Your Cruise Director
Black And White
"Eight months later, all his parts worked right except his dick." L.A. Confidential NC-17
After stopping the war in heaven, the Devil plays Thomas Daggett a nocturnal visit. The Prophecy NC-17
Blood On Blood
Joe wonders when he lost the fire and whether Frankie got burned by it. The Indian Runner NC-17
Neo wakes up in the hospital. The Matrix PG
Cloaked By Snowfall
Aragorn and Faramir take shelter during a blizzard. Lord Of The Rings NC-17
A man and a hobbit together would be unthinkable, thinks Boromir. Lord Of The Rings R
Ezri knows that Julian loves Miles, but she has secrets of her own. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine PG
Dark Night
Nothing looks the same from prison. Harry Potter PG
Matt Santos didn't answer Josh Lyman's question about whether he had ever had marital problems. The West Wing PG-13
Today, as ever, Aragorn will not feel like a King> Lord Of The Rings PG
Fragments Of Truth
What Aragorn doesn't tell Arwen when he sees her again. Lord Of The Rings PG
Heart Of Refuge
"If we could tell our lives as tales of ordinary Men, not as if we were names inscribed in scrolls in a library, who would you want to be?" Lord Of The Rings PG-13
"It was shocking, yet at the same time quite unsurprising, when Stephen Maturin realized that he was going to die at sea." Master & Commander PG
Moon Curse
"Twixt earthly females and the moon/All parallels exactly run." Harry Potter R
Night's Pursuit
Legolas watches Gimli sleep and wonders how it would feel to die. Lord Of The Rings PG
Reflections On Absent Men
Faramir, Arwen, and Eowyn share a man and a ghost. Lord Of The Rings PG
Aragorn knows how to relieve Boromir's tension. Lord Of The Rings NC-17
Sense And Lunacy
In some ways it's easier being a dog. Harry Potter NC-17
Keiko calls to wake her husband, again. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine PG
The Stone In The Bed
They're married, they're in bed, they're in love. With someone else. Lord Of The Rings R
"Without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock ticking." Equilibrium PG
Many long months passed before they were able to stand side by side as companions, not as the Steward of Gondor and the King. Lord Of The Rings PG
"The first time Stephen Maturin woke after the surgery, it was to pain and heat..." Master & Commander PG
"Yet Arwen is in his bed, having crept into his room while he slept." Lord Of The Rings NC-17
Your Cruise Director & Ashinae
Two boys give in to their animal urges. Harry Potter NC-17
The A-To-B Line
Nothing is ever simple. Harry Potter PG
An Accident Called Life
Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. Harry Potter PG-13
Accidental Heroes
They were just two boys caught up in something much bigger than themselves. Harry Potter PG-13
Beauty is only skin deep. X-Men: The Movie PG
All Roads Lead To Rome
Peter has this unerring ability to frustrate Harry More than anyone else. Spiderman: The Movie PG-13
All That Glitters
Some people think that the physical things define what's within. Harry Potter PG-13
The Almost Legend Of Draco Malfoy
Not everything is about Harry Potter. Harry Potter PG-13
Among Thieves (On A Scam)
There is honor among thieves. Ocean's Eleven PG
Anatomy Of A Dysfunctional Relationship
Some things don't have to be justified. Harry Potter NC-17
And Now For Something Completely Different
Sometimes things just happen. Harry Potter PG
Around The World In A Day
They go. Smallville PG
Blowing Origami, or, Things That Really Suck
When Draco is unhappy, everyone suffers. Harry Potter PG-13
Broken Pedestals
There won't be a next time. Harry Potter PG-13
Draco doesn't want to do this anymore. Harry Potter R
A Christmas Tale v2.0
"'Twas the night before Christmas..." Smallville PG-13
The Coast Is Never Clear
Really, is was a matter of sex. Harry Potter NC-17
Comic Books Make You Gay And Other Subversive Thoughts
Homoerotic what? Smallville PG-13
A Conversation In The Snow
'Tis the season. Clark makes a visit. Smallville PG
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In Daylight
It's obvious that Remus doesn't know him at all. Harry Potter PG
The Curse Of The Would-Be Jedi
Hurley could've been a contender. Lost PG
Dance With Them What Brung You
The plants in the Malfoy garden are dying. Harry Potter NC-17
Dark Horses And Vague Misconceptions
Potential shagging is not something Ron takes lightly. Harry Potter PG-13
Defined By Art
He's not an actor or a painter or a singer. Actor PG
It really is Malfoy's fault. Harry Potter PG-13
The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie
Class distinction is always important. Harry Potter PG
Don't Be Shallow
"You could do a lot worse, as far as they go." Harry Potter R
Even Honesty Is Financial Speculation
"Doesn't this seem a little dysfunctional to you?" Smallville NC-17
The Fairytale Way
Once upon a time there was a boy. Harry Potter R
Fallible Theory
Ends and means, plus justification for the stuff in between. Smallville PG-13
Five (A Study Of Senses)
A series of vignettes. Harry Potter R
For Those With Anger Management Issues
"If you leave me here, I'll string you up from the Quidditch goal posts by your pants and turn your robes red and gold." Harry Potter R
Freeze Out
"Just once, Bobby wishes St. John would do something else with his hands besides playing with that fucking lighter." X-Men: The Movie PG-13
The Greenhouse-Birdbath-Kitchen-Sink Drama Network
He didn't want to be known as the bloke who raised gossipy flowers. Harry Potter PG
Some habits are hard to break. Harry Potter NC-17
The Happiest Place On Earth
The best laid plans, generally, don't happen. The O.C. R
Heart Of Glass
"Once fell in love, and it was a gas. Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass." Harry Potter PG
The Iceman Cometh: A Pyromaniac's Love Story
It's easier to do than say. X-Men: The Movie R
Kiss. Angst. Rinse. Repeat.
Seth would not make a good fish. The O.C. PG-13
Kissing Seth Cohen
Don't put the cart before the horse. The O.C. PG-13
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
It wasn't every day that Lex bought a debauched angel his own church. Smallville R
The Last Night On Earth
Everything ends. Smallville PG
Leave Emotion @ The Door
Never con a con. Ocean's 11 PG-13
M is for Malfoy who was run over by a rampaging hippogriff that got away. Harry Potter PG
Maybe The Sky Will Fall
Games are not for the faint of heart. Harry Potter PG
"If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" Smallville PG
Mind & Matter
It could have been different. Perhaps. X-Men: The Movie PG
Minor Inconveniences
All the same, Ray smeared in peanut butter was a formidable idea. due South PG-13
Mister Cellophane: A Song For You
Everybody loves a movie star, don't they? Actor PG-13
My Beautiful Friend or Five Things That Never Happened To Adam Knight
In some other universe...there's a ghost named Clark Kent hovering around in the background of Adam Knight's life. Smallville R
Never Is A Promise
You'll never live the life that I live / I'll never live the life that wakes me in the night / You'll never hear the message I give / But never is a promise and you can't afford to lie. Harry Potter PG-13
The Old Man Who Lived In A Shoe
Sometimes Mother Nature makes up your mind for you. Lost PG
On A Subject Of Some Regret
You can't always get what you want -- but you might get what you need. Smallville NC-17
One Thousand Miles
Lucas has come a long way. Smallville PG
Orpheus And Icarus In Metropolis
That reunion scene. Smallville PG-13
Potential Ending #5
They have two chairs that sit side-by-side in the yard. One is green and lush; it's impervious to rain and never seems to stain. The other chair is white wicker, which Draco hates. Harry Potter PG
The Prodigal Replacement
My name is not Clark Kent. Smallville NC-17
Red Ships And Green Ships
Rule #36: Ray will not look when Fraser licks anything that used to be alive, but isn't anymore. due South PG-13
Remind Him
Have you been away so long? Gladiator PG-13
Revolutionary Kind
"I'm not worried about your state of mind / 'Cause you're not the revolutionary kind.' Smallville PG
A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose
Fundamental Loating And Disgust Channeled Into Brutal Shagging And Extreme Violence would be a more appropriate title for the relationship that exists between them. Harry Potter R
Square One
Phew, for a minute there I lost myself. Smallville PG
Strange Allies
Draco watched Potter watch Blaise watching Longbottom during Double Potions and found the whole thing very trying. Harry Potter PG-13
Table For Two
Old habits die hard. Harry Potter PG
Tea For Ghosts
Maybe it goes like this too. Harry Potter PG
That Old Malfoy Charm
From a very fuzzy point of view Malfoy really does have a certain charm about him, like a strangely-domesticated ferret that Harry didn't even realise he wanted to keep as a pet. Harry Potter PG-13
There Goes The Fear
Some people don't know what to fear. X-Men: The Movie PG-13
Things To Do When Your Lover Is Dead
Sometimes it's just over. Harry Potter PG
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours
Remus doesn't like that particular ending, so he's going to choose another one. Harry Potter PG-13
The Trouble With Harry Potter
It's a long fall from the top of any pedestal. Harry Potter PG-13
Nobody wanted to be known as That Thing That Happened That One Time. Harry Potter PG-13
Two Cripples Dancing
If at first you don't succeed, try again. The O.C. NC-17
Unlikely People
People can surprise you. Harry Potter PG
"Despite the prevalent sense of Upstairs/Downstairs that reigned in the household, at five Lex caught the chicken pox from the gardener's daughter." Smallville PG
Maybe there really is a happily ever after. Harry Potter PG
Wake And Bake
Drugs. Cocoa Puffs. He-Man. A lot goes on, but nothing happens. Actor PG-13
Water Everywhere
"I was thinking, like, there's that word for it thought...defensive-straight." due South R
What New York Couples Fight About
"Bobby finds himself listening to the white noise of burning filaments." X-Men: The Movie PG-13
When I Am King You Will Be First Against The Wall
If he hadn't already seen Rashomon twenty-three times, he wouldn't have had any idea what was going on in the movie. Smallville PG-13
When I Was Born For The Seventh Time
A how-to guide. Smallville R
The Year Of The Dragon
Happy Chinese New Year. Smallville R
Zara Hemla
Alain lets Cuthbert in on a secret. The Dark Tower R
All In The Hands
Alain gets his own chance at the Wizard's. The Dark Tower PG-13
Between Past And Present Tense
Vaughn and Weiss hurry up and wait. Alias R
black eyes
In which Jack Sparrow is the Han Solo of the Caribbean. With makeup. Pirates Of The Caribbean PG-13
Lilah's talking the talk, but she's thinking of someone else. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Bridge Across The Maybe Sea
There are so many reasons to stay. Spirited Away G
The Bright Altar of The Dashboard
A chance meeting, a dark road, a very fast car, and the key to it. Alias/Everwood R
Dynamic Tension
One dark fantasy on Alex the Mercenary inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The X-Files R
Everywhere A Sign
Jack finds a little bit of home. Samurai Jack PG-13
fitter happier more productive
A banquet of weirdness: five things that might happen to Connor. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer R
Here Comes Two Of You
Anya doesn't miss anything. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Discworld PG
In The Continuum
Zaphod takes Trillian to see God's Final Message To His Creation. And he is more sensitive than usual. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy PG
In Winter
Their love is so canon. The Last Samurai PG-13
King Under The Mountain
"And ever so our foes shall fall!" Lord Of The Rings PG
Kingston Harbour
Horatio teaches William to swim. Horatio Hornblower PG
Knock The Smile Off My Face
Syd & Vaughn = boring. Dixon = intriguing. Alias PG-13
Live Without Warning
How Mal knew. Firefly PG-13
Mermaid Kiss
It happened, sure as anything. Pirates Of The Caribbean PG
More Days Like This
Even now, she is lying. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
Not Enough, Never Enough
Come to discuss politics, but leave peaceful. The Scar R
Danny, underground. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles R
Raspberry Water
At the edge of Aku's territory, what do you eat? Samurai Jack PG
The Slippery Road
Become a pirate in three easy steps. Pirates Of The Caribbean R
Smart Boy
Transmitting a virus. Or something. Alias/Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Speak My Language
What right did she have to do that? Just do that and walk away like it was nothing, like she'd see him later? One Tree Hill R
Take A Breath, City
Brothers. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PG-13
Treaty Of Versailles
Just a little bit of history, repeating. Everwood PG-13
Wish You Were
Sometimes you fall asleep on the bus. Everwood PG-13
Three days after. Veronica Mars R
Appreciating Bright's Inner Self
In honor of their lives sucking, Bright schedules some Bright-Ephram time. Everwood NC-17
Clementine blames Joel. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind PG-13
The End Of All Things
Rogue, Gambit, and the end of the world. X-Men PG
Fuck Buddies
Channon and Yelena and why. Transmetropolitan R
Weevil figured that there were three possibilities: 1) He was completely queer and he should just accept it, 2) He was only queer when he was really fucking smashed, or 3) He was only queer for Logan Echolls. Veronica Mars R
Maybe he should just give up on being sure when it comes to John. X-Men: The Movie PG-13
How To Avoid Getting Hit By Lightning
"Rogue felt close to Ororo because Ororo was angry, like she was." X-Men PG-13
Mad Dog
The line between sanity and madness is a thin one; Sirius walks it every moment in Azkaban. Harry Potter R
Nothing Left To Take
Rogue is sick of safety, and John is all too dangerous. X-Men: The Movie PG-13
Should Have Loved A Thunderbird
Faith doesn't want to talk. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer NC-17
Wash Away Your Sins
Emma Frost and Kurt Wagner. Jacuzzis. Alcohol. Tail abuse. X-Men PG-13
Where The Water's Deep
It's only Bright's personal universe that just came crashing down. Everwood R

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