I Dream Of You
by Miss Ellie

Xander sat in front of Willow's laptop, looking for any lesbian pornography that she might have secretly downloaded when Tara was out of town. Or better yet, pictures of themselves they took if one of Willow's bizarre "Tara is a porn star" spells went a little too far. Xander would spend nights in Dawn's closet, listening to the sexy words and sounds the two would make in their moment of climax. A picture of Tara and Willow on their backs, with their legs spread wider than is humanly possible is the exact thing he needed to make his manhood stand up with pride.

Xander often pretended that Anya was another woman during their nightly sessions. Sunday was Anya's favorite day, so that night he would think of her and only her. But the rest of the week was a different story. On Mondays and Fridays he would imagine the girl beneath him was really Buffy. On Tuesdays he would pretend she was Faith, Joyce occupied the Wednesday night spot, it was Dawn on Thursdays and Tara on Saturdays. If Anya were to bring in another woman to the bedroom, he had no idea what he'd do with himself. But as of now, it just so worked out that Tuesday was the only night that Anya liked to be tit fucked. But if she was in the mood on Saturdays too, Xander thought that could work out well. Sadly enough, Buffy, Joyce and Dawn weren't the best for this action, but the rest of them more than made up for that in his mind. Especially the oral. Anya was the world's greatest blowjob queen, well second to Dawn in his mind anyway.

"Oh, bugger this," he thought. After spending too much time around Spike, he had picked up the blonde vampire's colloquialisms, even had a bit of an accent. Even with that, Buffy still wasn't falling for him, so it was that time again to write another fantasy about his favorite girl.

Once again, his fantasies also included other girls, Xander just couldn't help it, he's a sex machine! One night Xander accidentally walked in on Faith and Buffy kissing on her mother's bed. Ever since then, his mind has wandered into the other dirty things they probably did that night.

The setting was perfect, it would be Buffy's mother's bedroom again. It took him about 10 minutes of debating if Joyce should be watching in the corner, using Faith's Christmas present to bring herself to orgasm at the same time as the other two. In the end, he thought it would be more exciting if it was him watching instead. "Oh shite!" He then took another 10 minutes debating whether or not he and Joyce should pleasure each other while watching, but that too was struck from the record.

Buffy stepped into the room wearing a tiny pink bra and panties. The panties barely covered her womanly mound and ass. The bra was nearly see through in the nipple region. Faith laid on the bed naked, inviting the short blonde girl nearer.

Faith laid on the bed with a double ended dong and lube next to her, along with some massage lotion and a giant strap-on. Her shaved bare snatch and large breasts with perky brown nipples enticed the horny blonde Slayer closer.

"Oh Faith, you turn me on so much. You almost turn me on as much as Xander, but not quite."

"Oh B, you turn me on too. I'll fuck you better than Xander ever could though. Come closer, let us love. But get rid of the clothes, B."

The blonde Slayer laid down beside her brown haired friend. Faith touching Buffy's face, kissed her with a hunger usually reserved for her studly fuck buddy, Xander.

Buffy seemed sad.

"What is it, B? You seem sad."

"Oh Faith, it's just that I wish Xander could be here. He's so hot and studly and makes me horny. I love you, but just imagine if Xander was here, wouldn't it be so dreamy and hot?"

"Oh God, B. You are so right. Xander makes me come so hard too, but I got some toys here, we can pretend like we're fucking him when we're really fucking each other."

"Hmmmm, maybe you're right Faith. And maybe, just maybe if we close our eyes tight enough, and imagine a lot, we can imagine it's him that is using his mouth on us!"

"I love you, B."

I almost jumped out of the closet right there, or more to the point, my man meat nearly broke the door down, which would have been embarrassing. Thankfully for me, I was able to keep some semblance of control while they continued to talk about what a great fuck I am.

"The world's greatest cock! If there was such and award, he'd win it!"

"Fuckin' A, B! He should go into porn. He's much better hung than that John Holmes sissy. He can use what God gave him better too."

Faith hugged Buffy close, their breasts pressed together. Faith's nipples brushing up against hers made their nipples instantly hard. Faith laid down first, Buffy knowing to take the lead.

Her mouth suckled hungrily at Faith's tits, making her shout loudly in pleasure. "Oh God, B."

I could see Buffy's ass sticking up in the air as she went further down Faith's hot, luscious body. She wiggled her ass in a suggestive manner that almost made me wonder if she was inviting me to jam her doggy style. That tight little asshole, that sweet, wet cunt, oh yes, Little Xander was having a hard time behaving himself.

"Oh god, B! Enough of your tongue, put the strap-on already!"

Buffy fumbled a bit with the toy, but finally put it on. Faith got in her doggy style position too.

"Goddammit, B! I need my surrogate Xander cock, hurry it up!"

Buffy looked so hot thrusting in and out of Faith's hot cunt. The squishing sounds made my prick throb so bad it hurt. Even sexier was the way Faith called out my name while getting jammed. "Oh god Xander, oh god, I'm coming, I'm coming! Oh god, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuummmmmmm!"

Faith nearly passed out from the strong orgasm that thinking about me caused her to have. Oh yes, I must be an idiot for not busting out that very second and taking the two of them, but I continued to watch the show unravel like a good voyeur.

"Thanks for that B, I almost felt like Xander was here with me, but of course it wasn't quite that good. Nothing can be as good as sex with Xander!"

"I wish I was lucky enough to know, Faith. You fuck him all the time, I wish you would share his hot body with me sometime. He is so dreamy, is his prick as big as it looks through his pants?"

"Bigger, B. It's shockingly huge! Even better is the way he uses it!"

Buffy sort of cried.

"It's okay, B! How do you want Xander to fuck you?"

"Oh, that's easy! I want to ride him like a pony. I really want his big, huge thick Xander cock deep in hot, tight Buffy cunt!"

"What would you do to him first, B?"

"Well, I'd sit down on his face like this..."

>From the sounds Buffy started making almost immediately, it sounds like Faith is almost as good as muff eater as me, but nobody could eat pussy like Xander. Xander is the pussy eating master!

"Then, when I came all over his mouth and in his mouth, I'd move down to his crotch like this. And sit down oh so slowly, so he could feel every inch of himself disappear into my moisty, Buffy goodness!"

Oh god, I'm nearly blowing my load without touching myself! Oh god, I'm just about to get out of this place and give them both what they need!

"Then I would ride him in and out, in and out like a wild animal just like this! Oh God! Oh XANDER! My GOD, XANDER! Oh Christ, I'm coming, I'm fucking coming, oh God, this is the best orgasm ever, ooooooh!"

Like always, no matter how fast Xander does it, the girl always comes first and best!

"Oh God, Faith. You're right! Thinking of Xander does make the orgasm stronger."

"Told ya, B! Not that you would have any reason to doubt me. But go a bit easier next time, Buffy. Your vaginal muscles nearly crushed this poor dildo to death!"

"Well, I'd be sure to not crush Xander's penis. Just hard enough so his eyes bug out, but not so hard I do any permanent damage."

"Have you ever looked at your cunt, B?"

"Well, I do whenever I shower."

"No, I meant REALLY look at your cunt."

"But how can I do that Faith? I mean, I can get a pretty good idea, but..."

Faith pulled a hand mirror out of her drawer.

"See, just put it down on the bed, like so, then you squat over it. Pull yourself open and sort of tilt your head forward."

Faith's fingers opened her lips. Buffy was amazed at how deep inside she could see by this action.

"See, Buffy? I look at my cunt all the time. It's so pink and pretty, don't you agree? My cunt is such a work of art, I've determined that only Xander should be allowed inside it."

"I think you're right, Faith. Your body is a temple, and Xander being the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth... I just wish my pussy was that pretty."

"Oh, trust me, B. I've eaten you out quite a lot, I know every inch of your moist pink folds. Your pussy is much better than mine. Your pussy is a darker pink deeper on down than mine, I envy you."

"For real? Let me look!"

Buffy brought the hand mirror over her way, and squatted down, just like Faith showed her. Opening herself up, she marveled at her insides.

"Wow, Faith. I can't believe I've been wasting my pussy on such losers like Riley, Spike and Angel. It's so... beautiful. My pussy is truly a work of art. I agree with you honey, for now on, I'm only allowing Xander inside. Well, him and these great sex toys."

"See what I mean though? Every woman in every city should save themselves for Xander's perfect cock."

"But Faith, your pussy is better than mine."

"No way, B! Just look, it's so much nicer than mine."

"But your clit is bigger than mine. I wish my clit was as big as your clit."

"Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. In our own special way, our pussies are better."

"If he were here right now, I'd fuck him so hard he'd have a heart attack."

"No way, Buffy! I'd fuck him first. I'd fuck him so hard, he would literally explode! Of course, I'd soon have to take my life soon afterwards, because a world without Xander is no world at all!"

"No, I would! I'd fuck him so hard that... he would... shoot such a big load it'd propel me through the roof!"

"Hey, let's stop fighting and get down to more fucking, B."

"We still got this double ended dildo thing, you think you can take some more?"

"You kidding? The night is young, I've only just begun! But first, Buffy, I think you should have a little bit of fisty, don't you think?"

"Oh, I've never tried that before, it might hurt."

"But you'll be thinking of Xander, remember?"

"Oh right, well, in that case, I'll try anything once with Xander!"

Buffy suggestively laid out on her back, and this time it was Faith's time to wiggle her ass suggestively in the air as she went down on Buffy. Buffy was getting all nice and moist again, but just to be sure, Faith got out the Crisco and lubed up her arm, right up to the elbow.

"Oh god, this is gonna hurt."

"Nonsense, B! Just think of Xander. He'll make your worst experiences fun and sexy again!"

Faith's jiggling dance, shaking her ass, her tits obviously swaying, though I couldn't see them, hid most of the event to me. It seems Faith was getting her hand into Buffy pretty quickly though.

"Damn B, try not to keep yourself so tight and just let more of it in, okay?"

"This isn't too bad, actually, this is kind of nice so far."

Faith's hand kept jerking in and out, from my vantage point it seems that Buffy was finally learning to relax. Her sweet soft moans indicated that either Faith was pretty good at this, or she has trained herself to come at the very thought of me. I'd like to think it was the latter.

"No, Buffy, don't come just yet! It's more fun when I get the first all the way inside, trust me!"

Buffy grunted when Faith put some more arm in her.

"Oh God, Xander! You're my god, Xander! Oh God!"

The moans continued, as Buffy kept calling out my name, Faith's arm moved in a bit more, then out.

"Oh Faith, stop this shit and lets use the double ended dong? Just think, the perfect Xander, with two big huge throbbing cocks so he can double fuck us!"

Faith pulled her arm out of Buffy and immediately replaced it with one side of the dong.

"Good thought, Buffy! I nearly came all over myself just thinking of it! A two donged Xander!"

The two laid in a way I could see the two of them smack together. Watching them writhe in ecstasy as they shouted my name, thought about my cock between their legs was too much, I couldn't stand it anymore!

I burst out of the closet, my hard-on jutting out a full 16 inches. John Holmes is looking up from hell with jealousy in his heart.

"Xander, my hero!" They both say at the same time.

"I'm gonna suck you first, Xander dear. Your balls must be aching to let go."

"Fuck you, B! I took his cherry, so I get to suck his cock before you!"

"No way, bitch! You've sucked his dick before, my throat is virgin to goody, tasty, Xander cum!"

"Yeah, but I..."

Just then, Buffy and Faith started to fight it out on the bed before me. It was amazing to watch the two Slayers go at it. Knowing they were fighting just to see who got the first taste of my cum that evening. I thought Faith was winning, but just when Buffy was feigning defeat and Faith was about to get down in front of me, Buffy tackled her from behind.

"Whoa, ladies, ladies! No need to fight over me!"

"You don't know the simply mind boggling erotic powers you possess, Xander!"

"I'm gonna win, B, give it up! Xander's cock deserves my more experienced tongue anyway, you little goody two shoes!"

"Oh yeah? Well, I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am! I bet I can suck cock a thousand times better than you can, Faith!"

"Give it up, B! I know you, you couldn't get Warren off no matter how hard you tried! Xander's cock deserves my tongue!"

"No way, he deserves my tongue first!"

My balls were aching too much to continue watching this. I grabbed Buffy's head and slid my cock all the way down her throat. She started to choke and gasp for air, but I just kept throat fucking her over and over again until her arms stopped flailing, and she started to calm herself down and go for it.

"You picked her first? Over my tongue? Fine, Xander, be that way. Just for that I won't piss in your nose tonight!"

"But Miss Kitty Fantastico is still open and ready for business I'll bet."

"But of course Xander. I'm always wide open for you. My cunt, my asshole, my tongue, my throat. Oh God! Xander! I got to have your cock in my mouth right now!"

Faith grabbed Buffy's head and pushed her off my cock. Her teeth painfully scraped my skin and Buffy fell to the floor coughing and gagging, trying to catch her breath. Faith didn't have the problems of inexperience that Buffy had. She was a pro!

It was no time fast before I started to pump my jism down her throat. I could hear her proudly gulping my cum down like it was fine wine. In my last few spurts, she saved a few, but for what?

Faith went over and spat the remaining cum into Buffy's mouth. Buffy had finally managed to catch her breath.

"Mmmmmm, Faith, even better than I thought it would be!"

Buffy got on the bed, legs spread wide.

"Come on big boy, I know you've been waiting for this for a while."

"No way, B! You blew him first, so I get to fuck him first."

"No way, Faith! You tasted his cum first!"

"B, you had his cock down your throat first, I think I get to fuck him first."

"But Faith! I've been waiting for ages to fuck him, let me fuck him. I WANT TO FUCK! WHAAAAAAAA!"

"OK, B. Suit your self. But I get to make sure he's ready again!" Faith licked her lips and made sure everything was in place and ready to go. While this was happening, Buffy sat down on my face and started to grind.

"Come on big boy! Eat that pussy! Eat that pussy good!"

Buffy's sticky juices tasted like sweet candy on the end of my tongue, while I again almost came in Faith's mouth. After Buffy came all over my face, Faith took my dick out of her mouth.

I put Buffy on all fours and slid my dick into her cunt in one brutal thrust. Buffy took a deep gulp, not used to have a big cock in her.

Buffy was breathing hard and heavy, getting used to her small cunt being so stretched open by my man sized cock. Every inch was tugged tight by her soft, hot flesh.

"Oh god, Xander. You're so... big. Just wait a minute, I'm not ready to get fucked yet. Just let me get used to..."

But I had no real time for that. Five years of frustration at not being able to get a piece of Buffy ass had really taken its toll. I thrust in and out hard and fast, making her shake and moan. She screamed loudly, half in pain and half in pleasure as I continued to ram her moist cunt in and out.

"Oh God, Xander! OUCH! Oh god, YES! OUCH! Oh fuck, I'm gonna come!"

Right as she was about to come, I withdrew my cock and shoved it in the tiny opening between her butt cheeks. She let out a loud piercing scream of pain as my salami rocket invaded her virgin ass.

"Whoa, trippy! Xander is really bringing out your inner animal today, B!"

Faith laughed as I continued my onslaught on Buffy. Buffy had tears rolling down her face from the pain, but also kept moaning and screaming my name in pleasure. It's like the pain I kept inflicting was getting her off! Finally after about five minutes of pounding her asshole was stretched open enough so I could really go at it even harder and faster.

Faith was amazed at how hard I was fucking her.

"Jesus, B. You should fuck this boy more often. It isn't good to be a cock teaser."

"Oh God, please stop, this hurts too bad!"

"But I'm Xander, remember?"

A few seconds later Buffy started to moan in pleasure uncontrollably.

"Oh god, Xander! Keep fucking me! Fuck me harder! Mmmmm, god, here I come again!"

I hear Buffy say some words in Latin, that make another penis grow out of my stomach.

"Ah, two cocks, two cocks for us to fuck! Ah hah hah!"

Buffy turns around on her back, allowing the other cock to slide into her pussy. I keep hammering around, putting her legs over her head so I can achieve maximum power and speed.

Faith was agog at how hard I was fucking Buffy.

"Don't kill her, Xander! We'll need somebody around to make fun of, you know."

Finally both my dicks let loose a torrent of jism into her cunt and bowels. I nearly collapsed on top of her, she collapsed for real.

"Did you kill her?"

"No, she's just dazed for now, I bet."

Buffy finally came to, looking like she was just in a war.

"What, what, what happened?"

"You just had the greatest fucking of your life, B. Now you're awake to watch Xander fuck me!"

"Xander fucked me, and I missed it?"

"Oh trust me, B. You were awake for every moment."

"So that wasn't jut the most wonderful and beautiful dream a girl ever had? It was really real?"

"Yup," Faith said, while getting on all fours, awaiting a display of the world's most awesome pleasure weapon, namely my penis!

"You ready, Faith?"

My dicks twitched at her warm openings.

"Wait a minute! I want some one on one DVDA! Buffy, say that chant thing again."

Buffy again chanted the words, causing two more dicks to grow next to the other ones.

"Ok, stud, NOW I'm ready!" Faith gave me a mischievous grin as I eased four cocks into her two holes.

A sharp intake of breath and a loud moan of pleasure soon followed. I stayed still, thinking of my next move. It was hard enough to fuck with a new cock, but with four cocks, this was going to be impossible.

Faith was wiggling her butt impatiently, waiting for my next move.

"Come on stud, work it! You're Xander, you'll figure out how to manage them!"

"But of course, just giving you time to contemplate the coming storm, ha ha!"

Putting my mind to it worked like a miracle! I was the DVDA master that night! In and out I thrusted, getting all four dicks at a time to somehow magically move together, in synch!

"Oh god, yes! Oh fuck me, Xander! Fuck me!"

At first the dicks smashed together almost hurt, but after a while I was on to it! I almost began to like the feeling! It was amazing how far I could stretch Faith, but yet how tight she'd remain. Even thrusting in and out of her ass didn't do much damage.

She was moaning and grunting with each thrust, barely able to speak! She was speaking some kind of new language of pleasure that only chicks who sleep with Xander speak!

Oh yes, I was the man that night! Her thrusting back onto my cocks, her thrusting forwards the force of my thrusts pushed her, her hair whipping back and forth, oh yes, it was almost enough to make me come too soon, but I kept my cool, kept everything under control and kept giving her what she needed.

"Oh God! You fucking stud! I'm gonna come! Oh gawwwwwwwd!"

Her body tensed up and at the same time so did mine. I gushed forth with an even greater climax than before. Totally flooding her body with my manly man juices! We both shouted out pleasure out loud, bringing Buffy out of her daze of amazement at how hard I just fucked her Slayer friend.

"My god, Xander! Maybe I should just kill Faith and take you all to myself!"

"No way, B! We can share him, can't we Xander?"

"Oh yes, sharing is good!"

Just then the 3 extra penises disappeared, much to everybody's disappointment.

"Oh well, we can always do that next time."

"Yeah, you're right, B. Just don't forget that spell!"

I pried apart Faith's butt cheeks, sucking out my jism.

"Mmmmmm, shrimping!" I say into her ass.

Faith softly moaned as my tongue probed for more white, jizzy goodness. Buffy sat back in bed, quietly waiting for her turn to be cleaned up.


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