Just A Touch
by Miss Ellie

Melody remembered it like it was yesterday. After the Pussycats had moved in together, things got a lot more intense. But it wasn't the sort of intensity that you might expect, at least not out in the open.

Always the little snoop, Mel once walked in on Josie and Val bathing together. Though she didn't interrupt them, she knew that she wanted to. For once in her life she couldn't tell her friends how she really felt.

It took Melody three weeks to finally work up enough nerve, but one day while Val was dressing, she made her move. "Oh Mel, why didn't you tell us?" Though it was only a quick kiss on the lips, and light touch to her left breast, Mel felt tingly the whole day. She couldn't concentrate on her work, because today is the day she'll finally know her friends as intimately as she always desired.


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