She's Just Like Me!
by Miss Ellie

"It's horrible! That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky. And I think I'm kinda... um, gay"

Buffy spoke up first. "Just remember Will, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was, okay?"

Angel began, "Well, actually... That's.. a good point, Buffy, very good point."

"You know what, guys? I'd really like to be alone here for a few moments, so just go on without me for now! Okay?"

"Um, Will, I don't think that's a good idea."

"No, Buffy, go on without me, I'll think of something...ALONE."

"I have to agree with Buffy on this one, Willow, I think you..." Willow shot Xander an angry look, "I think you should do... whatever you... want."

"Willow," sigh "I don't..."

"It's okay, Giles, I've made up my mind! See the look on my face? It's the look of determination, so go along without me!"

"But Willow, we do need you to..."

̉No, no, no! Go along without me!"

Finally the gang left, leaving Willow alone at last with her doppelganger.

While Willow went into the corner closet to get a stake, her evil doppelganger woke up. Though she was still feigning sleep when the door unlocked, the vampire sat up while Willow was busy closing the door behind her.

"I still think we could be quite a team!"

"Argh!" Willow dropped the stake and the vampire kicked it out of her reach. "Why are you... doing this to... me? I mean, I'm you, and you're me and we just... ewww this is so weird!"

The vampire suggestively licked her neck and groped her breasts. "Don't fight it, I know you want it. I can smell it." Willow struggled to fight, but the vampire was simply too strong.

"You won't get away with this, you know! Buffy... will..." the vamp's kissing and groping started to have an effect on the redhead. "I... maybe this isn't so..." She looked up at her doppelganger and gave another shudder, "I can't believe I'm doing this. This is so wrong."

The vampire touched her between the legs. "Yet so moist." The redhead gave her a look that was a cross between embarrassment and horror. "I just, but that..." she babbled while the vampire looked on amused.

"Bored now!"

Willow's doppelganger tackled her to the ground, held down her shoulders and gave her a huge kiss on the mouth. Willow calmed down and allowed the vamp to explore her mouth as she wished. She had to admit to herself, this was feeling pretty good. Much better and hungrier than Oz, and more experienced than Xander.

The vamp took Willow's left ear into her mouth and began to lick, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her mouth.

"Let's see what you really look like now."

"I'm just like you! You don't need to see..."

"Shhhhh" the vamp put a finger over Will's lips.

"Gotta get this off first, so fuzzy." The vamp lifted the pink shirt off Willow, who was trying to co-operate the best she could.

"Don't rip it!"

Out of spite, the vamp ripped off one of the arms and smirked at her submissive self.

"Why did you do that for? I told you not..."

The vamp ripped Willow's bra off and threw it in the corner. "Hmmm, just like me. What do you wear those stupid things for anyway?"

The vamp suckled on Willow's small, light pink nipples and put a hand between her legs.

"Just relax and enjoy," Willow kept thinking to herself, Just relax and enjoy, just relax and... "Ooooh, ahhhhh." Willow's breathing became heavy and staccato.

The soft, cold tongue traveled downwards, licking Willow's cleavage to her belly. The vamp suckled and licked Willow's bellybutton, making her laugh. "Let's see if you're ticklish in other places too."

Willow's legs went over her head and off came her panties. "You're really gonna have to do something with your fashion sense. The fuzzy dress and cotton panties do nothing for you."

Vamp Willow ripped the panties in half and threw them across the room.

"Oh damn, it seems you picked the wrong week for me to arrive." The vamp shook her head dejectedly.

"Ewwwwww! That's so, ewwwww!"

"Shhhhh! Just shut up and let me do this." Next off was the dress that the vamp hated so much. It too got the ripping treatment and went flying across the room. "Looks like you're gonna have to go home naked tonight."

Willow gulped, for the first time, she felt somebody's head between her legs. The vamps's cold tongue licking her made her shiver and shudder. Willow wondered if somebody she'd be as good as her vampire self at going down. The hungry mouth explored her moist interior, her finger lightly rubbing her clit making her moan and swear.

The vamp could feel some resistance when she tried to put her fingers further inside. "You Sunnydale girls always wait too long!"

"No! I'm saving that for Oz!" Willow protested, trying to get the vampire out from between her legs. "What are you doing?"

The vamp put another finger inside Willow and continued to lick her clit. "Just calm down and keep breathing. I'll make a real woman out of you yet." Willow grunted and took a deep breath. The tongue felt good, but the fingers inside her made Willow yelp a little bit. Just when she thought it would happen...

"Bored now!"

Willow was amazed at how fast the vamp was able to get off the leather pants and get in a sitting position.

"C'mon now, you at least know how to do this, right?"

"This is SO WRONG! I can't..."

The vamp shoved her crotch into the redhead's face. "Shut up already! Start licking, I'll drive."

The vamp continued to grind into the innocent girl's face. "C'mon, use your fingers too, don't make me do ALL the work!" The vamp grabbed a few fingers, and guided them over her clit. "Hmmmm, yes, now you do it yourself."

Then came an unwanted visitor...

"Hello! Hello! Wesley? Where are you? I think I want to check out a book." Cordy's voice rang the through the air, causing Willow to stop, but the vamp to keep on humping against her mouth.

"Willow?" Cordy's voice becoming obviously annoyed, "Oh my god, what are you..."

The vamp's mound was nearly smothering Willow, who kept trying to get Cordy's attention.

"Oh, hi!" the vamp gave Cordy an enticing "come hither" look.

The vamp humped Willow's face more aggressively, putting on a show for Cordy.

"But who is... Willow? Oh god, now there are two of you? And you think I'm weird?"

"Come and join us, Valley Girl, it'll be fun. Especially when we get you out of that fuzzy dress."

Willow was getting more and more aggressive, more used to her own taste, and hitting the sensitive spots she'd concentrate on when she was home alone. The vamp arched her back and let out a loud moan. I'm a screamer too in that world?

Cordy shook her head, "This is too weird, I'm out of here."

"Suit yourself, Valley Girl!"

Cordy's footsteps could be heard down the hall, that and a collision with a rather disconcerted English man.

"Come on, forget about them, let's try for one more. If you don't, I'll take your cherry for real."

The vamp ground her hips into Willow's face again, this time things were a lot faster. Willow's tongue darted over the vamp's clitoris, spelling out the letters of the alphabet on it, just like Faith said she did to Buffy. Willow's finger felt right at home inside the vamp as she slid two, three, then four fingers in and out.

"C'mon, I know you can do it harder than that!"

The vamp was ravenous as Willow's tongue met with her clit, and her fingers continued to slide in harder and faster.

"Finally, again."

Willow was amazed at how much the vampire gushed the second time. Though she had to admit to being really turned on by tasting herself fully.

"Wow, I can do that?"

"With the right person."

"Well then, I guess you can get dressed and leave me alone then."

"Not so fast, there is still a little matter to take care of. Put your arm around my shoulders!"

Willow felt awkward in the embrace. The vamp put her hand over her moist mound and mouth on her neck. "Ooooooh, that tickles."

The feeling of her fingers enter her caught her off guard, and before she knew it, she felt teeth sinking into her neck.

"BUFFY! HELP! She's hurting me!"

Giles and Xander rushed into the room, "Um Willow, Buffy is busy, what are you? Oh my god!"

Xander closed his eyes to the sight of his naked friend being bitten. Blood was flowing free from her neck as th e vamp ate hungrily. Willow moaned in pleasure, as if in some kind of trance. The vamps fingers pushed all the way inside, breaking the young girl's hymen.

"What's this screaming about? Oh my god, Willow!"

Buffy rushed the caged with a stake. "Buffy! No!" Willow pleaded, and just at the right time. A second later and the stake would have dusted the vamp.

The vamp backed off, licking her fingers.

"You guys, this is... so, so, so wrong!" Buffy preached at them, like a Baptist minister on Sunday morning.

Both Willows looked at each other and said together: "This world is no fun."

"I have to go along with Buffy on this one," Xander was always the follower, never the leader.

"Okay Buffy, look, I know she's a vamp, and I know I'm a quart low now because of her, and she ripped my favorite outfit, but really, we gotta send her back, we can't kill her! At least let's give her a fighting chance."

"Okay, but you get to take her outfit. She'll be the one going home nude."

"Actually, Buffy, why can't we just let her stay here? She could sleep over at my house."

"Will! She drank your blood!" Xander protested.

"I know, it makes me feel all tingly inside." Willow giggled and gave her vampire self a hug, which replied with a little squeeze.

"Ooooh! Hands! Hands in nice places!"


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