in the gray
by Twinkledru J.

The fog on the river smells like water, or the way Orli imagines water smelling if it weren't for the fact that when you actually try to smell water, it always ends up filling your lungs and drowning you.

Water. It's not the chlorine smell of indoor swimming pools, but water. It's not earthy, because that would be mixing your elements, but it's almost earthy, and clean, and light and gray.

And it's thick fog, thick enough that it seems to muffle everything. Viggo had started to say something about how thick the fog is, something about veils, but then his voice had dropped and he'd darted off for a scrap of blank paper and a pen, Quite Clearly Inspired.

The fog on the river smells like water, and it's thick, thick enough that Dom and Billy make a game out of seeing how many people they can almost shove into the river without getting caught, and they vanish back into the fog like minnows into ripples. Elijah watches amusedly, and Sean tries to grab them and stop them, because "it'll take forever to dry the costumes out and it's not like they've got a thousand spares for us to go through". This, of course, just leads to them targeting him more than anyone else.

John's quiet and fidgety, and every second that they have to delay shooting is another second that he's in incredible discomfort, but he says nothing, and that makes Orli feel for him all the more.

The fog is thick enough that Orli doesn't think anyone notices when Sean raises Orli's hands to his lips, so quick and so light that it might not even have actually happened. Just to make sure, Orli brushes a quick kiss at the corner of Sean's lips, and the sound of shouts through the fog startles them both.


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