A Breakfast Treat
by Charles

Earl heard the noise Val was making in the kitchen and wondered what his partner was up to. Something fell and clattered noisily to the floor. There were no accompanying yelps of pain, so Earl presumed Val was alright. Still, it couldn't hurt to check. "Valentine, what are you doing in there?" he called.

"Just making a sandwich," was the reply.

"Well, keep it down. All that racket makes it hard to concentrate." Earl fiddled with something Nancy asked him to fix. She wasn't paying much, but it was better than nothing.

"I'm sorry," Val said as he loped into what they called the living room but was just a section of the trailer where they kept their easy chairs, his completed sandwich in one hand.

Earl looked over at Val, whose well-worn blue flannel shirt had a few splotches of brown and white on it. "Just what kind of sandwhich were you making? And why did you have to go and make such a mess? You know I'm the one doing the cleaning this week."

Val grinned impishly as he took a bite out of his sandwich. "Guess I forgot," he replied with his mouth full of sandwich. He finished chewing what was in his mouth and then said, "It's fluffernutter."


"Marshmallow cream and peanut butter. Man, it's great. Haven't you ever had one?"

"No," Earl muttered. "Sounds kinda gross anyway."

"Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," Val told his partner. He smiled as he got an idea. Val offered the sandwich to his partner. "Go on, try it."

"Nope. Never liked peanut butter, and I'm not about to start now."

"Aw, c'mon, just a taste." Val peeled the bread apart. "Look, here's the marshmallow side. Hardly any peanut butter on it at all."

"What part of no don't you under-?" Earl was cut short as Val leaned down and smeared the marshmallow side of the bread on Earl's face.

"Valentine!" Earl roared. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Val grinned impishly. "Just sharing a taste sensation," was his reply.

"How am I supposed to get this goop off of me?" Earl wondered as he got up from his seat.

"I've got an idea," Val said with a twinkle in his eye. He leaned over and flicked his tongue out, grabbing the tiniest bit of marshmallow cream. "Mmm."

"You know, if you start something, you'd better be prepared to finish the job," Earl warned him.

"Yup," Val told him. He grabbed Earl's big shoulders and pulled him closer. Val's tongue slipped out again, this time more confident, and swiped across Earl's mouth. The friction as Val's tongue scraped across the stubble underneath the cream was divine.

Earl groaned as he felt the velvet warmth slide across his mouth, and his own tongue came out to meet Val's as it made a second pass. The tips of their tongues wrestled briefly as Earl opened his mouth and initiated a kiss.

The creamy-sweet-marshmallow taste invaded Earl's mouth as the kiss deepened. Their belt buckles clinked as Val pushed his body against Earl's, forcing him up against the wall. The kiss continued, become more urgent, neither of them wanting to break it off.

Earl's arm stroked up the length of Val's back before coming to rest in his light brown hair, twisting his fingers through the coarse strands as he held him.

Val used his free hand to cup Earl's butt, and squeezed. The sandwich dangled in Val's other hand, forgotten as he reached up to unbutton the blue denim shirt Earl wore. There was a soft squelch as the fluffernutter leaked out from between the bread and onto Earl's shirt.

Earl broke off the kiss and looked down with a disgusted sigh. "Val, I thought you put that damn sandwich down. Look what you did to my shirt."

Valentine grinned impishly and said, "We'd better get that shirt off of you before it stains." He set his sandwich aside and continued to unbutton Earl's shirt, occaisionally licking his fingers as they got some of the fluffernutter on them. Val finished the unbuttoning with a flourish, pulling the shirt out of Earl's jeans.

Earl wore no t-shirt underneath his denim shirt, and quickly shrugged his shirt off. It fell to the floor, forgotten for the moment by both men. Earl looked expectantly at Val. "Now what?"

"Now I finish the job," he smirked and picked up his sandwich again. Using his index finger, he scooped some of the fluffernutter from the innards of the sandwich and drew circles around each of Earl's nipples, dotting the nipples themselves with a bit of the peanut butter and marshmallow cr¸me as well. Val dug into the sandwich again and scooped out a bit more fluffernutter. He lazily dragged his finger from Earl's chest down to his navel. Earl couldn't help squirming as the sticky mixture was applied to his chest.

"Hold still. You wouldn't want me to get the line crooked, now would you? Body paintin' with peanut butter is something that should be done right or not done at all."

Earl rolled his eyes. "Sure feels weird," he muttered.

"Shhhh," Val said as he held a fluffernutter-free finger to Earl's lips. "Now comes the fun part. Cleanin' it up." Val licked his lips as he said this.

Earl closed his eyes as Valentine leaned in and gently sucked at his neck. "Lower," Earl groaned.

Val stopped sucking and looked up at Earl. "Just getting' warmed up," he smiled.

Val's tongue slid out as he bent his head down again and followed an imaginary trail that started where he had been sucking on Earl's neck and ended with the first fluffernutter-daubed nipple.

Once he reached that nipple, Valentine paused and got down on his knees. He reached out and grabbed Earl's denim-clad butt, pulling the older man closer. Val's tongue came out again and it leisurely swirled around the nipple. Earl groaned, and Val took this as a cue to gently graze his teeth on the nipple.

Earl grabbed a fistful of Val's medium-length hair and murmured through clenched teeth, "Now the other one."

Val gave the now fluffernutter-free nipple one last lick and then moved on to its companion. He lavished similar attention on it and paused again. Val looked up at Earl. "So, what's your opinion on fluffernutter now?"

Earl grunted something in the affirmative and Valentine smiled.

Val's tongue snaked out and lazily traced the path of fluffernutter he had laid down before. He nipped at Earl's stomach and was pleased with the noises Earl made at that. Earl tightened his grip on Val's hair as the younger man continued to follow the trail of marshmallow cream and peanut butter with his tongue.

Val stopped once he reached Earl's navel. He rubbed the crotch of Earl 's jeans, and he felt Earl's hard cock straining against the zipper. Val took his time lowering the zipper and freeing Earl's stiff member. Earl hissed as his cock was freed from its confines.

Val slowly licked the underside of Earl's rock hard cock, flicking his tongue at the circumcision scar when he reached the head. He then wrapped his mouth around the head of Earl's stiff member and slowly took the rest of his cock into his mouth.

Earl loved the feel of Val's mouth surrounding his cock. His partner's head began to slowly move back and forth as Val began to find a rhythym. Once Val settled on a comfortable pace, he cupped Earl's balls in one hand and gave them a gentle squeeze every so often.

After a few moments, Val let Earl's hard cock slide out of his mouth. He smiled at Earl's noises of disappointment. Val stood up and went over to where he'd left the sandwich. He scooped up a small amount of the marshmallow and peanut butter mix with one finger and returned to his knees in front of Earl.

"Looks like I missed a spot," Val said as he left a fresh trail of fluffernutter on the shaft of Earl's dick.

Earl swallowed. "Guess you'd better clean it up then." Val did just that, his tongue following the fluffernutter trail once more. "Good job," Earl groaned.

Val took his partner's hard cock into his mouth once more and he absently stroked his own growing hardness in his jeans. He found a comfortable rhythym again, grabbing Earl's ass to bring his partner even closer as he continued to suck his dick.

"Shit, Valentine, I'm close."

Val let Earl's cock slip out of his mouth once more, this time with an audible pop. He expertly finished his partner off with his hands and wiped them clean on Earl's shirt.

"Maybe you should make those sandwiches more often," Earl muttered. "Now go clean up that mess you made in the kitchen while I clean up the mess you made out here."


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