A Roman Winter
by Sami

Lorne was right, Eve thought as she walked away from the apartment where Dawn, the person she loved the most, was enthusiastically fucking some brunette. Why did he have to be right? He was like the Fab Five smashed together and dyed green. Her life isn't always crappy, she thought to reassure herself. Her time with Lindsey was bliss...until Angel gave him over to the Senior Partners.

She pulled her jacket closer as she walked out of the small apartment building and into the snow covered courtyard. A Roman winter was colder than California's and she wasn't dressed for the cold. She wasn't worried though, dying of pneumonia actually sounded pretty good. She walked passed a statue and sat on a chilly bench.

Eve was bombarded with happy memories that stung and threatened to bring tears to her eyes. The two of them playing in the snow was the one that sent the tears trickling down her red cheeks. She could feel depression looming ahead with anger on its tail. She had come home with a bouquet, she was so happy and in love. She felt blessed that she had found Dawn. That after all that happened in L.A. After W&H chasing her once Angel and his merry band were killed. After she gave so much for so little. She thought she would find peace.

When she walked in the apartment those two bitches didn't even notice. Seeing Dawn with some slut between her thighs wasn't as bad as when she found Lindsey's body but it was close. It was lucky for the bouquet that she dropped it from shock or else it would have been shredded already. It was typical. Right when everything was great again it all turns to shit.

Eve was building up her anger when an orgasmic scream ripped through the plaza from an opened window. "KIT!" It was Dawn.

Why the fuck did he not have the decency to be specific? Her life wasn't crappy. It was hell.


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