Reality Bites
by Twinkledru J.

They're talking in her classroom, because Willow wouldn't get caught dead talking about this stuff in the library, even though Jenny has been trying to talk her into using the cage Giles has back there. "It'll be like prison," she says, "but...without the committment." That never fails to elicit a giggle from Willow.

The only problem with Jenny's classroom is that since she teaches computer classes, there's no empty tables for them to use, and neither of them wants to do it on the floor, because cold linoleum that skanky teenage feet have been treading for years? A world of ick. Willow is perched on Jenny's desk, all the papers pushed away and the computer as close to the edge as they can possibly get it.

"Then what do you want to do?" Jenny finally asks, after her suggestions of the cage, between the shelves in the back of the library, Giles's office after he's gone home one night, and Willow's back porch while her parents are out of town have all been shot down.

"I don't know," Willow says. "I don't exactly have a lot of experience in this field."

"No, I this field in general."

Blank stare.

"One of your fantasies, sweetie. And don't tell me you don't have any, you must have some fantasies. You're seventeen."

"Well, yeah, but -- I mean, no, I -- "

"Don't give me that innocent routine," Jenny purrs into Willow's ear, her tongue darting out just for a moment and tracing one of the lines of cartilege. "I was a nerd too, Willow. We're as dirty as everyone else, we just don't say it."

This time, Willow actually bursts out laughing. "I love you," she manages through her giggles.

"Don't try to sweet-talk your way out of this one, Rosenberg," Jenny says in a stern voice, glee obvious in her dark eyes. "Spill."

"I -- uh -- well, I mean -- "

"Relax, baby," Jenny says, kissing Willow's throat and helping her pull off her shirt, "you know I'll take it to the grave."

"Okay," and Willow's blushing furiously, so Jenny pauses in her work undressing the girl and strokes her cheeks gently, enjoying the warmth under her hands. "Don't look at me," Willow squeals. "Then I won't be able to tell you!"

"Very sorry," Jenny grins, winking and going back to work. "Straighten your legs," she orders, and Willow does as she hoists herself off of the table a little so that Jenny can more easily slip off her skirt and panties. "There we go. I'm waiting."

"All right," Willow finally sighs, as Jenny kisses her throat again, this time sucking just the slightest bit before moving down to her collarbone, which she traces just lightly with her tongue. "You and me..."

"Ooh, I like this one already," Jenny murmurs with a grin against Willow's chest. Her hair tickles Willow's throat, and the girl giggles a little. Jenny loves how Willow's chest turns a little red when she's really embarassed.

"...and Giles," Willow finishes. Jenny stops and stares at her.

Willow's heart drops. Oh god. "You -- you asked to hear it," she says timidly.

"How is it," Jenny muses, "how is it possible...that I never thought of that?"

"Because it's stupid and gross and icky?" Willow asks miserably.

Jenny laughs, and sucks on Willow's pouty lower lip. "No," she says with a grin, "because you're obviously a genius the likes of which mankind has never known. It's brilliant."

Willow grins some more at this. "Really?" she asks, pleased.

"Oh, I love it," Jenny says, her eyes lit up. "That is just...ooh, I'm getting goosebumps just imagining it."

"Ooh, I like that," Willow says mischievously.

"I've taught you well," Jenny decides. "But..."

"But?" Willow asks, pouting again. So of course, Jenny just has to suck on that lip again.

"But, Willow, honey," Jenny whispers, sliding her hands around to undo Willow's bra, "and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it's better than finding it out from experience, a threesome is never as sexy as you imagine it."

"I-it isn't?" Willow asks, curious in spite of herself, and looking up, and blushing even more, and looking back down.

Jenny laughs, but it's very gentle laughter, and she cups Willow's chin and forces her to look up. The dark-haired woman smiles kindly, and kisses Willow reassuringly. Willow blushes some more, but it's for a different reason this time, and she feels herself grinning as Ms. Calendar pushes a strand of Willow's hair out of her face.

"No, never. Someone always ends up left out, especially when it's boy-boy-girl or boy-girl-girl. And you have to be really careful undressing, because it's easy to lose your keys in the pile. Trust me, sweetie, the fantasy is always so much better than the reality."

"Well, okay, you can just go and crush my fantasy," Willow says in a sulky voice.

"No, no," Jenny assures her, "no crushing. Because damn, that is a fabulous fantasy. And you know, I'm sure a little forgetfulness spell afterwards could make it work...the Magic Box just got a spare batch of Lethe's Blossom, unless I'm mistaken..."

"No!" Willow shrieks, giggling. "We couldn't do that!"

"Sure we could," Jenny grins, pulling a blindfold out of thin air. A questioning glance at Willow, who nods, and Jenny ties the soft scarf over her eyes. She hears the woman muttering some spell, and when she feels another pair of hands on her back as well as the teacher's hands on her thighs, knows that it's a sensory illusion of some kind.

But when a ghostly voice -- specifically, a disembodied version of

Giles's voice -- whispers "Just enjoy the fantasy, Willow..." in her ear, she jumps, but relaxes again when Jenny kisses her again, just as reassuringly.

"And in real life," Jenny adds as one of the ghostly Giles-hands traces her spine lightly and makes her shudder, "everyone wants their fair share of the fun, while in fantasy..."

"'s all for you," Giles finishes for her, and suddenly it's like the fantasy but so much better, because she can actually feel it.

And there are hands, hands all over, and wow it feels nice. She recognizes Jenny's smaller hands on her legs, and Jenny's mouth trailing up each of her thighs in turn, stopping just short of...of there, and at the same time another trail of kisses down her neck, and the lips are a lot warmer than she would've imagined an illusory Giles's would be, and there are larger hands than Jenny's sliding down her throat, blunter fingertips than Jenny's tracing down her shoulders and arms, and Willow shivers as Giles tugs on her upper lip with his teeth just as Jenny drags her tongue up to Willow's clit.

It's really hard for Willow to keep from moaning, and she does, once, in a low voice as Jenny slowly goes to work as Giles nips her throat lightly, but mostly she just pants, because she's not sure she's ever going to have a voice again if she starts screaming like she wants to. She pants, and there's a lot of whimpering in what she recognizes as her voice, too.

Jenny's clearly making no effort to drag this out, because her tongue is moving a thing that moves a lot, and Giles kisses the hollow between Willow's breasts before closing his teeth gently on her left nipple, and Willow gasps and tries to keep breathing in, because she really doesn't thing she's ever going to get enough air again, and then Jenny sucks at Willow's clit, hard, and Willow screams without making a sound and she's seeing spots, she really is.

And then, she goes limp, sweating and shaking, and Jenny's there to catch her, holding her and kissing her cheek. Jenny's elegant fingers pull off the blindfold, and the dark-haired woman grins wickedly at her. Disbelievingly, Willow looks around, but it's only them in the classroom, just as it was when they began.

"You..." she says weakly, "you promise you won't tell Giles?"

"I promise, Willow," Jenny grins. "Your secret dies with me."


[Meanwhile, in the library...]

"Okay, fine," Cordelia at last spits out, "okay. Okay, uh, okay -- "

"Cordelia, I think we've more than covered that you're okay."

"Hey, isn't your mouth supposed to be doing something that's not talking right now, G-Man?"

"Xander put you up to calling me that, didn't he?"

"Shut up. Okay -- " at Giles's look, Cordelia continues, and Giles goes back to work undressing her. "Okay, you and me..."

"I like it already," Giles murmurs against her throat.

"...and Angel."


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