by Pearl-o

"You know," Val said, "I kind of thought DuJour would, like, lose popularity after the whole brainwashing thing ended."

Josie nodded slowly. "Yeah."

"So then, why are they still so popular?"

"This video's sort of ... transfixing. It's hard to drag your eyes away."

Val paused. "I see what you mean."

They watched the boys writhe and lip sync on the TV screen.

"Is that supposed to look like what it's looking like?"

"You mean a big gay orgy?" Val said dryly.

"Well, yeah." Josie snuggled in a little closer against Val.

"It's hard to tell. But I don't see how they could have done all that by accident, so..."

They watched in silence a minute longer.

Josie giggled.


"It's just -- this is really gay."

Val snickered, and Josie turned her face to grin.

"There's even a monkey!"

"Monkeys are gay?" Val said, amused.

"I think that one is." She sprawled herself across Val's lap as the song ended. "They're probably not actually gay," she said thoughtfully. "I mean, Alexandra's always going on about Les and his ... prowess." They shuddered in tandem. Josie wrapped her arms around Val's neck. "And then, there's like Wyatt. We totally thought he was blowing the chauffeur, and it turned out he had a thing for Fiona the whole time. And don't the other guys have girlfriends?"

"You had a boyfriend," Val pointed out.

"That's different."


"Because," Josie said, kissing Val lightly between words, "now -- I -- have -- a -- girlfriend."

The DuJour video came on again ten minutes later, but they ignored it.


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