The Boys In The Band
by Vala

Oz and Devon were thirteen when they started their first real band, even thought they didn't have any instruments and wouldn't have known how to play them in they had. The point was, they had a band and boys in bands were cool.

There weren't any other members as of yet, but they were looking. A girl they knew asked if she could join, but Devon said no. Only boys could be in their band. That was the other point of it all anyways. To get the boys. Most bands went for the girls but Devon and Oz just wanted to get the boys.

With a girl, they couldn't be just the boys in the band. They'd be The Boys In The Band Plus A Random Girl.

Their first "band practice" was actually just them hanging out in Oz's room, making pot cookies in the Easy Bake Oven they'd stolen from Devon's sister, and talking about practicing with the instruments they didn't own quite yet.


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