind if I sit?

Robin motions to Xander to sit, which he does. He motions to the waitress, who brings another cup and the pot to fill Robin's. There is companionable silence as the former princpal sugars and creams his coffee and Xander sips at his, which is black.

Xander: She'll be okay.

Robin is visibly caught a bit off guard, but quickly recovers.

Robin: I know.

Xander: She's been through worse. Probably will be again.

Robin: I know that too. (stirs coffee; relocates spoon to saucer) That isn't the problem.

Xander: Then what is?

Beat as Robin considers whether he wants to open up to Xander. He tastes his coffee and, finding it bitter, makes a face.

Robin: She doesn't love me.

Xander: Well, if she didn't throw you out five minutes later, you're one up on me.

Robin: (wincing) Ouch....

Beat. Robin grabs another packet, shakes it down.

Robin: Next morning. (empties packet into cup)

Xander: Hunh?

Robin: (stirring coffee) She waited 'til the next morning to give me the brush-off. Said she'd call me when she needed me. (puts spoon on saucer and lifts cup)

Xander looks sympatetic, then puzzled

Robin: (off Xander's look; stops with cup halfway to mouth) What?

Xander: Then why are you here?

Robin: She needed me. Don't know why I thought she meant in anything other than a physical way. (brings cup to mouth, sips) What she needs is a vibrator. (takes longer drink)

Xander: You're not wrong. (laughs bitterly)

Robin: (puts cup down; serious) Never thought I'd say this, but I almost wish Spike were here.

Xander: (stops laughing abruptly and looks shocked) Why?

Robin: Because then Buffy wouldn't need her, and I might have a chance.

Cut to rear of van. The doors are open and inside we see beaten and bloody FAITH and BUFFY, tending each others' wounds and talking with their heads so close they look like they're about to kiss. We can't hear what's being said, but BUFFY says something that makes FAITH smile genuinely and broadly.

Fade to black.


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