by Sami

It all started out so innocently if anything involving a demonic seer can be called innocent. He would go to her for information and (lush body against his, leaning over the pool, perfumed hair tickling his arms when she straightened) she would give it. He even told Piper about her. That made it less shady. He now wasn't sneaking out the back door, he was there with his wife's (sweet, wholesome, brave, good; twinkling eyes that brighten around him and the boys) permission. Sometimes Piper sent him to her.


He asked her what her name was once. She gave him a dozen with more waiting in the wings. She was now always capitalized in his mind. The (overwhelming) lust that heated him around her (velvet draping her; tight and richly purple, Midriff bare and high plump breast spilling from her top) was natural. It was.


He was still lost and floundering. No matter how many demons he vanquished or how much he played with his sons or held Piper (cuddly, girl next door, all softness and light). The Elders still watched him with a wary eye but they mourned Zola, a legendary white lighter; any demon would prize such a kill, but moved on. Shame (or pride) kept him straying to the spot of the murder.


Knowing smiles and (smoldering) eyes followed him from a crossed the pool when he came to her.

"You just love it don't you?" She purred. Her warm hands caressed his shoulders while he was still spellbound by the wide swing of her hips. Then his body took over and those ripe hips were in his hands and being pulled up against him.


Her hot breath sent jolts to his groin when she said huskily, "The dark."

He shook his head (denying the truth) and cupped her ass.


Piper, Phoebe, and Paige could now take care of themselves. P3, the column, and Magic School took more and more time. Demons were now less of a challenge. The boys had magic day care. (Thunder followed by the screams of demons then Her) he wasn't needed.


Piper's little hand on his forehead and her worried eyes told volumes. "You look feverish and pale."

("Looking like a mad dog. I like it." She playfully snapped her teeth.)

A step back. "And you're so skinny. Are you sick?"

Paige rolled her eyes, "Elders can't get sick. Now, look at this lesson plan."

Wyatt held his arms up and they play under Piper's anxious eye.


He once caught her sleeping (sprawled out with her arm over her head; seductive even in sleep) he woke her with a harsh slap to her exposed thigh (pink tongue flicked at plump lips before chocolate brown eyes open.)

"Nice stubble. Now, you're a dead ringer for the Marlboro man." She said before bonelessly standing while staring at him under hooded eyes. He then realized that she was evil he could do whatever he wished to her (bend her over the pool with her screaming his name). She's a dirty, dark girl who invites him with every sensual look and word. Then he is the one pushed down and straddled in one fluid movement. She rips open his shirt and runs that tongue up his chest to his chin.

"How long have you wanted this?" Hard kisses progress along his jaw before she cooed in his ear. "Tear the clothes off."


Piper (spun sugar, spice, and everything nice) is holding his hand while Chris and Wyatt (Angels like their Mama) played in the sun on the rug. Loving looks and smiles (bite marks on Her neck emerged as he pounded into her. She laughed in delight) are shared between them.

("I don't mind being the other woman." She said, her head thrown back as she wiggles on top of him. Her hands are bound and her eyes glitter. "Kind of a turn on," she moans.)

"Not everyone is as happy as us." Piper said with a smile.


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