...And Frightened Miss Muffet Away
by Miss Ellie

There were three of them in that room. Two blonde vampires stood before a girl, around fifteen, chained to the wall, wearing a much too bright shirt, a pair of blue jeans, blindfold and gag in her mouth.

"I said I wanted a girl with an ass, Harmony!" Darla was stern with the younger vamp.

"She's a girl! She's got an ass!"

"Oh for crying out loud! I meant I wanted a girl with curves! You know Dru doesn't like bean poles. This isn't brains surgery."

"You said a girl with an ass! I thought you meant any girl would do. She was just out in her yard, so I took her. I bet Spikey wouldn't mind, so why should his Queen of the Damned care?"

"Why do I keep you around if you can't follow orders right?"

Harm was quick to defuse the situation, kissing hard the older vamp, and giving her a pinch on her butt.

"Oh right, I almost forgot."

"Think we better hide her in the back room? Or should we give it to her first?"

"I don't know Harm, maybe we should let her watch us give Dru her other present."

Harm gave Dawn a devilish look, "Or maybe we could have her join us?"

"Don't be a fool, Harmony. We'd probably break her in half if things got too rough"

"But can't I have some fun with her too?"

"Shhhh, I think I hear her coming."

The soft, melodic voice of Drusilla could be heard coming from the doorway. "The wind speaks evil and pain to me. The black boot of injustice strikes the more vulnerable. And Spike is in the wilderness of the earth."

"We have something better for you than Spike, Dru, well, we did until Harmony came into the picture."

"Darla! All you said was you wanted a girl with an ass, how was I..."

"This is for me? She is so delicate, like fine china, only..."

Dawn struggled against the restraints, as the raven-haired vamp felt her up. "...so sharp and pointy." Dru gave an angry look at Harmony, nearly putting on her game face.

Darla went between the two to separate them. "Dru, calm down. Just look. She's your new doll! A living doll! Just think of her as being Miss Edith that breaths."

Dru looked at her again, removing the blindfold. Dawn let out a scream.

"No good! No good at all! I will not have such disrespect of me here!"

"I can teach her a lesson, maybe Harmony will learn by example!" Darla gave a little smirk that caused Dawn to struggle against her restraints more. Dawn was terrified beyond belief, moaning and swearing against the gag as the vampires continued to argue amongst themselves.

"Actually Dru, we got you something else too!"

"For me?"

Dru took out the finely sewn dress, the same kind her beloved Miss Edith wore.

"Porcelain now made flesh!"

Drusilla danced around the room, giving a hug to Harmony and Darla. Dawn was still shaking like a leaf, trying to get free, but she was tied up too well. She tried to close her eyes from the scenes that were unraveling before her. The two blonde vampires were busy stripping the dark haired one naked.

She was amazed at how quickly they got down to business. Dru held both heads to her breasts, while they eagerly suckled on her nipples. Darla and Harm used one hand to trace lines up and down her back, while the other one was between her legs. "Oh grandma, oh Harmony, the white light is visiting me again, awwww."

Dawn felt a pang of sickness in her stomach while she heard the vampire getting off, and calling Darla her grandma. The idea she could become one of their "daughters" was appalling her even more. She wondered if when she was a vampire, if she'd be willing to go along with her sire, or if she'd try to fight, try to get back to one of the boys at high school she was crushing for.

The vampires continued their act below her. She tried to hide her eyes, but something compelled her to watch further. Darla had her head between Dru's legs and Harm was riding her face. Most sickening to Dawn was how all three had on their "game faces." She wondered if any of the girls were into biting or not.

Darla fingered herself while she continued to go down on Dru. Harmony had already had her fun, but Dru still continuing to lick her ravenously. Darla got out from between her legs and pushed Harm off.

Harm shook off the cobwebs from her mind numbing orgasms and made her way to Dawn. In the background, Darla and Dru were interlocked in an intense 69.

"Want to join us?"

Dawn shook her head no, still struggling against the restraints. Harm wiped some of her juices on her finger and put them up to Dawn's lips. She tried to fight and move her head, but wasn't able to.

Harmony moved out of the way so Dawn could get a good view of Darla rubbing her face and tongue between Dru's legs. The both of them were becoming more ravenous, but there was something hypnotic the way Darla's tongue slide in and out of Dru, and the way her fingers ran over her clit in a circular motion, the way Dru would bring her hips up, as to meet her tongue and fingers, it almost made Dawn want to try it.

Both girls were trembling and drenched in sweat, when finally they had enough of each other. The two sat face to face, with Darla putting her legs around Dru's waist. "Grandma, did I do well? Did the white light visit you too?" Darla leaned up and kissed her on the mouth. "I just hope your special day is going the way you hoped it would."

Harmony was still over by the way, smearing some of her juices on Dawn's mouth. Laughing at how Dawn would try to fight it, but since the ball gag was still in her mouth, and her hands tied, she wasn't able to wipe it off.

"Harmony! Stop that, we have better things to do with her than that."

"The waters will wash her off, so we can make her new again!"

Dru's odd words was the cue to Harmony to take her down from the restraints and bring her to the shower room.

Dawn didn't say much while the others bathed her. She felt lucky she was still her, and that the others didn't really try anything lewd. Even protests of being the Slayer's sister did no good with these girls.

"Buffy's little sister?" Darla's words made the other two laugh.

"I shall call her Lydwina. For she is my suffering made flesh."

With this proclamation, Harmony put the new dress on, and Dru bound her hands and feet. Dawn sat in the lap of the insane vampire, as she brushed her hair over and over again. "Miss Edith told me of a sour sister once. Lydwina would be her name." Dawn kept wincing as the vampire kept combing her hair over and over again, causing tangles and making it sore.

"Stop it! You're gonna give me split ends!"

Dru kept combing away, and smoothing out the dress as it started to get wrinkly. "Of all my dolls, you are prettiest, besides Miss Edith. She told me you have a secret the world would never believe."

"I said stop it! You're gonna give me split ends, you freaky weirdo!" The bound Dawn struggled to free herself of the vampire, but it was no use.

"I shall not tolerate your rudeness, dear. For this, no cakes and tea for you." Dru put the blind fold back on and made Dawn sit in the corner. Dru played alone in the other corner with Miss Edith.

"What is wrong with your gift? Did you kill her already?" Darla walked into the room.

"Lydwina was very rude to me. For that I will not play with her the rest of the night."

Darla walked over to the still bound Dawn, "I think we should have a little fun with her instead, if you catch my drift."

The two carried the little brat over and plopped her down on the bed. "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

"Shall you go first? It is your birthday!"

"Hold her for me"

Dru bent down and lightly sank her teeth into Dawn's neck. She screeched loudly, forcing Darla to put a hand over her mouth.

Darla was none too kind to Dawn's protests and screams. "Take it like a man...you have the body for it..." Her appraising look inspired a disgusted snort, "...well, a boy, anyway."

"Yes, thank you dear, don't want to the dim one to hear us."

Dru licked her neck, tasting Dawn's salty, copperish virgin blood. Dru stripped her dress off and began to sink her teeth in more ravenously. Dawn's body shook and tears came to her eyes as the vamp rubbed her breast against the wound.

The blood caused her large nipples to instantly stiffen. Darla was quick to lick them clean, and get a taste of Dawnie herself. Darla was a bit more greedy when it came her time, which didn't make Dru too happy.

Dru pushed the blonde away and pounced on Dawn, sinking her teeth into the other side of her neck and sucking hard. The vamp had a ring of blood around her lips, which Darla was sure to clean off for her. The two were interlocked, allowing Dawn's blood to flow free on them.

Darla rubbed her moist vagina on the wound, Dru was quick to lick it off. The two continued to use Dawn's blood as it were an expensive melted chocolate. Dawn was shaking and convulsing, wondering why this was happening to her, but she remained strangely silent. A few times she passed out, but the vamps were quick to revive her.

"Oh, such a lovely tasting girl." Dru was speechless in ecstasy while Darla was making her spiel. The two lie naked, entwined tight, with the bloodletted Dawn at their feet, like a dog asleep.

Harmony came in the room with a worried look on her face. "Oh my god! You killed her, didn't you?"

"You didn't think we would keep her forever did you? Mad we didn't let you have a bite?"

The two vamps still had some dried blood on them. Dru mostly had it on her stomach, while Darla had some on her breasts.

"You guys, she was serious when she said she was Buffy's sister! We gotta think of something fast."

"Dump her on the Slayer's front yard as a warning sign?"

"Be serious, Darla! And Dru, why aren't you talking?"

"The black boot of injustice strikes hard the weak and vulnerable!"

"What is she on..."

"Shut up, Harmony!" Darla snapped, putting her arm around her frantic friend.

Dru let out a scream, "The zero hurts Spike! The zero hurts Spike!"

At that same time, in a house across town...

"Try to fuck Buffy now, Spike! Try to fuck Buffy now!" The naked vampire was tied to the wall, with legs spread and Xander was kicking him between the legs over and over again. Xander danced around the room, doing his best Snoopy Dance in between series of kicks, taunting Spike.

"Bloody hell," Spike spat blood on the floor and tried to say more but couldn't.

"YES! YES! YES!" Xander was enthusiastically pumping his fist, "Spike is hurt! Spike is hurt!"

Xander again began a barrage of kicks to the groin of the vamp. "Bet you wish you never fucked Buffy now, don't you, Spike? Huh? Wasn't being up with Buffy the wrong thing to do?" Xander continued to kick his swollen sac around like it was a punching bags at the gym.

The vampire was speechless, as if he was not noticing the question.

"I said, Spike, wasn't fucking Buffy the worst mistake you ever made?"

"Please, just leave me alone, you have it all wrong, she was..." *cough, cough* "she is a bot, not the real Buffy."

"Oh likely story, Spike!"

Xander got an eye dropper from the kitchen and dipped it into a cup.

"What are you doing?"

"Enjoy the burn, Spike!"

Xander deftly emptied the dropper on Spike's chest. Screams filled the room and Spike nearly blacked out.

"What a Nancy Boy! Can't even take a little bit of punishment, eh?"

Spike was gasping and vomiting blood. "Please Xander, I beg you, don't do this. I wasn't with Buffy, was with a Buffy Bot! I had that sad Warren guy make me one, you gotta believe me!"

"So says the guy who used to try and kill us, but then is all of the sudden good? Would like to believe you there Spike, but you're evil."

Xander filled the eye dropper again and made his way over to the vamp. "No let's see, where should I put this water this time?"

Spike was trying to fight to break free, but couldn't. "Hmmmm, see, eyes? Hahahaha! Yes, I think it's perfect!"

Xander put a drop in Spike's left eye. The eye ball sizzled and smoked and Spike again was screaming in pain. The room smelled of burning flesh and cartilage. Xander, without missing a beat placed another drop in the other eye.

"You bastard! You made me blind!"

From the outside, the three vampires who carried Dawn could hear Spike's screams from the street.


"I think we found a new place to bury her," Darla was ready to put Dawn down when Harmony joined Dru.

"Spikey is hurt, I gotta save him."

"Spike!" Dru called out.

"I"m gonna save him before you Dru, he is my little Spikey after all!"

"Over my dead body, blondie!"

Dru and Harmony rushed through Xander's open front door.

"Dumb boys in this town," Darla shook her head and followed them inside, Dawn still over her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Xander was in the basement, pouring holy water over Spike's cock. His screams had ended, and he was going in and out of consciousness. The place where his cock used to be normal looking was now black like charcoal and brittle. The room smelled even worse, like that of a funeral home that has caught on fire. His chest was covered in bloody vomit and Xander continued to kick him in the crotch. The cock disintegrated with Xander's last kick.

Xander heard a thud in the background, and went to see what happened. He noticed Dawn, lying lifeless on the floor, and three vamps quickly running away.

"But what about Spike?"

Xander heard some scuffling on the stairs and looked up to see what was the matter.

"We can't leave Spike!"

The dark haired one ran towards him, but her two blonde friends grabbed her before she could advance any.

"Come on, he's a friend of the Slayer, we can't risk it, Dru."

The dark haired one was crying, and so was the curvy blonde. Xander was wondering what the hell was going on, but didn't pay it much mind, just went back to torturing Spike some more.

"You did this to Dawn, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!?"

Spike was slowly coming to. "What? Bloody hell you fuckin' Yank, I might have been a monster, but.." then he passed out again.

Xander threw the rest of the water on him. It landed with a sizzle and scream. "For fuck's sake, just stake me and get it bleedin' over with already!"

Xander drew back his arm and was about to let it fly, when he felt something grab his arm.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Oh Buffy!" Xander gasped. "I, just, was..."

"What is going on here Xander?"

"Well, uh, I think the real question is why were you straddling Spike in the graveyard last night?"

"What the hell are you talking about? I've been out of town for a week."

Willow walked in behind her, "Oh hey Buffy, hey Xander, hey... um, Spike?"

"Willow, thank god you're here. Will you please tell Xander that I wasn't having sex in the graveyard with Spike last night?"

"Oh Buffy, why deny it? We all saw it, I don't think it's wise, but you can't take it back now."

"I never had sex with Spike! That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard!"

"Well Buffy, you didn't let me finish the worst part, he killed Dawn too..."

Willow ran over into the corner and picked up Dawn, bringing her limp, lifeless body across the room.

"Oh that does it, it's bad enough that you think I'm fucking Spike, but you don't dare harm a family member of Buffy Summers!"

"Bloody hell Slayer, I didn't kill the tyke!"

Buffy had stake in hand ready to let it go. "But you told them that we had sex in the graveyard, how can I trust you?"

"We didn't have sex, and I didn't tell them anything. They saw me and a Buffybot in the graveyard, I had Warren make one, honest, I'm being honest here!"

Buffy looked at the burned up Spike, then at Dawn, then at Spike. "What the hell are you doing, Slayer?"


The stake found it's mark, and Spike quickly turned to dust.

Xander started pumping his fist again "YES! YES! YES! Spike is dead!" Followed by another Snoopy dance.

"Did he really kill Dawn?"

Xander sort of looked at his shoes, "Well, actually, I sort of... well, no, but he might as well have. I think he was jealous of how close you two had become. Always hugging and cuddling."

"She was my sister for god's sake! What did he expect?"

Buffy sighed. "Well, if Spike is dead, we might as well blame him for this. I don't think Giles ever did like him, so it might be easier for him. But who could have done this?"

Outside in the bushes, Dru sat alone crying.


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