One Last Tip Of The Hat
by Keren Ziv

She will never see the end of the world. It makes her feel cheated, somehow, that, having prevented its termination so many times, she lays here dying, never to see its destruction actually accomplished.

You'd think, after risking her neck to make sure it went smoothly enough for all again and again, that they'd let her last long enough to see its ruin. It's all she ever wanted: to live a day past forever, to be able to tell the story to whoever will listen and believe. She won't get it, though.

Maybe all that they wanted to give her was the town, to have her remember its story and conclusion. Congratulations, you've earned the destruction of your home and high school; of your favorite beaches and stores; of the places where your memories were created. You may live past that, may taste the thrill it gives you -- but nothing more. You weren't that much of an executioner after all. And they close the book.

What a gyp.


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