One Night In Texas
by Prophecy Girl

I wake up to the feel of a hand between my legs, rubbing against the thick sock tucked tightly between them.

"Faith?" the whispered voice asks. "Are you awake?"

I grunt and roll over onto my back, spreading my legs a little to give her better access. She rubs harder and I can just barely feel it through the layers of clothing. She rolls on top of me, rubbing her hips against mine and whispering in my ear, asking me if I'm getting hard, if I want her to go down on me and I whisper god yes I do I do and she grabs me between the legs, massaging the sock.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she whispers, and gets up, shutting the door behind her and I know what to do.. I quickly slide into the harness and pull my boxers on over it and it really does look like I'm hard for her. She comes out of the bathroom and lays down next to me gently, running her hand over my thigh and moaning as she moves higher, feeling the thickness between my legs.

"Fuck me," she breathes into my ear, flicking her tongue against the lobe and I roll over, pressing my fake self between her legs and she lets out a tiny groan, spreading her legs as I push her shirt up to her neck. I kiss her breasts and she closes her eyes and I wonder who she's picturing this time as I slide into her wet heat.

Her back arches and I hiss her name, a low buffybuffybuffy i want you i need you. She's so wet I can feel it dripping down my thighs and I'm pumping into her slowly, letting her feel every inch of the warm plastic. Trying to pretend the way she does, pretend that I can feel her tight muscles clenching around me.

Then she pulls off and I think yes I think oh yeah I think this is it she's gonna take it off she's gonna slide down my body (and she does she does) she's gonna she's gonna..

She takes my fake cock between her lips and sucks it into her mouth, cleaning her wetness off of it and something inside me twitches and whispers and wants to grab her by the throat for using me and my plastic dick. I'm nobody's bitch. Nobody's but hers.

She deep throats the plastic piece and I think you slut. You whore. You cocksucking cheater. Is it cheating if you're just pretending it's somebody else?

Is it cheating if you've turned me into somebody else?


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