Five stories, five fandoms, five hundred words. Approximately. Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings/Chronicles Of Narnia/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The X-Files NC-17
Blood Will Tell
Lucius Has Sirius. Sirius has information. Harry Potter R
The best laid plans... Harry Potter NC-17
Explosions. Gundam Wing NC-17
Draco's Big Date
A henchman's life is harder than you'd think. Harry Potter G
James is bored. Harry Potter PG-13
Field Of Victory
After the end. Harry Potter NC-17
Hammer And Tongs
Eowyn is waiting. Lord Of The Rings R
Happily Ever After
Adjustments. Stargate SG1 PG-13
Hot Water, K-Y, And The End Of The World
"Whenever Jeremiah is away from the mountain, Markus can't wait until he returns." Jeremiah NC-17
I Gave My Love A Cherry
Oliver is a virgin. Marcus helps out. Harry Potter NC-17
I Love To Go A-Wandering
Getting away from it all. Lord Of The Rings PG
The Importance Of Grooming
A houseful of people and only one bathroom. By Halrloprillalar. PG
In Lieu Of Flowers
Remus is fine. Harry Potter PG
In Love
What's a boy in love to do? Harry Potter PG-13
In The Beginning
How does a Dwarf make another Dwarf? Lord Of The Rings PG
Kobayashi Maru
Sometimes Daniel doesn't want to think. Stargate SG1 NC-17
Letters To A Young Gentleman
The collected correspondence of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Harry Potter PG
Mast Year
Harry and Neville, sitting in a tree. Harry Potter PG-13
Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge
Adjustments to potions and other things. Harry Potter PG-13
My First Stargate Story
Daniel's in trouble. Jack helps him out. Stargate SG1 PG-13
Snape & Percy. Looking up. Harry Potter NC-17
In which Draco chooses a side and he and Harry live happily ever after. Harry Potter R
Somebody's Darling
Needs must. Gone With The Wind PG-13
Summer Thing
Hermione, Fred, George, summertime. Harry Potter NC-17
A Surfeit Of Honours
The Houses of Healing. Lord Of The Rings PG
Gillette will always remember this day. Pirates Of The Caribbean PG-13
Tidings Of Comfort And Joy
A gift. Harry Potter NC-17
Unnatural Acts
Percy knows this is wrong. Harry Potter NC-17
War Effort
Some things don't end when the war does. Harry Potter PG-13
White Tower, Silver Tree
"When Denethor was just sixteen, he wanted to ride out and see the world." Lord Of The Rings NC-17
Fateful Hours
When Mal and Zoe get in trouble while trying to arrange a job, they must rely on the Shepherd's guidance to see them through. Firefly PG
After The Blood
Rain believed they could live without Marrow. She was wrong. Dark Angel PG-13
And Zavulon Smiled
The war started some days after they lost Jegor to the Day Watch. Nochnoi Dozor/Night Watch G
Birthday Girl
Dawn can't remember birthday parties. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
Certain Truths
"Many wise words have been spoken about the nature of truth, most of them suggesting that truth is a matter of perspective, and there can never be a complete truth." Harry Potter PG-13
The Child Is Gone
She lost her child. The X-Files PG-13
Samantha isn't like the other victims. The X-Files PG-13
Elena, Aged
Time doesn't stand still, even for them. The Vampire Diaries PG-13
Gaia Dreams
After Hera, Sharon wants to be a machine. Battlestar Galactica PG-13
Ghosts Marching
The First Evil visits the survivors. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lost PG-13
The Girl In The Mirror
There's a girl in the mirror. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
"After it happened he dreamed in shades of red, old blood and technicolour, sunsets and fires, all behind his eyes when he slept." OZ R
Just There
Mike's thoughts about the events of the party. Can't Hardly Wait PG-13
The Key And The Doors
She is still the key. Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer PG
The Love After
Being in love with a dead man or being in love with an image of someone who never lived at all. 28 Days Later PG-13
The Meeting Of The Lines
Jamie remembers Michael and finds his words again. Bright Lights, Big City R
A Mystery To Solve
He can't let go. Alias PG
Not Unlike Pleasure
Five kisses - Sark. Alias R
The Only Question
In the end it always comes down to this question. Nochnoi Dozor/Night Watch R
The Other Child
The encounter for Alec had consequences for her. Dark Angel PG-13
A Plane On A Milk Carton
Life goes on while they are missing. Lost/Without A Trace PG
Shopping To Remember (The Coming Alive Remix)
Andrew goes shopping for the dead and for the living. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
The Six Deaths Of Angela Dodson
There are so many ways to die. Constantine R
Some Dawns Wait
A possible future for Dawn. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
Years Later
There is blood on the floor. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Hetre Z.
Kyle wants to know his name. He's never wanted that from anyone before. South Park PG-13
Two, One
The Billy side of the Joe and Billy show. Hard Core Logo R
That year when you know everything and nothing. Smallville R
Alacrity And Effulgence
Who amongst us hasn't had to defend a relationship? Bring It On PG-13
Suite For Violin And Justin Taylor
What hurts most is hope. Queer As Folk US R
All Heaven With Its Power
"Sometimes Clark thinks his X-Ray vision is more of a curse than a blessing." Smallville PG
And On The Eighth Day...
A Great Miracle happened there. The Sentinel PG
Anna Thema
Anna begins to change her mind. The O.C. PG-13
An Asteroid Collision, Last Night On Earth Situation
"That was what Bright Abbott had responded when his sister Amy asked when it would be okay for her to start dating Ephram Brown." Everwood PG
Bad Actors With Bad Habits
"The location didn't matter so much as the fact that he was there at all." The OC/Smallville R
A Better State Than This
"Where do I go from here to a better state than this..." My Own Private Idaho R
Blood And Rust
"When Seth was seven years old, his father brought home a stray Golden Retriever mix he'd found in a box by the side of the road." The O.C. PG-13
The Boys On The Bus
Three not-so-random guys on a cross-country trip find they've got things in common. Everwood/The O.C./Smallville PG
The Breakfast Club
"Learn to make a good omelette, and she would be yours for life." The O.C. NC-17
Broken Body, Broken Mind
Clark has a voice in his head. Smallville PG
California Dreaming
"Seeing Tom Welling in a tool-belt and white T-shirt was what gave Seth Cohen his first inkling he wasn't the straightest arrow in the quiver." The O.C. R
Certain Women
"It was only 10:00, and already the party was getting dull." Sports Night PG
Chain Of Flowers
Pamela's memories are pressed between the pages. Say "goodnight," but not "goodbye." Smallville PG
"It's the one place in the world where I was happiest." Smallville PG
Date Single Millionaires In Your Area
"It's a Sunday night, and Ryan is sitting at his laptop, trying to make sense of that week's history assignment, and catch up on email." The O.C. R
Death Takes A Holiday
Love and Death. The Sentinel NC-17
Don't Speak
"They'd been on a stakeout for several hours, watching merchandise go in and out of the gas station's garage, and Ray was getting bored." due South PG-13
"In the daytime, Ephram skims the bugs and early falling leaves from the public pool." Everwood PG-13
Eighteen Drabbles About Lex Luthor
Lex's life. Smallville R
The Fabric Of Our Lives
Comfortable. Stargate SG1 NC-17
Fastest Gun In The Northwest
"Come on, Jim, it's okay. Really. It could have happened to anyone." The Sentinel NC-17
The First Night At Sea
"Seth Cohen is lying pale and naked on Summer Roberts' 600 thread-count eggplant colored sheets." The OC PG-13
Five Things You Won't See On Next Week's Everwood
These things won't happen. Everwood PG
"So, I've got this idea, Lex." Smallville R
Getting Off
The train ride is over, but the trip has only just begun. Sports Night R
The Girl Who Lived
"Lana carefully tucked away the strange scroll her cousin Harry had sent her from Scotland..." Harry Potter/Smallville PG
Goldilocks And The Three Browns
Bright and the three Browns. Everwood PG-13
Good Girl, Bad Girl (The Good Girls Don't Remix)
Despite the appearance of monsters, sunsets, and boys next door, Lana is not in a movie. Smallville PG
Imperfect Glory
"Bright Abbott is standing outside the Brown house, listening through the open window to Ephram playing the piano." Everwood PG-13
Instamatic Karma
"Once more Naomi had taken it upon herself to meddle in her son's life..." The Sentinel PG
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
"Summer scene, and they are all lounging by the Small Public Pool." Smallville PG-13
"Four A.M., and Dan is wide awake..." Sports Night PG
Just Duckie
Duckie deserves better. Pretty In Pink PG
Mirror, Mirror
"This wasn't the worst moment of his life." Everwood PG
No Pace Perceived
Lois watches. Clark remembers. Smallville PG
Not Bad, Not Bad At All
"It was such a delicious discovery..." The O.C. R
The Only Living Boy In New York
"Ephram couldn't argue with that logic, or build up more than a token protest." Everwood/Sports Night R
Orange Crush
"They were sitting in the cab of Bright's truck when it happened for the first time." Everwood PG
The Outsider
Ten connected stories about ten outsiders. The OC PG
"You remember what happened the last time we tried using my speed when we were making love, don't you?" "It was the best two minutes of my entire life." Smallville NC-17
Pale Purple
"Why is your sky purple?" Pete asked. Smallville R
Parents And Children
"Admittedly, the reason for their lack of slumber had been a good one." Sports Night PG-13
Passing Over, Passing Out
"Now my head has started spinning." The O.C. PG
The Prize Inside
Seth is sweet. Ryan is thirsty. The O.C. PG-13
Rumors Of My Death
A new life, a new home, an unexpected reunion. Smallville PG
"It was the Warrior Angel valentine that started it all." Smallville PG-13
Summer through the seasons. The O.C. PG
Seth, Lies, And Videotape...
S.E. Hinton never pictured it like this. Seth and Ryan have a blockbuster night. The O.C. R
The Shores Of Freedom
"Seth has known he was gay since he was twelve years old..." The O.C. PG-13
Six Scary Stories Of Clark And Lex's First Official Date
It's scary. Smallville PG
Skating Away
"He was feeling particularly stir crazy, which was slightly unpleasant, but bearable." Sports Night PG
The Slant
"It's the one place in the world where I've been the happiest." Smallville PG
Song Of The Executioner
Castaway; and cast away. Smallville PG
"Ryan is walking through the halls of the O.C. jail..." The O.C. PG-13
Spock's Brain
"Andy Brown would never forget the day Julia told him she was pregnant for the first time." Everwood PG
Summer's Lovers
"Exasperated with them both, Summer has hot, steamy sex inside her head." The OC R
Survivor's Guilt
"The night before Ryan left for Chino, he let Seth fuck him." The O.C. R
"Surely there were enough tax people at the base to be able to make sense of what couldn't be that complicated a form." Smallville/Stargate SG1 G
The Tease
"...but my tongue breaks down..." The O.C. NC-17
Ten Cent Tour
"Seth Cohen was sixteen the first time Wendell blew him in the third floor restroom of The Harbor School." Everwood/The O.C. R
Think Fast
"Clark really didn't like Miami Beach." Smallville PG-13
Third Sunday In June
"It was an early Sunday morning in June, and Clark was still a little tired." Smallville PG
Those Soft Skin Boys
"When Seth is with Luke, which admittedly is not so often anymore, Luke feels powerful." The O.C. PG-13
True And Deep As The Sea
A father questions. A son evolves. The O.C. PG
Walking On Water
"Cameron is drowning, eight feet deep in his father's pool..." Ferris Bueller's Day Off PG
Wheel In The Sky
"Ryan should have just said no." The O.C. PG-13
The Wild One
"Even more silent than usual, he carries a cloud of bitterness everywhere he goes..." The O.C. NC-17
The World Where You Live
Dan and Casey take a trip to Colorado to interview a kid about a coma. Everwood/Sports Night PG-13
Velvet Underground
"The velvet throw still smelled like home, even after all these years." The Sentinel PG-13
Some marks never fade. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pop NC-17
Dominic is destructive. Actor R
Empty Vessel
It's not what he thought it would be. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Acting out is sometimes the easiest thing to do. Pop R
Soft Rain
Need. Want. Desperation. Pop NC-17
Sometimes it's easier to lie. Pop R
Such Sweet Bliss
Boredom can lead to interesting developments. Actor/Pop NC-17
Icebun & Pablo
Giving Up The Ghost
Being second-best is never good enough. Pop PG-13
In The Dark
Lance wants. JC is unsurprisingly blind. Pop NC-17
Sometimes words really are enough. Pop R
Lost Not Found
Sometimes to get what you want, you have to give up everything. Pop R
Movement In Still Life
A typical night for Lance Bass: club diva. Six glasses of champagne, two bumps, four lines, two arguments, one crush, and much more. Pop R
Sleeping On Empty Dreams
Ignorance is bliss. Pop PG-13
"I have this twelvemonth been her bedfellow." Much Ado About Nothing PG-13
The Blood On Their Black Hands
The first time is always the hardest. Noir PG-13
The Delivery Boy At The End Of The World
Leela would never sleep with Fry - not even if he was the last guy on the planet. Until he is. Futurama PG-13
Paris Light
"Outside, the streets of Paris go by in a blur of colour and sounds." Noir PG
Thursday's Child
The mother of Simon and River had a part in this. Firefly PG
International Princess
The End Of All Things
"It takes her a little while to notice, with all she has to think about, that other side has started kicking her ass." Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG
Love Will Tie The Slipknot
"The suitbag's her enemy." The West Wing PG
The Shadow
Winchester has a not-so-secret admirer. M*A*S*H G
The Alchemist
The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value. House PG-13
Another Country
Thou hast committed -- Fornication -- but that was in another country; And besides, the wench is dead. E.R. R
Arms And The Boy
There's such a thing as being too British. Harry Potter PG-13
Assisted Suicide
All Snape could do for Draco was help him go, and not ask questions. Harry Potter PG-13
Black Magic
That old black magic has me in its spell. Harry Potter R
Blood In The Water
Everybody wants something. The trick is knowing who to trust. The O.C. R
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Remus teaches Draco not to tell lies. Harry Potter NC-17
Not just anyone could have put Harry together again. Harry Potter PG
Cast No Shadow
There are few things worth killing for. Immortality is one of them. Harry Potter R
Caesar's Wife
Caesar's wife should be above reproach. Harry Potter PG-13
Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Harry does his best. Harry Potter NC-17
Ginny and Luna take one for the team. Harry Potter NC-17
A Citizen Of The Country
Carter is X at the end of his map. ER PG-13
Death Eater
There are some things you never have to be sorry for. Harry Potter R
Devils & Dust
We're a long, long way from home / Home's a long, long way from us. Harry Potter NC-17
Disappearing Spires (The Last Cathedral Remix)
He will always remember Lyra, even if he never sees another cathedral. His Dark Materials PG-13
Droit de Seigneur
There are rights and there is Right, and Draco is definitely Right. Harry Potter NC-17
A First Time For Everything
Not everyone needs handcuffs and black leather to have a good time. Harry Potter NC-17
The Fourth Horseman
An origin of the Horseman story. Highlander PG-13
Now I see your face before me; I would launch a thousand ships/to bring your heart back to my island as the sand beneath me slips. Harry Potter R
The Good Son
It's a lot to live up to. Harry Potter PG-13
Sometimes a sword is only a sword. Harry Potter PG
Heirs And Spares
Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. Harry Potter R
Houses Of Stone
Two roads diverged in a wood. Harry Potter R
How The Light Gets In
Sandy's been around the block a time or two. The OC R
Before the war, Harry Potter was the hero of the wizarding world, but after, it was Draco Malfoy they turned to. Harry Potter R
Malfoys never apologize and they never explain. Harry Potter PG-13
Liberation Day
Three things that never happened to Draco. Harry Potter PG-13
You wouldn't mind if it took forever. Harry Potter NC-17
"Ron makes lists of his dead, but he cannot decide how to categorize them." Harry Potter NC-17
Little Red Riding Hood
Remus had a few stops to make on the way to Grandma's house. Harry Potter NC-17
The Loneliest Road
One survivor to another. Highlander/The O.C. PG
The Lost Boys
The scars the wizarding world leaves on its children. Harry Potter PG-13
Madonna And Child
He is a responsibility, nothing more. Harry Potter PG
There was a time when a man's name defined him. Harry Potter PG
This is how you tell right from wrong. Harry Potter NC-17
A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Harry Potter NC-17
Midnight In The Garden
When good was good and evil was evil. Harry Potter NC-17
Midnight Sun
In Detroit in December it is always dark. Pop PG
The price of pride. Harry Potter PG
The Nature Of The Beast
Only the monsters survive the end of the world. Harry Potter NC-17
No Fly Zone
Not with a bang but with a whimper. Harry Potter PG-13
Dumbledore had always wanted a real boy. Harry Potter NC-17
A Pirate's Life For Me
Some girls dream of being princesses, and others dream of being pirates. Pirates Of The Caribbean R
"'Pay attention, Draco,' Snape snaps at me, and I roll my eyes at him because I know how much he hates it." Harry Potter NC-17
Puss In Boots
Tom is like catnip. Harry Potter NC-17
Que Sera Sera
What will be, will be. Harry Potter PG-13
Question Mark
Ryan and Theresa, just before the end. The O.C. PG
Bigotry may be roughly defined as the anger of men who have no opinions. Harry Potter R
The Rain In Spain
The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Harry Potter PG-13
Rain King
Lay me down in a field of flame and heather / Render up my body into the burning heart of God. Harry Potter R
Right Back Where We Started From
At the end of the day, Igby and Oliver are their father's sons. Igby Goes Down PG-13
All mankind is of one author and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language. Harry Potter PG-13
Second Coming
Severus and Peter both have secrets to keep. Harry Potter NC-17
Small Things
Albus does what he can. Harry Potter NC-17
They keep going, because the alternative is unthinkable. Harry Potter PG-13
The Summer Of The Lions
Lions are known for their pride and for their pragmatism. Igby Goes Down R
Since he's been back, Sirius has been watching the clock. Harry Potter NC-17
Sometimes trust is the hardest word. Harry Potter R
There are some things no one can move beyond. Harry Potter PG-13
The Winter Prince
Sometimes the good guys are worse than the bad guys. Harry Potter NC-17
Without Me
Without Paris, it would never have happened. Pop R
Becoming Luna
"Hermione wants to be invisible." Harry Potter PG
The Conditions
"I am not your boyfriend." Harry Potter PG
Dark At Night
"Number 12 Grimmauld place is so very dark at night." Harry Potter PG
Hollywood Endings
A bitter monologue by one Millicent Bulstrode. Harry Potter PG
killer sinner whore
"I'm a monster..." "I'm bad!" "I want a priest." Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer R
A Little Unwell
"I am not crazy." Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer PG-13
Conversation from something that will probably never happen. Harry Potter PG
Mechanics Of Death
"Fred won't have to worry about that anymore." Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer R
On Having Power
"There is a razor blade hidden between page 145 and 146 of Dawn's Trigonometry textbook." Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
The final battle against The First. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Teenage Wildlife
Lilah, college, raves, and two beautiful strangers. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Six Feet Under PG-13
Than Yesterday
"She tells her trainer to add more weight to the bar." Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Pop PG-13
This Is Us Now (The La Stirpe Remix)
"The air smells of burning and death, underscored by the clean-cold scent of falling snow." Harry Potter PG-13
Tragedy Of It
"The tragedy of it is that nobody sees the look of desperation on my face." Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer PG-13
Dawn, a blindfold, and two visitors. Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer R
Try, Try, Try, Just A Little Bit Harder
"Sometimes she dreams in lights and alcohol..." Harry Potter/Pop PG-13
Touch Of My Hand
Dawn always seemed a little too innocent... Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer R
What Every Refined Young Wizard Must Know
"Draco likes to draw Harry Potter." Harry Potter PG-13
Ivy Blossom
Your Darkest Voice
A secret, the people it condemns, and the people who should and should not know about it. Harry Potter NC-17

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