The Dead And The Pretty
by missmorganpryce

Lilah's one of the most gorgeous woman Eve's ever seen, and she's dead. Her flawless white skin borders on a deathly pallor, with coal eyes contrasting brilliantly; her figure too slim to be healthy, glossy hair that never loses its shine or grows.

Eve watches her lick her lips, the wetness glistening like blood and is sorely tempted by them. Lilah's the first human she's known for an extended period of time and she's curious. But she only thinks, never acting, because curiosity is what got her into this mess in the first place.

She's a child of the Senior Partners, the little girl poking around in her parents' business. They caught her and decided to oblige her curiosity. Now Lilah teaches her the nuances and mannerisms of a youthful human woman, and departs intimate information about her duties as the liaison to Angel and his group. Rule number five: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

"You always know what your so-called friends are up to. You need to learn about your enemies. But understand that most of your friends are secretly your enemies, so keep them close as well, which leads to rule number six: don't sleep with either of them."

"Why not?" asks Eve. She doesn't quite understand human emotions and feelings yet, but it seems that Lilah is particularly sensitive about this rule.

"Sleeping with the enemy is not the way to go."

"But the Partners told me to do everything possible to corrupt them? Wouldn't sex be a good way?"

"It can warp your judgment. Throw you off course and confuse you. Don't do it."

"If I can't sleep with my friends or enemies, who's left?" ask Eve.

Lilah tightens her lips, adjusts her Versace scarf and continues with her lessons. Eve decides not to pursue the topic. She is supposed to listen and learn, not question.

Once she questions Lilah how she attained her icy beauty, and Lilah smoothes her hair back on her forehead, like a small child. "There are some things that only come with death," she says, her voice a tinge bitter. "And it doesn't make up for everything. Tell that to them." From her tone of voice, Eve assumes she means the Partners. "Rule number eight: you pay for everything at one point or the other. Nothing's free."

Lilah's paid for everything she's ever gotten. Rumor has it that Lilah's paid for her looks, position, power, success and lover. Eve thinks it cost a lot and wonders how much she'll have to pay. She wants lots of things. She'll start with Lilah's grace and beauty and work her way up to good food and lovers. Such things are highly valued according to Lilah and Eve has taken her value system to heart.

"Why do you think I tell you about such things?" Lilah asks, leaning close to Eve so those perfectly shaped lips are poised above hers.

"To learn from you so I can successfully walk in the world?" answers Eve, hoping she got the right answer.

"That's the answer they drilled into you," whispers Lilah. Her arm slinks around Eve's waist and she slips her hand under her shirt, icy fingers caressing her warm back, pulling their bodies close. "But what do you really think?"

"I..." Eve closes her eyes as Lilah's mouth moves down her neck and sighs. "I don't know."

"To conquer the world, maybe? To dominate all, control and gain power?"

"Yes," says Eve, barely hearing her, wanting her to continue.

"Rule number ten, maybe the most important rule of them all," Lilah whispers to Eve, her lips nuzzling as her fingers push up her shirt. Abruptly, she twists Eve around and grabs her in an armlock, twisting her wrists.

"Your body is a tool," she hisses. "Use it wisely." And then she departs, tossing her words casually behind. "The lesson is over for today."

Eve watches her hips sway as she walks away.


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