by Miss Ellie

"How long has it been? They got me sittin' in the state pen I gotta get out- but that thought was thought before, I contemplated a plan on the cell floor"

How long has it been? That seems to be the question of the day in this place. I used to keep track but I got bored after the third day. I get bored a lot. The state pen will do that to a girl. Chuck D has it right though, I need a plan. I need to get out. I almost think I've forgotten what it's like to go out. Funny that, I used to go out every night. Dance the night away. Yeah that's me. Something about the sticky heat and the almost choking closeness of other bodies near mine. Chemical Brothers pumpin' and the bass rumbling the floor under my feet. It felt like blood and sex and...oh yeah I gotta get out of here. I need more than just music. I need things that girls know how to give girls. Well most of them anyway.

Everybody in jail claims they're innocent, there is no such animal. Way I look at it, everybody has to die sometime, and some people should die, so why punish me just because you ain't caught up with my way of thinking yet? Damn, what I wouldn't give to be able to touch Red one more time. The smell of perfume in her hair, the sweat that would collect on her spine when I used to spoon her, moving my hand where she commanded, her breath short and rapid, her left nipple stiffening as I lightly move my finger tips... geez. There go those thoughts and wandering attention spans that the shrinky dink in here keeps riding my ass about. If he only knew what I was thinking he wouldn't trip.

"Lockdown!" a voice over the intercom interrupts my train of thought. The girls in the big house are not like the girls back in Sunnydale, you really get lonely and horny in here. I made my cell mate Tanya my bitch, she was cherry before coming here, and it showed. I think every girl is a little bit gay, it just takes somebody like me to show them how to do it right. Maybe she'd get away licking some stupid boy's dick with that half ass technique, but she has a lot to learn about the female anatomy, needless to say, she'd be dumped in no time flat in the outside world. Her ass is a sickening shade of greenish purple from the times I've had to spank her for fucking up my orgasm. B would never do this to me, she'd always make sure I came a few times before I ever touched her. But this girl ain't B. Not by a long shot.

But I guess she's better than beefin' the guards. Nothin' worse than that. They can touch and tease and hurt and fuck ya but you can't even breathe on 'em. Not without getting stuck in the Hole for a couple of days. Might be a week but you can't really tell the time in there ya know? One night this one...always 'the one' comes in callin' all soft like for Tanya. I'm awake and I think he knows it and I know she knows it but none of say nothing. It ain't my business. That's the rule here, if you're not losing money on it and you aren't getting fucked by it than your opinion don't matter. Good rule to live by. Anyway so this sick prick yanks her offa the bed and makes get down on all fours like it's a routine cavity search. Yeah right. His nasally whinny voice just threatening to make me vomit.

"Where is it girly? I know you're hiding something...riiiight here. Or here?"

Nasty right? Yeah I thought so to but do I move? Nah. Not my place. Yeah she's my bitch but she's not worth gettin' beat on. No one is. Not even my ever precious Sun Shines Out Of My Ass B. But her sobs are hurting my ears. Like the way a kicked puppy whines and it just makes him laugh. I think it was a laugh. It was kind of breathy and pained like Snidley Whiplash in the old cartoons. He's laughing because she's dry as a bone and he doesn't care because in the end he's gonna go back to his office and whack off while sniffin' his fingers and lookin' at cheap porn mags. Dick.

I guess my girl had enough though because she kicked him. Hard. Right in the nuts. I just about laughed at his face red and puffed up like that but I didn't really have time. Knee jerk reaction maybe but I pounced on his back and started really whaling on him. Hitting his face over and over and over again. Hitting my stepdads face, his face...and there's sweet little cherry Tanya. Still as the living dead pretending to be asleep because there's thunder in the halls. Boots scrapping on cement and so much for my bitch's fucking loyalty.

The next thing I knew I woke up with a splitting headache, in a deep, dark, cold part of the prison. Nobody else was around, the fucking pigs put me in solitary all right. Not sure what happened to Tanya, I think they took turns on her while I was done there. Wouldn't put it past the pigs. Fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they tried the same on me. Key word is try. But I guess I was lucky. This time

I got to get out of this place, get back to Red and B and hit the clubs again. I've been denied contact with my old friends, but I think I found a new one. She claims she's Melody Valentine from Midvale, but I think she's full of shit. Probably some pathetic teenager who thinks she's Melody Valentine, even sent an autograph copy of the latest Pussycats CD, which is even better than their first one, but who is to say the signatures are legit? But I don't mind, the very thought helps me get through the boring routine of day to day, so we're 5 by 5.


Next comes the counseling. Yeesh, why me? It is the same thing every time, last week some woman from a local Mosque came. Rather than talk about anything real or important she kept asking me if I loved Allah, over and over again, "Do you love Allah, Faith?" "Bitch, I could slit your throat right now, where would your Allah be then?" A look of horror came across her face and she left me, not making the warden here very happy.

So guess what? I got another day in the hole, goddammit. The warden wanted me to spend the rest of my time down there, not understanding I wasn't going to hurt the bitch, I just had to get her out of my hair. Me, with any counselor, let alone a religious one? Yeah right! But not understanding this, he took yet another foolish path.

So now they got some Jesus Freak form the local Christian college to talk to me. This one I like, you can tell she's a goody-goody two shoes, and probably think her shit is gold, but she's gonna be mine, a great candidate for some good ol' fashioned corrupting. "Faith," she starts in a heavy Southern drawl, "do you love Jesus?" Oh for fuck's sake, not this shit again, why do these people always want to know this question? Rather than say anything to get me in the hole again, I just stare at her. "Faith, why do you not want to talk to me?" I keep looking at her, the way she keeps licking her lips, I know she'd be good for me. This makes me think God screwed me over again, by putting her far away from me, in college, and sticking me with my good for nothing bitch Tanya.

She looks so innocent and helpless sitting there, kind of short, still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her hair is blonde and slightly curled, and she has on a smart suit with glasses, not too different from Reese Witherspoon now that I think about it. "Faith, you can say anything to me you want to, Jesus loves you and so do I!" I keep staring at her, thinking of her soft naked body laying next to mine. My fingers running over her soft, warm belly, making her giggle, relaxing her, making her trust me. I can imagine her legs spreads on my bunk, the sweet smell of her arousal coming to her nose, my tongue delicately exploring her every crease and crevice between her legs, while she puts that expert tongue to work on me. A 69 would make her forget about her God, her psychology classes, life on the outside, she'll be singing my name in seconds. She'd be forever mine, she'd need me, I'd make her feel things no stupid boy ever could, she'd crave my scent and taste. My fingers, wet with her nectar, running over her young, engorged...

"FAITH! Please, I want to help you!" I keep looking at her with a blank look, quickly she blurts out "If you don't say anything today, I'm going to have to come tomorrow and bother you again!" A lustful little smile comes across my face and I lick my lips. She swallows hard and looks at me kind of funny, before returning the smile. "Faith, I'm not like that, please, talk to me, the more you talk to me, the more you'll be able to see me." Does she think she can tease me and get away with it? I'll kick her ass if she plays this little game with me too much more.

So what happens? I end up in the hole for not speaking to the counselor, shit, I can't fucking win! And now look at it, if things couldn't get worse...

If you've ever seen those "women in prison" porn videos, you know that girls lather each other up in the prison showers. Uh huh. But if you have seen serious prison films, you do know that kitchen detail is one of the most dangerous things one can do, and that is where I am this week. My bitch Tanya should be side by side with me, after all, she's the one who got me into this mess, but she's back still sleeping in the cell while I'm making her fucking breakfast. The knives here, the knives! It makes me sad and reminds me of my good pal the Mayor, oh those were the days. But looking at these fine cutting machines gives me idea for the present, give me five minutes alone with that little prick guard and I'll be forever happy. He wouldn't be laughing any more when I cut that shriveled little dick off and flush it down the fuckin' toilet. His old laugh would be more like an "Oh god, what are you doing to me? Leave me alone, I'm sorry, I'm... ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!"

I want to fuckin' vomit here, I feel like I'm in a sewer. I'm going to kick the ass of the person who is supposed to clean it, the smell of three day old burned eggs still hang heavy in the air when I turn on the oven. The heat in here is bad enough, and the blisters on my fingers from doing this job keep growing. I'm still thinking about our little miss counselor from the other day, the times I'm not thinking about her sweet body, I'm contemplating how she can help my other problem.

I'm tired of this life, fuck it, I think, if I'm going to break out, it is now or never. I make my way over to the pig watching this and stab the knife in his fat, piggy stomach. He's gagging and screaming in pain, as the sharp knife rips open his fat stomach, the stench of his gastric juices attack my nose as his intestines are severed. The other girls are horrified, trying to keep making the food, but stand there like statues, forgetting the cardinal rule of prison, trying not to think of spurting blood and his splattering entrails, which are now hanging out of his stomach, as he slides lifelessly down the wall. Before I have time to admire my handiwork...

"Goddamn it Faith! If I have to tell you one more goddamn time to get back to work, you're back in the hole!" The same fucking pig who molested Tanya the other night is now glaring at me with that same lusty look in his eyes. He goes over to another girl who is slowly chopping up onions and peppers, not noticing him behind her, he slaps her ass and tells her to put it in gear. He better not even THINK of doing this shit to me. I'm helping to make the bread, he looks like he's about to come over to me, probably to smell my fingers, but my angry gaze must divert him, because he goes back to pepper and onion girl and puts a hand on her shoulders. Not my bitch, not my business, I let him do what he wants, as long as he isn't putting his hands on my ass.

For a second I wonder if I should go for the pot of boiling water on the stove. But if I'm going to do this, I can't be a fucking cowboy about it. His head is turned and he isn't noticing what we're doing behind his back, I could very easily kill him, nobody here is going to rat on me, they fuckin' know better, but the timer goes off on the stove, and I have to get out the loaves of bread that I put in earlier. He turns his fat, pig head towards me watching me as I stretch to get the bread out. I can feel his eyes burning on the back of my prison pants, the little ass hungry lecher. I'm grade A teenage meat to him, he wants me, and I know it, and it makes my stomach churn. I turn around and catch the stupid asshole in the act, he turns around embarrassed, and goes to find another girl in the kitchen to harass. Don't fuck with me, my look always tells him, he must be finally getting wise.

In prison, days are in the size of years; and every day goes into the next. You have to try and do things to break this up, or else you go insane on the girl who is operating the stove that day and your fellow inmates are eating bits of brain with their meat loaf, while you await a date with Sweet Lady Gas Chamber.

I mentioned The Pussycats new CD the other day, and I want to tell you kids about it. Jenny, my counselor, seems to be a lot deeper than I give her credit for. Our conversations are still mostly silent, but she has some clean about a lot of things, and I respect her for it.

"I'm sorry if I offended you last time Faith," she drawled, "but I do what the warden asks. This is going on my resume, it isn't easy being 17 in college, I got bumped up two grades in high school, and the other kids at school don't treat me so well. If I come across as being a bit overly friendly or a bit of a zealot, I'm sorry."

No need to apologize, I'm thinking. I don't really care what you're saying, your body is saying things to me she won't say with her mouth, okay, so that doesn't make sense. "I know not everybody believes as I do, which is fine by me, don't take everything I say to be truth if that's not how you really feel, but when the warden said he needed a Christian counselor for a trouble young soul, what was I supposed to do? I assumed you were a fellow believer who explicitly asked for me."

I'm hearing her, I'm not replying yet. She dressed a bit more friendly like today, still got the glasses, which I love, her hair is a bit more straight today, and with her jeans and bare midriff, she might be a slightly more blonde version of me. She's got such a tight body, but with a little belly, I like that.

"C'mon now Faith, talk to me, you really can't still be mad." "Oh sorry Jenny, I know you mean well, you caught me at a bad time." Jenny kind of nods, not sure what to say next. "Is there something that you really want to say to me, that you want to talk about? Is there anything that I could maybe do for you?" I give a suggestive little wink at her, "Oh no, I don't mean that. Faith, I'm kind of flattered that you, erm, like me and all, but I don't swing that way, and even if I did, do you realize how much trouble the two of us would be in if the warden came in her and saw us doing, erm... God only knows what?" All said with a nervous little pause that makes my nipples pucker, I love watching her sweat a little.

"I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," I say chuckling, letting her know not to take it too much to heart. I know she's a bit of a bad girl, and how those Christian colleges like to keep the dorms separate. I bet you anything Jenny has a bitch back at school just like I do.

"I'm kind of a bit bugged," I start, "lately I've been talking to this person who claims she's Melody Valentine. You probably don't..." but before I can get the rest out she cuts me off. "You're a pen pal with Mel? That's so cool, isn't she the sweetest? We've been talking now for about two years, sometimes even over the phone. I totally love Mel, she's the nicest person I've ever met. Wow, you like the P-Cats, and here I took you for a Slayer fan."

I was astounded. "How did you talk to her originally?" "I wrote the fan club, went on how I liked the first album, and she replied within a few weeks. We even spent a weekend together in Midvale a few months back." "But why would she write to somebody like me? Just out of the blue, I started getting mail from her, at first I didn't think it was her and wasn't gonna reply, but I did, and she keeps sending mail, and even sent me the new cd early." Jenny smiled, "Don't be silly Faith, why do you think she writes to girls in prison?" I thought for a moment, and kind of blurted out a sarcastic answer, "I guess Little Miss Sunshine likes to spread happiness and light to everybody else."

Jenny kind of frowned at first, "Well Faith, that is right, but why should you down her for that?" "I don't get how somebody could be so happy and light hearted all the time, it bugs me sometimes, sort of like how you do." "Maybe the reason she is happy all the time is because she makes other people happy, she makes you happy, doesn't she?" I thought, speechless at first, then nodded. Jenny nodded back, "I'm not the happiest person all the time Faith, but helping you makes me feel good, and Mel does the same thing, through a different medium." The guard came to take me back to my cell. "She made lots of progress today," I heard Jenny tell the guard. Maybe we'll work out after all.

So what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the new Pussycats CD, oddly entitled "Radiation." It isn't due out for another month, but Mel sent me a copy early, and oh how I love it! It really fuckin' rocks, much harder and faster than the first one, but yet is more melodic and catchy than before. Dawn from Tuuli produced this time, and gives the album the kick it needs. Best of all, there are no boring ballads to bring the flow of the album down like last time.

I love the album cover, the girls look so amazing! Behind the backdrop of an old hotel, they're dressed in these two piece leopard skin print leotards, with their tails and ears. The girls playing a song, and looking better than ever, especially Josie with her new Sunburst color Les Paul. Also Val seems to have a new Fender Jazz bass and Mel's new drum set, complete with an American flag design on the kick drums makes you wonder if the band came into some money recently; or if they abide by the "see, want, take" philosophy that ruled my life on the outside.

A track list, three, one page sized head shots (personally autographed in my copy) and a group pic on a fourth are the first five pages of the interior booklet, with lyrics and credits making up the other five. The first album's interior was rather slim, but then again the group didn't have any money then, and with moderate sales, the band seems that they could afford something better this time. My favorite pic is under the CD tray, with the girls mixing the album with Dawn, and yes, Jenny gets a thank you from Melody in the linear notes, along with her "prison pen pals, past, present and future."

Get this album when it comes out! But for now, I have to go help with supper duty in the kitchen. I think the warden hates to see me happy, so now he has to go fucking around with my schedule.


"Attention all prisoners, breakfast will be delayed by an hour today, so that we may finish replacing the glass bowls with plastic ones. Thank you, that is all."

In prison, your bitch does a lot more for you than get you off, but not much. You have to keep your bitch in line or else she'll think she can do it all the time, and let's face it, without fear of punishment, people would probably not do a lot of things.

Just take supper yesterday for example. So I have Tanya with me, nearly on a fuckin' leash, so we're sitting at the same table as this nasty bull dagger everybody is sure to avoid and her bitch. "Go get me my dessert," she softly says to this poor girl, who looks like she can't be more than 16. Her bitch sits there like a fuckin' rock, probably not realizing she's playing with fire, takes another bite of her green beans. "Go get me dessert!" she says a little louder. Still nothing, stupid bitch sitting there eating her green beans, as if they were the best fuckin' things she has ever eaten. "Goddammit, Cunt Breath, get my fuckin' DESSERT!"

By this time we're moving back a bit, all except Tanya who I have to jerk back, stupid girl not seen anything like this. "I'm telling you one last time Cunt Breath, get my FUCKING DESSERT!" Everybody, except for Tanya, is minding their own business, looking down at their tray, eating the fatty, gristle filled meat and water thin cream corn, trying not notice what is about to happen. "Okay Cunt Breath, you asked for it!"

A bowl full of boiling hot tomato soup goes flying in her bitch's face, some of the splatter catches me on my arm and leaves me with a large blister. A loud scream pierces the air as the bull dagger tackles her bitch to the floor. She kept punching her fists hard into the bitch's face, a grunt and spurt of blood rising with each blow. "How do you like it now, Cunt Breath, how do you fuckin' like it now? You want to defy me, Cunt Breath? You want to get fucked up? Here is what happens when a fuckin' bitch gets out of line." Then she grabbed one of the metal trays and began to hit the bitch with that, by now the whole mess hall was standing over them, in a circle so the guards can't get to them, watching this bloody spectacle. A few of the bitch's ribs cracked as the bull dagger brought a couple of hard forearms into her side.

Grabbing the glass soup bowl off the table, she smashes it on the bitch's head, with a great splatter of blood gushing up like old faithful. The bitch is still screaming and crying for the bull dagger to stop, her words now sounding muffled and far away, probably because most of her teeth have been spat out. Picking up a piece of broken glass from the floor, the bitch had her shirt ripped open and "Mine" written on her stomach, with an arrow pointing down towards heaven.

Every time the bull dagger brought the metal tray down on the bitch's face, her screams became quieter and quieter, until they were a low bleat, then nothing. The bitch, whose face had now been turned into an unrecognizable pulp, turned her head and vomited blood, then after that, nothing. She stopped, she was dead.

Tanya, the pathetic bitch, had her arms wrapped around my waist and her head in my tits, crying her eyes out, wondering why such a thing would happen to a hapless young girl like this. I stood there, trying to push her off me, wondering why she cared, hoping she'd learn by this bitch's example. The bull dagger, looking pleased at her work didn't put up much of a struggled when the guards came to take her away, kicking her bitch one last time before the morgue attendants removed the body. We sat back down and didn't say a word for the remaining 20 minutes of supper time. Behind us, the custodians were busy moping up pieces of the bitch's head.

"That poor girl!" Tanya sobbed back in the cell, "I can't believe she's dead! What did she do? That's soooooo sad, it really has me down! I just can't..." "Shut up and get to work," I tell her, with my legs spread on my bunk. She stands there looking at me, "Well, what are you waiting for? My pants aren't going to get off on their own." "You don't care Faith? You really don't care??" I roll my eyes, "Look, today was your educational TV for the week, okay? Do you hear what I'm saying to you, or do I have to spell it out for you?" She still looks funny at me, like she's gonna have to learn the same lesson, I might not have a glass bowl with me in this cell, but I sure know how to use other things. "In the real world, I would have already sued your ass so many times, why I'm even here I'll never know, my mom could have paid off a few judges and I'd be back home with Rick."

I jump off the bed and grab her by the neck, squeezing hard enough so she knows I can crush her windpipe, but not hard enough to cause any damage. I force her down on her knees, her head just inches from the cold metal toilet in our cell. "Look bitch, I don't care about your life on the outside, and I don't care about that stupid girl who got what was coming to her, I need to cum and I need it now, so either give me head or get ready to pick up pieces of your skull out of the shitter."


She pulls off my pants, with a disgusted look on her face, going at a snail's pace, like she thinks taking her time is gonna delay this, like maybe I'll fuckin' fall asleep while she's undressing me. I take off my top and undo my bra, because I know she'll never get that done, leaving her with the work of getting my panties off, which should be easier for a moron like her. I already know I'm going to have to spank her again for not making me cum, I'll have to spank a few more times for this kind of bullshit.

I look at her, with my legs spread, her sitting on the floor with a look of fear in her eyes, fear and revulsion, and it starts to turn me on, like it always does. "Well, what are you waiting for?" I ask her, she's still looking kind of scared, with those pathetic doe eyes, I know she doesn't want to do it, and that is what I like best about this, she really doesn't have a choice in the matter.

I can feel her hands between my legs, spreading me open, her warm breath as she puts her head closer. "You're worse than a stupid boy!" I shout at her. She took her hands from between my legs and rested them on her hips, looks back up at me, kind of stunned. "You don't dive right in, I've told you time and time again, I NEED FUCKIN' FOREPLAY, but you never fuckin' get it. Most boys would at least fondle my bresats a little." "That's nothing!" she shouts back, indignant. "It's a helluva lot more than you usually do!"

So I grab her and bend her over my knee, like daddy probably did to her for trying to stick it in her without getting it hard first. I pulled off her pants and her ass, still with bruises from the last time I spanked her, looked so beautiful, such an appropriate target for my rage. Spanking is a good way to get closer to those you love anyway, asking Buffy and Willow, they probably still feel some pain from when I did this to them. And as anybody will tell you, it is probably the most effective way to break those who need breaking, and we all deserve a warning anyway.

I raised my hand up and bring it back down as hard as I can, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing in the tiny cell. "FAITH! I'm not a child. Stop! Please stop!" Again and again I bring my hand back down hard on her young, bruised ass. She keeps screaming and crying, other inmates are probably coming to see what's going on, hoping for a glimpse somehow of this spectacle, but the people she wants, the fucking guards are nowhere to be seen. If that pervert guard could see us now, he'd fuckin' explode all over his pants, the people at the emergency room would probably have to cut them off with a pair of scissors.

Her sobs were becoming louder and louder than the sound of my hand coming down on her flesh, and her ass was becoming a color that was starting to turn my stomach. I pulled her pants up and she fell across her bunk, crying into her pillow, kept weeping like a baby. This work out had my nipples hard and made me a little bit moist, right now I could really get off with a little bit of work.

I grab her and bring her back over to my bunk. "Now bitch, I'm ready to cum, I've done most of the work for you this time, finish me off, okay?" She's still crying, I can feel her tears fall across my breasts as I put her mouth on my left nipple. I'm even nice enough to direct her hand between my legs, making sure she wets her fingers first. First time she fingered me she pressed real hard on my clit with a dry finger and nearly got her neck broken.

She's actually good on my breasts, the way she slowly encircles the areola with her tongue, round and round, sucking gently on the hard nipple, slowly running her finger in circles around my clit, softly and gently. I can feel a slight tingle between my legs, knowing she's on the right track. She starts to kiss me down, tears still falling from her eyes, landing on my stomach, as she licks my bellybutton while working on my nipples with her fingers. I often wonder, with how bad she is using her fingers when going down, does this girl ever come when she masturbates?

Her kisses feel good on my belly, it kind of tickles when she continues to run her tongue over it, paying close attention to my belly button. She continues to kiss and lick lower and lower, going right for the sweet spot. "Fucking tease me, you stupid bitch!" I shout at her, having a hard grip on the spot between her shoulder blades, not letting go until she does as I order her.

Sex with her is like pulling teeth, only pulling teeth is less painful. Stupid bitch actually grating her teeth against my leg! She did it hard enough to nearly draw blood, but I let this pass, I'm close to having the best orgasm I've had since being imprisoned here, I'm not going to do anything to stop her now. Her tongue is feeling good licking the insides of my legs, coming oh so close to my quim, but not quite touching it. "I think it's about time," I tell her.

Sliding her tongue inside me, I can hear her gagging. This isn't my favorite technique anyway, and if only she'd fuckin' listen to me, she'd know that. Finally she replacing fingers for her tongue and begins licking on my clit. Slowly and surely moving fingers in and out, everything is starting to feel good, I almost there at the ultimate release, my juices are really flowing now, running down the crack of my ass, some of it getting on my bunk. Then the bitch goes and REALLY does it. She sticks a finger right up my ass. I let out a scream of my own, I felt her finger, one that felt like it had a fuckin' Lee Press-On Nail piercing my asshole, could feel it tearing into the delicate tissue, and short sharp shocks of pain go through my body. The stupid bitch doesn't even have enough common sense to keep from laughing! I gave her a hard kick in the head, and her finger slid right out with a pop as she tumbled on the floor.

"What the FUCK was that for?" I scream at her. She's on the floor, in a prone position, I notice the press-on nail and I rip it off, she winces but sadly it doesn't rip her natural nail off with it. "What did you do that for? You know I don't like that shit, you stupid bitch, you never fuckin' listen to me! I told you a long time ago, no ass play, and why the FUCK would you want to do that to anybody anyway?"

Still silent, still looking at me with a shit eating grin on her face, I keep screaming the question at her. "What is WRONG with you? Tell me why you did that to me, right when I was about to come!" She looked at me dumb, any idiot knows she did this on purpose for crying out loud. "Well, Rick liked it when I did it to him, I just thought..." I really kicked the bitch hard in her face, she went down again. "You fuckin' idiot, you think I have a prostate? Stupid rich bitch! You don't even know basic anatomy? Tell me the real fuckin' reason you did that to me."

Pay attention, this is the dumbest thing I've heard anybody say. "Well, both your holes are pink, so I thought I found some new, secret entrance into your vagina that nobody has yet discovered, you know... How was I supposed to know it'd hurt?" Then the bitch bursts out laughing!

I kicked her hard in the jaw, knocking her out. I grabbed the silver cup she has for water here, dipped it in the toilet bowl and threw the cold water into her face. bringing some of the water that probably still has tiny pieces of our shit and piss in them to her lips. She came to with a freaked out look on her face. "You stuipd bitch," I'm screaming at her, "Didn't think that'd hurt? How about I get a tub of Crisco from the kitchen, then try and shove my fuckin' fist up your ass, then you'll see how good it feels."

She's cowering in the corner of her cell, she knows I'm pissed at her insolence, and that I'm not going to take this lying down. Maybe she thought it was funny, but now she'll know first hand the concept of prison justice.


I grabbed her finger and bent it backwards, until I heard the sound of crunching bones. She let out a blood curding scream, not unlike the sound of a cat being strangled. She's hiding her hand under her, acting like this is some sort of defense.

I grabbed her head and bashed her, jaw first, into the toilet, once, twice, three times, until I knew it was broken. The glassed over look in her eyes told me that she had a concussion, but I didn't care, let her fall asleep. I put her back in bed, got dressed my self and fell asleep, but am constantly awaken during the night by her moans of pain, I wonder how I'm going to get out of this mess, I can't go back to solitary. I know I'll figure something out, maybe even get me a new roommate that won't be so fucking stupid. Her cries of agony were making me horny, so while she moaned in pain in the bunk next to me, I quietly got off, the best I've had since my last time with B.

I woke up the next morning a new woman, well, almost. Tanya's breathing was slow and even, it seems she finally went to sleep sometime during the night, or maybe she passed out from the pain. I, on the other hand, still had a euphoric feeling from last night, loving yourself is truly the greatest love of all, that is, if you don't have somebody who knows what they're doing. The searing pain in my ass has disappeared almost completely, now it's just kind of sore.

I poke my bitch in her stomach, waking her up. She looks up with a sad look on her face, giving me the puppy dog eyes routine. "Raunt raunt raunt raunt raunt raunt." "What?" "Raunt raunt raunt raunt raunt raunt." She sounded like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon. "What bitch? I don't understand you, want to say that again?" This time she spits in my face. I reach my hand in her shirt and grab a nipple and gave it a twist, squeezing as hard as I can. "Rrroooaaarrr!"

"Look, bitch, as far as the pricks are concerned, I didn't do this to you." I let go of her nipple and wait for her response. "Raunt, raunt, raunt..." "I take this means yes?" She was silent for about 10 seconds, then I did it again. "Rrroooaaarrr!" She shakes her head yes, still screaming with tears running down her face, I keep holding on until I hear a guard down the hall waking up the other kitchen workers. "Good bitch, you know what you have to do then?" She shakes her head no. "Oh come on bitch, you know what to do, right?" Dumb bitch goes silent again, so I grab her nipple and give it another twist. "Rrroooaaarrr!" "Okay bitch, listen and listen good, you're gonna fall down the steps when you're coming to breakfast. Be sure you fall head first, because if you only break your legs, I'm still in shit, so fuckin' do it right, okay?" "Rrroooaaarrr" "OKAY?" I scream. She starts nodding her head, still screaming. "Sleep well while I'm gone, honey." I wink to her and let go of her tit.

News travels fast in prison, did I tell you this yet? "Hey Faith, I heard you fucked your bitch up good last night, what happened?" "Mind your own business, Chocha." "I hear she's gonna need some hospital time, I hear you nearly killed the kid." "Get fucked Chocha, I'm busy." "She talks like a fuckin' Mongoloid now, did you fuckin' bash her head in?" I grabbed her by the neck and shoved her hard against the wall, "FUCK OFF, Chocha." Just then that pervert guard walks in, "Don't mind me ladies, make yourselves comfortable if you like," then with that Snidley Whiplash laugh, "Heh, heh, heh, heh."

The both of us silently continue fixing breakfast. "I like you Hispanic chicks, you like it rough, don't you?" Heh, heh, heh." Thank fuck his hard-on doesn't have my name written on it today. The sick fuck gets behind her, starts rubbing her ass slowly. "Oooooh, ya gots da junk in da trunk don't ya? Heh heh heh heh." I'm really getting sick here, old Chocha stands there like it doesn't bother her. He keeps moving his hands between her legs, "Is Miss Kitty getting some love juice? Heh, heh, heh, heh." Miss Kitty? Love juice? Someone should hide the Penthouse Forum from him. He smacks her hard on the ass, "I bet you like to ride a cock like a cowgirl, heh, heh, heh." I inch over to the next table and continue to knead the bread and put them in the pans.

Chocha turns to face the guard and pull her pants down, as he's about to finger bang her we hear a lot of yelling and screaming out in the hallway. "Holy shit, I gotta go." The guard is kind of doubled over when he runs, his hard-on jutting out in front, better not let the bull daggers see that.

This geek chick who is always hanging around the library runs into the kitchen, "Faith, come here!" I don't know how she knows my name, she tries to put her arm around me as I go. "Hey, watch it," I push her off, and at the bottom of the stairs I see my bitch. There's a big pool of blood surrounding her head. "I'm sorry Faith, but she's dead!" I try hard to act surprised, but I guess my facial expressions give me away. "Goddammit Faith, did you do this?" That pervert guard, still with his hard-on jutting out in front like a "proud to be a pervert" flag. "For fuck's sake, you saw me in the kitchen 10 seconds ago, while you were trying to bone Chocha. How could I fuckin' kill her when I wasn't even near her?" The guard tries to act innocent, his face turns red and he's off back to the kitchen while he can still have some time alone with lover girl.

That geek chick comes up and gives me a big hug. "I'm sorry Faith, I know how much Tanya meant to you." I return the hug, holding her close to make a good show for the approaching warden, wondering if I should risk breaking her spine, she's only about 80 pounds soaking wet. The warden came to survey the scene, pending coroner's report, I am under investigation. The geek girl hugs me again; who the fuck is this girl anyway, and why is she so friendly with me?

Back in the kitchen, Snidley and Chocha are going at it on a table, not even acknowledging my presence. He even has that laugh when he's boning and talks like a porn film writer. "Heh, heh, heh, heh. Go cowgirl go, ride that cock baby, hard baby, harder. Heh, heh, heh. Good tight pussy, heh, heh, heh." I'm mocking him behind his back, throwing my head back and making orgasmic face contortions, mouthing his words with soap opera star histrionics. "Call me big daddy, sugar, big daddy, heh, heh, heh. Who's your daddy? WHO'S YOUR DADDDDDDY? Heh, heh, heh." "Ooooh big daddy, I'm all yours! Fuck me harder, big daddy, fuck me harder!!!!" I start looking around to see if there is a camera crew filming "Prison Whores In Heat 23."


"She fell down the steps?" My counselor Jenny, drawling more pronounced than usual, a sure sign she is upset. "Head first?" I sit there showing no emotion. "Oh Faith, that's horrible, was she your cell mate for your whole stay here?" I nod my head "Unfortunately." "But I thought you two were close." "She is the absolute worst lay I've ever had. I never felt so little as when I was with her." Jenny has a look on her face that is a cross between concerned and perplexed. "You mean..." "She was my bitch." "Oh Faith, I had no idea." I spread my legs a little and do a tiger roar, holding my hand up like a claw, and throwing my head back.

A few minutes of silence passes between us before she speaks again. "Why are you under investigation, Faith?" "Hey, the fuckin warden here thinks I should be blamed for everything. A mouse farts in his fuckin' office and I'm the one who placed Mickey there. My bitch turns up dead, and even if I'm busy in the kitchen, doing the shit work she should be fuckin' doing for me, I was the one who did it. He must think I can be in two places at once! It's fuckin' unbelievable! I think he'd get off my tits if I sucked him off, but he can kiss my fuckin' ass if he thinks he's getting that."

Jenny kind of nods her head, still curious, "But didn't others say you abused her?" "All bitches who get out of line have to face some punishment. You gotta break them so they'll understand, like you do with a child!" "But Faith, there is a big difference between disciplining a child, and beating an adult until they're black and blue. In the real world you can't get away with this." "Hey Missy, this isn't the real world! And yes, this thing happens often in the world, I've had to keep some of my other bitches in real life in line too. Girls are so stupid, you have to help them along sometimes."

At this point, I wonder if I've lost Jenny for good. Her face is full of sympathy, but she has that little nose wrinkled, sort of in disgust. "Faith, I'm disappointed to hear this. Really I am. You seem like a bright, intelligent girl, why the violence?" "A handful of might carries you further than a wheelbarrow full of right." More silence passes between us, before the guard motions me back to my cell. "I'll see you next time Faith, good luck!" I ignore her, I had enough of her questions for today, I need to get back to my cell and get off.

Until the autopsy report comes back I'm only allowed to leave for kitchen duty, eating and showering, I'm not even allowed my time with Jenny! I'm spending 20 hours a day, all alone in that fucking cell, and not only that, but it looks like I'm gonna be moved into solitary for the rest of my time here, they don't trust me with a roommate, even if Girl With Glasses flirts me every time she walks by. Shit, where are those Amnesty International fuckers when you really need them?

"Faith, I can't prove it, but I know you had something to do with Tanya Hitchens death, your neighbors say they heard you two have a fight the night before. The some loud banging sounds." I sit there silent, knowing Chocha will never say a fuckin' thing. "Goddammit Faith! Listen to me when I'm talking to you!" Why do these guards think Faith is my last name? "Why not admit it, you had Tanya killed, it'd make things easier on all of us, and we could immediately call off the investigation." Lazy fuckin' bastard. "And how do you explain the bruises on her buttocks?" Buttocks? What the fuck... is this a doctor's office? But anyway, how do you crack your head open getting spanked? "Well Faith?" "Hey look, just because I spanked the bitch a few times doesn't mean I fuckin' had her killed! I think you're jealous I didn't let you watch!" He gets in my face, screaming about respecting this authority. He still won't tell me how she could have been pushed, when "nobody was behind her, as she was standing off the side to herself, warbling around as if in some kind of drug induced delirium," as said by a guard at the top of the steps.

Days and days go by, the little pricks are still doing tests, the bitch is dead already, how many times can they play Operation on her corpse before it gets old? In the mail today I got a message from Melody, and even one from Jenny, which I'm shocked they allowed through. It's funny, they both sent me the same promo pic of the Pussycats, only the Melody one was autographed. Jenny also sent me a book called "Papillon," whoever the fuck he is; probably some missionary to Africa. I put it on the crudely made book shelf along with the other book she sent to me, earlier: "Different Seasons" by Stephen King, with a giant asterisk next to the "Rita Hayworth & The Shawshank Redemption" story.

One day out of the blue, Snidley Whiplash is taking me to the place I usually meet Jenny. It's a great reunion, even if Dickless is watching us the whole time. I give Jenny a big hug, one which she doesn't try to fight off. It's amazing how much I missed that girl, she looks even better than I remember. She has these new glasses that I like even better than the pair before. Finally Hard-On For Faith leaves the room and Jenny and I can get down to business.

These sessions have been cut in half, but a little Jenny is better than none. She keeps asking me how the investigation is going, but I never answer, because I know we're being listened to. I spend most of our session silent still, but at least now she respects that more. "Is there something in your past you need to get off your chest, Faith?" Normally I'd blow a gasket and go off on her for asking, but with the Fascists listening in, I politely decline an answer.

Weeks go by and the big day finally comes, and I was cleared of any wrong doing. My bitch wasn't much in life, but when it came time to take a bullet for me, she came through with shining colors. I never heard any mention of her jaw being broken before the fall, I guess they never bothered to check that. They even trusted me enough to get a new cell mate, who I will soon be meeting.

Jenny and I are still seeing each other every day, for regular sessions, things are going better between us. She stopped asking about my past, and now that I know we're not being listened into anymore, I can be as honest with her as I like. Word has it that due to cut backs, the prison will have to release some inmates, she even said that she'd be willing to look after me if I was offered this!


Most of the torture in prison comes from the endless routine, but not knowing what will happen next to break the monotony. I know that the warden is going to stick me with the nastiest bull dagger in the joint, or just do what he really wants to do, and throw me in solitary. I can picture the little cocksucker now, with a hidden camera in my cell, watching and laughing like a motherfucker at me going insane. He'd love to see me lose it, running around my cell like a trapped rat. I'd end up strapped to a gurney, while he delivers the electric shock to me, punishment for not giving into his sick demands. But when he thinks I'm out cold, and he can get a piece of barely legal ass, I'd break the restraints and give him a taste of his own medicine. The screaming, twitching warden, on the ground in a straight jacket, while Snidley coughs up blood in his face, blinding him to the reality of the .357 Magnum in my hand.

Who I don't want as a cell mate is a much larger list than who I do, at least according to the all knowing Chocha. I don't trust her or her fucked up friends. Anybody that thinks getting boned by a Snidley is the best thing that could happen to them can't be too wise when choosing her mates. I'm alone, a solitary woman, except for my bitch and Jenny, but now they've taken my bitch away, and Jenny could follow. I still am fascinated by who Chocha thinks might make me their bitch, she's really hopped up on this idea of the tables being turned on me. She might be the one who finds herself on the defense someday soon...

Natasha, that really sultry Russian chick with a body Cordy fuckin' Chase would kill for is supposedly a clit teaser. Chocha's friend has been her cell mate for two years, and not once has Natasha allowed her to touch her, and touching someone else is totally out of the question. She wants to be faithful to her husband on the outside, this guy looks like a real sleaze, the kind of guy who hangs out in high school parking lots, trying to hustle blowjobs form the cheerleader squad, and from the picture I saw, hasn't washed his hair since Kurt Cobain's head was still in one piece. But she thinks he's so wonderful and wants to remain true to him. See, want, take... I'm gonna get her to do everything to me, and you better believe I'm taking her body for a spin too.

Becky, who is pretty in that generic, Britney Spears kind of way, might not be such a bad pairing, if it wasn't for the fact she makes Tanya look like Einstein. "What's the difference between Coke and Caffeine Free Coke?" I swear to God, that was a real question she asked me the other day! "They call them oranges because they're orange, but yet they don't call grapes purples, why?" She's really nervous and bobs her head up and down every time she talks. I've seen her in the shower, she's 100% pure plastic; I wonder if I stabbed her tits, if they'd bleed or ooze silicone.

And did you hear about Rhonda? Oh God, this is the most fucked up shit I've ever heard! Turns out, she really likes it when you...

"FAITH! The eggs are burning, stop day dreaming." For once I'm the one who's getting yelled at by Chocha. "Get them yourself Chocha, you still have another 5 minutes before your 60 Second Man sweeps you off your feet. Mr Love Gun gonna fuck the love juice all out of Miss Kitty! Whoooooo hoooooo! Give me that good lovin' big daddy! Hard big daddy, harder!!!" Chocha is too busy picking out the scented oils, dildos and lube she has hidden in the canned food closet to even notice my performance. I wonder if the ramrod is for her or Snidley, but before I vomit on the stove top, I quickly put the question out of mind.

The geek girl still won't leave me alone, not that I'm complaining. She'll do odd little things, like kiss my forehead when she's in line for food, then giggle and run along to finish her salad. I'm beginning to think she'd be the best one to be my cell mate, even if she is way too skinny for my tastes, and fattening her up in prison won't work when all she eats is salad and fruits. The other downside is she's a real brain. Red used to drive me mad with her computer, internet and hacking mumbo jumbo. Those cyber geeks really need to get out of the house and fuck shit up a little, shoplifting is so much better than breaking into high school records. Walking by her cell, she seems to have checked out every math and science text book from the library. She looks up from her book on Quantum Physics, blushes and smiles at me, giggling a bit. I walk on by, and she seems disappointed I didn't smile back at her.

"And you think she's who?" I know about as much as Jenny does, but still she asks. "That's what I'm wondering! I think she's stalking me! There are a lot of fucked up people in this town, who knows who I might have offended at The Bronze. They were like vultures, girls and boys alike, I had to beat them off with a fuckin' stick. Then there was the case of the Mayor and his intern, so who knows?" "Why don't you just ask her?" "Rule one of prison is you mind your own business. She isn't minding hers, but I know better than she does. She'll stop it after she gets in trouble." Jenny seems a bit disappointed, almost jealous about this new girl, I can read her mind like an open book. She asks more questions about her, what she looks like, if I think she's attractive, even if she's good "bitch" material. It's so funny to hear Jenny swear, she's so shy and "decent," whispering the word like the fuckin' roof is gonna fall in on her for saying it. Her nerves this time seem to be from my lack of paying attention to her than anything else. Still, that little pause sends a chill up my spine.

I dyed my hair a few shades darker this week, the salon here is a pathetic joke, but at least this time it took. When Cordy tried it, it washed out in the shower, and I dripped it all over her new blouse she mistaken placed in the bathroom. If you want to hear a girl squeal and whine about something, she's your woman. "You bitch! You ruined it! I paid $500 for that, and you RUINED IT!" Her valley girl accent made it hard to really feel sorry for her, especially when you know her parents made 10x that in an hour. Well, not anymore they don't.

"Back in Georgia, Uncle Steve told me about this man he knew as a child. Everybody in town knew him, so nobody paid him any mind, even though they knew he was insane. He used to cuss at his stove when it burnt the bread, or at his tea kettle when the water didn't boil soon enough. So one day he went mad and kidnapped the mayor's dogs and held them for ransom. He wanted to make a new law that cars wouldn't go past his house after 9pm and would not allowed to go past again until 9am the next morning. He said that no decent person would be out past 9pm anyway, and that the problem with the world is everybody was in such a hurry to start their day early..."

Jenny is telling me a story, she always does this, and they always get me to laugh, at least I try to laugh at the appropriate time. I'd probably like them better if I knew it wasn't an excuse to discuss my step dad. I'm growing tired of this, but I humor Jenny anyway. She's become a bit more needy since Geek Girl has been on fire for me. I knew if I waited long enough, I'd have Jenny eating out of my hand. It's gonna be some time, if ever I'm released to her custody, but when I do, she'll be all mine. It's her house, but she's gonna be MY bitch, and I can tell she's gonna like it.

"...When his body was removed a few days later, nobody talked to the investigators. Though Steve was only 12 at the time, he knew what had happened. Ironic enough, the investigator was fired for allowing the local children to walk off with the hooch..."

Sorry to cut the story short, but this is hurting my head. I crossed the room and hug her, before I'm escorted away for some special meeting.

The warden is seeing me today, asking the same tired questions about anger, frustration, my thoughts on Tanya's death. This is the kind of shit they always fuckin' pull on you. After a while you start to wonder who is the guilty one here, are they trying to get a confession out of you, or are the bastards trying to prove their idea of the "facts" to themselves? I'm quiet as mouse, trying to get him riled up. He power trips when he gets people to give up info they don't want to, but fuck him, if he wants to make my life hell, he will anyway. Why give him any sick satisfaction? "If you were in my shoes, Faith, you'd understand. Thanks to your little stunt, which I still can't prove, at least not yet, the Hitchens family might bring a suit against us." I start to laugh, not being able to help myself. "What is so fuckin' funny? Goddammit Faith! Just be glad I don't make you clean the stove off with your fuckin' tongue!"

I'm walking back to my cell, I notice a guard going through my cell. "Shit, motherfucker better not steal anything." The other guards restrain me, I could crush both these boy's heads like a grape, but I wisely chose to remain calm. If this was the real world, their asses would have already been thrown over the banister, clearing The Bronze's dance floor below.


After Snidley gives them the thumbs up, I'm allowed to enter, and who should be sitting on the other bed but Geek Girl? The door slammed behind me, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Faith; I'll be watching you two! Heh, heh, heh, heh." I would tell him to suck my asshole, but I'm afraid he'd think I was offering.

Geek Girl is sitting there, smiling at me, her face is blushing and she has that giggle again. Her math and science books are under her bunk with a portable CD player, just like mine, but for some reason I find it hard to believe she's listening to my kind of music. Her glasses are kind of like the ones Jenny has, only black frames and her hair is done in pigtails this time. So many things I want to ask her. Who is she? How does she know me?

But before I can ask anything, she jumps on me and nearly knocks me on my back! I put my arms around her and pull her closer, as I feel her tongue lightly brush against my lips, an electric shock goes through my spine. I slowly allow her tongue into my mouth, and she knows how to do it, nice and gentle, not like Xander, who emulates a Viper when he kisses. She runs her fingers through my hair, massaging the back of my head and neck. Breaking the kiss, she licks and lightly nibbles on my left ear lobe, such an aggressive little girl!

But I'm the one in control here, so I push her off and to the floor, she looks up still with that smile on her face and giggling. "Hi, roomie!" she blurts out. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, first things first!" I try to scold her, but find it difficult, especially when she's so eager to please. "Yes?" I'm still trying to catch my breath, the surprise of her aggressiveness has knocked the wind out of me. "What is your name?" "Tammy."

"So you're saying she's too eager?" Jenny is sounding more and more jealous as the days go by when I recount my increasingly intense happenings with Tammy. "But you said Tanya wasn't eager enough! I though she'd be exactly what you wanted." I shake my head, "You don't understand, for this to be fun there has to be some sense of apprehension on her part, it isn't fun if she's hot and ready to go, literally begging to meet my every need. I no longer feel that I'm the one in charge, that in some strange way, I've been turned into her bitch, even if she's doing all the dirty work."

Jenny kind of nods, looking more perplexed than usual. "But Faith, isn't that rape? I mean, the part about you forcing them into this." I shake my head, "I never said I wanted to force her into this. I wish Tammy would try and fight me off once in a while, play hard to get, like Red used to. It's like she's some robot that was programmed to give me exactly what I want, but it isn't fun without the struggle, so it isn't what I want at all." The rest of the session was wasted! Jenny asked more questions about my past, if my relationship with my step father had anything to do with my nature, my need to be in control.

My legs are still kind of rubbery from my encounter with Tammy last night, for all that she lacks, she makes up ten fold with skill and enthusiasm. And when it comes to getting, she's almost as insatiable as I am, and a helluva lot louder. She has a more high pitched voice that can travel well, even old Chocha down the hall was complaining about it! "Shut that cunt up, or else I'm gonna come over there fuck start her head!" That's my girl, be as loud as you want babe, I can take that cow any day.

Chocha is still pissed at me the next morning. "You really got to do something about that bitch, Faith. What the hell were you two doing last night? Trying to see who could be more obnoxious? That's the kind of shit that gets your fuckin' ass beat down. And trust me, I will fuck start her head if you don't shut that little cunt up." Looks like somebody isn't getting their fill in the relationship. "I swear to Jesus I'll find some way to pay you two cunts back, mark my words on it."

"Look Chocha, if you really want to make things right, just take this knife and slit your wrists. You'll be dead, Tammy and I can be as loud as we want, and everything will be 5x5." Just as Chocha is starting to jump for me, Snidley comes through the door. "Hey Faith, hi Maria, heh, heh, heh, heh. Don't stop on my account."

I really wish these two would get a broom closet for this rendezvous. Every time I bite into a piece of egg shell or gristle, I want to vomit already, but the images of Snidley's wrinkled skin that sort of hangs on his bones, slamming into Chocha's pale, naked body, with arms and legs covered in purple, bruised track marks is getting harder and harder to put out of my mind. They bone with her bent over the table so she can continue to make food while they have fun.

While they're not looking, I turn the setting on the 20 slot toaster on high, and watch the fun begin. Snidley is fingering Chocha while she starts to load in the bread. Her short, staccato moans makes me wish I brought my discman along, Melody sent a CD-R copy of the new Chemical Brothers CD, and it really rocks! "Oh big daddy, you know I like it like that!" A moment like this is worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos. "Ooooh yes, big daddy, like that!" Snidley is continuing to laugh while Chocha talks dirty, "jus' the way big daddy be likin' it!"

Snidley drops his pants, I've gotten good at ignoring this, and the grunt they both make when "the Washington Monument meets Venus" as he likes to put it. It's so pathetic, the simultaneous 'Oooh yeah baby,' and sharp intake of air as he enters her. Snidley continues to talk dirty and Chocha is quick to respond as he thrusts in and out like a robot.

The spring in the toaster is shot to shit, I didn't fix it last night for this very reason. My plan is going well, a few of the slots starts to smoke and Chocha, like the idiot she is, is quick to grab a fork and shove it in as hard as she can. "Maria! NOOOO!" Snidley is quick to withdraw before he can feel the affects of the shock. But Chocha is screaming in pain, shaking as her hand with the fork is stuck in the toaster. Snidley unplugs the toaster and tries to revive the unconscious Chocha.

"You fucking little dyke, you did this! Didn't you? Heh, heh, heh. You fucking DID this, cunt!" I'm standing there, letting the sausage thaw on the board, taking the rubbery bacon off the stove, pretending like I didn't even see what happened. Chocha wakes up but is badly burned and still howling in pain. Snidley escorts her off to the medical center, leaving me alone to finish the job, as always.

And of course, who should I be meeting with later today but my good ol' pal The Warden?


Chocha survived the night, but has no hair or eyebrows anymore. I'm visiting her today, but the warden still thinks I had something to do with that, even if he can't prove it. The more he looks at me, the more it worries me, since I know what he's thinking, the same thing Snidley thinks, and the rest of the pigs in this shit pile. I sometimes wonder if Tanya's ghost tattooed "Sweet Little Fuckhole" on my forehead while I slept.

"Oh hey Maria, what's going on?" I'm using this bad British accent, to hide my identity, it makes my skin crawl to call her by her real name. She's lying in her bed, hooked up to an IV drip, looking like she's tripping, this stupid grin on her face and that stoner laugh. She doesn't know who I am, which is pretty obvious by the fact of how nice she is to me.

"Oh Dana, I knew you'd come see me, sorry if I worried you."

Dana? Oh my, this is going to be fun.

"I've been in here for so long, I knew you'd come visit me. I think that little bitch Faith did this to me. You know, that twat I work with in the kitchen who is always fucking with me. I think you're gonna have to bust that bitch up tonight. Will you fuck her up for me?"

I stroke Chocha's forehead, which makes her kind of moan. I'm running my fingers through where her hair used to be, which seems to make her sad. "I miss my hair, that bitch, look what that whore did to my hair! Stupid bitch! Goddamn puta!" I try to look as concerned and loving as I can, but I think something has given me away. "Dana? Why aren't you talking to me anymore? Is that you Dana? Are you there?" I nod my head, pretending to cry.

I bend down to kiss her forehead, reminding myself I can withstand anything. "Maria, I'm here for you, I will get revenge for you."

"Good, that bitch had her hair dyed recently, you work in the salon, you can do it."

"Next time that bitch comes by, I'll cut all her hair off then stab her in the throat with scissors. That stupid bitch will be coughing blood everywhere." I do an evil little laugh, one that I'd imagine somebody named Dana doing.

Chocha reached up and stroked my hand, almost tenderly, the skin on my back threatening to slide off. "Oh Dana, you're the best butch a prison bitch ever had." I have to bite my tongue so hard I begin to cry to keep from laughing. Her, the bitch, and she'd ask the butch to get revenge for her? I bend down and stroke her face, acting emotional and sappy. "Oh I love you Maria, you're the best prison bitch a butch could have!"

The guard comes and whisks me away and when I'm out of earshot of Chocha I let out a huge, loud laugh. I've washed my hand and mouth about 20 times, and finally the sick feeling has left me enough to reiterate the story to Tammy.

"I could probably find out who Dana is for you; I have the computer access in the library you know, but then again, maybe you I can teach you, make us doubly evil." Tammy is so cute when she's trying to scheme, but she can't understand I'm not down with that computer stuff. Knowing my luck, if I'm ever famous, some computer geek is going to be writing made up stories about me. I'd rather stay away, thank you.

Life in prison is sometimes uneventful, sometimes a horror story. This is one of those boring days. This new girl they have me working with isn't so bad, at least not compared to Chocha. She's a bit of a loudmouth, but so far she's actually asking me what to do. Since this girl doesn't give Snidley a hard-on, he's nowhere to be seen, probably back in the medical center giving the old cow the old in-out, in-out.

The day the warden has been dreading came today. The Hitchens family's lawsuit was officially filed today, for a very large amount, which hasn't been told to the prisoners yet. Tammy looked it up on-line, and the paper said it was close to $50 million dollars. How they will prove the charge, nobody knows, but the fact they're going through with this means I'll be a free woman very soon.

Jenny has been evaluated and investigated for the last few weeks, and everything looks a go, I'm really gonna rock her world, she isn't gonna know what hit her. The anticipation of this event has me excited beyond words, but Tammy is always there to take care of the problem. Tammy is starting to worry me. It's like she doesn't want me out of her sight, that a second away from me is too much. I've not told her that I'll soon be leaving, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know. If a light bulb burns out in the board room of a local insurance office, she knows about it.

I'm on my bunk, with my legs spread and Tammy between them, clad only in her underwear. One hand is on my breasts, softly massaging them, slowly and lightly running her fingers in circles around my nipples, her tongue moving over my engorged clit, my juices freely flowing. I feel the adrenaline of the oncoming orgasm slowly running up and down my spine as her probing fingers compliment her tongue. The little hairs on the back of my neck and arms are standing on end and I'm there. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes, Oh God Jenny, I love you." The orgasm is strong and quickly spreads from my crotch to every part of my body.

Uh oh! Did I just call her Jenny? Tammy is still licking the juices off me and from around her mouth, but not looking too happy. I'm trying to think of something to break the odd feelings in the cell, Tammy's hangdog expression tells the whole story. Her look is full of pain and I can tell her heart is breaking. "Jenny, huh? So when I'm loving you, you're thinking about that slutty psychiatrist?"

I throw Tammy on her bunk and ravenously strip her nude, probably ripping her bra and panties in the process. She isn't fighting me, but I can tell she is still hurt. I'm gonna have to work extra hard tonight to get over this. I never knew Red to stay mad at me long when I was in control, and from her reaction to the foreplay, Tammy wasn't going to be any harder.

We lay on our bunks naked, I'm spooning her, with my hand softly playing with her breasts. Her little nipples are hard and sensitive and I know how to get her off. She's breathing heavy from her previous orgasm, but I better not let her go wanting. I kiss her between the shoulder blades, the way she likes it when in this position. "Mmmm, I think you can go lower now, my nipples are getting kind of sore." She loves the way I rub her belly, and I can tell she has been working out a lot. She's still skinny as a rail, but she has muscles here and there and I can feel her them rippling as she flinches when I'm massaging it.

I kiss her on the neck again, still running my fingers over her stomach. "Faith, I'm sorry if I snapped at you." Her words come out choppy. "It's just, I sometimes forget our set up here, and I think you're my girlfriend, and I'm yours. That this isn't some kind of temporary arrangement. Even if we're gonna be together a long time, I know I probably will never own you." Own me? I slow down what I'm doing, almost to a stop. "It's okay Faith, you can keep going." What? Don't tell me what to do!

"But I guess it is something I have to live with now. I dream sometimes that we'll be forever together, even when we're old and gray. I dream that we don't use each other for sex, and I'm not your gofer." This is fucked up... "Just, I knew the first time I saw you, standing there with that Buffy whore at the Bronze, I had to have you. Always and forever, never to part, we'd be like those couples in fairy tale films of old. I knew she couldn't fuck you like I could, or as much. She's all wrong for you, one of those prissy upper class girls who would probably leave you for a boy after they're done 'experimenting.' I'd always be there for you, waiting and wanting to give you more than you could ever need."

The Bronze? Buffy? What?


She keeps babbling on, but before I know what I'm doing I find my hands around her neck, squeezing hard, screaming at her. "Who the fuck are you what are you and what are you doing here?"

She's trying to fight me, but her strength is no match for a Slayer. I almost crush her windpipe, but she finally faints on the floor. I pick her back up and dress her, that naked body that has brought me so much pleasure now only makes me sick. I dress as well, not wanting to give her any more of a show than I have to. I knew this setup was too good to be true.

She comes to, with a scared look on her face, cowering on her bunk in the fetal position. I've been hiding a shiv in my mattress, which is now in my hand. I decide to tough out looking at her again, pulling her pants down and holding it a few inches from her clitoris. "Look Tammy, I don't know the fuck you are, or why you're here with me, but you better start giving me some goddamned answers, or you're going to be missing something vital."

She sort of yelps, in that childlike voice that would probably upset most people, but right now I could gut her and feel only jubilation. "Who the fuck are you, and how do you know me?" She looks so scared, those big brown eyes magnified by her glasses round as saucers. I can see them tear up as she starts to sob. "Oh God Faith, I'm so sorry."

I don't care if you're sorry, answer my goddamned questions and you'll live! "I don't want to die, I don't want to feel pain, I only meant to love you! Didn't you feel loved, Faith? Didn't I love you?" Why is every line out of her mouth like something from a Country & Western song?

"I wanted somebody for my own, and there you were! I've searched for the last few years of my life for somebody, and nobody was good enough. I could never find somebody who set my heart on fire, as well as my thighs. Somebody who was so full of danger, so unlike me, so bad. I love bad girls, and when I saw you there, I nearly died on the spot!"

Everything out of this girls' mouth is a cliche! I'm really thinking of cutting her anyway, to teach her a lesson. Maybe not that way, but I certainly am thinking of slicing into her leg right now.

"But how did you find me? Why are you here anyway, you don't seem the criminal or violent type." Her eyes are slowly looking happier, but they still express the turmoil in her. Why should I care if I hurt her? She did this to me anyway. She's gotta pay.

"I went to the Bronze every night, to watch you dance with that stupid Buffy girl. Even if it broke my heart to see her putting her hands on you, I still went to see you, so I could feel some kind of connection to you. That, and your moves filled my nightly dreams with things I couldn't begin to describe." I can tell her labia and clitoris is starting to swell, oh why god, why? Why me? Why should the one person who shows this much interest in me be a freak?

"Your hot body, your smell, your taste, it is all worth the trouble I went through." More cliches, more fucking cliches. I drag the shiv across her leg, less than half an inch, but she lets out a yelp and starts with the tears. "Oh why Faith? Why are you doing this to me?" Her blood is trickling out a little, and I dip my finger in it, bringing it to her lips. She doesn't try to fight it, she tries to take my fingers into her mouth, but I'm quick to pull back. "You're gonna get cut again if you try that shit again, bitch! Now, tell me who you are, or you're going to die."

She tries to roll herself into a ball, but I don't let her. I pull her up, sitting her straight up to look me in the eyes, and tell me why she did what she did.

"You're going to think I'm crazy, I know that already."

"I already think you're crazy, you stupid bitch, tell me what I want to know before I kill you!"

"You don't understand what it's like to be all alone in this world, and nobody care about you! Everybody thinks I'm some stupid math geek, and a lot of the small town denizens thought I was a dyke who was out to diddle their daughters. When I finally saw you, you were everything I could hope for and more, but you were with somebody else."

Did moving out of the small town every occur to this kid?

"Over and over again, loneliness, depression and more loneliness."

Welcome to the real world, kiddo.

"When you stopped coming to the Bronze, it worried me, I had a feeling something bad happened to you. Then I read about your coma, your recovery, then the prison thing. It broke my heart to think I'd never ever see you again. That'd we'd probably both grow old, without ever meeting."

"So you thought killing somebody and going to jail was the only thing to do?" She stopped talking and tried to stare at the floor, but I wasn't going to let her. "Look at me, bitch, look in my eyes and tell me, did you kill somebody to come here?"

She kind of nodded her head. "Nobody would think I would be capable of such a crime, but I was. I even shocked myself how little remorse I felt."

"So, what did you do?"

"Well, there was this one guy, Johnny, in my math class, and he was always flirting me, or trying to flirt with me. He was almost as shy as I was, and I was kind of flattered he'd do this, but still not interested."

"So, you ask him out on a date, lure him into a dark alley with the promise of a blowjob, then slice his throat, instead?"

She shook her head. "I was doing this to get to be with you Faith, I had nothing to hide. One day, I sat behind him, in the middle of class I got out of my seat and started towards him. He was looking down, looking up at me, then back down, shy like always. I was smiling at him, the teacher wanted me to sit down, but I got on my knees. I put his hand on my breasts and while he was busy squeezing them, I took out my serated switchblade and stabbed him in the throat. Gave it a good little twist. You wouldn't believe the blood!"

Such a genius, give that girl a hand!

"Of course, everybody saw it, and rather than execute me, I got sent here, since they knew I was insane. Or they thought I was insane anyway, I'm a good actress," she giggled and put her hand on my shoulder, which I promptly pushed off.

The news kept running around my head like a freight train. I was going mad with the idea this little bitch would work so hard to get a taste of me. I always felt in control of my life, in control of the world, then some idiot math geek pulls the rug from under my feet.

"Of course, when I got here, I found out you already had a cellmate, that stupid whore Tanya. Little bleach blonde whore Tanya, like your little whore friend Buffy. God, I hated that whore so much, I was waiting for a chance to off her so I could be with you. I did everything I had to do too. I broke into the records server and deleted the names of the people ahead of me on the list to be with you. I switched them over to the waiting list for that nasty bitch Sandy. All that stood in my way was Tanya, bleach blonde WHORE Tanya."

Her voice was getting more and more angry every time she said Tanya's name. I can imagine that someday soon, she'll be doing the same thing to a future cell mate. Telling them the story of "super whore Faith" and how she had to kill her to get what she truly wanted.

"I made a deal with Natasha. If she'd go with the guard at the top of the stairs while I pushed Tanya off, I'd do any and all work she was required to do the rest of her stay here. That is how bad I wanted you. Thankfully for me, Natasha will probably be in solitary for the rest of her time here, considering what she did to her cell mate."

Why didn't I hear about this?

"She had her small intestine out, playing with it like it was a lasso. That cell was totally covered in blood and shit that day, or so I'm told."

Gee, thanks for telling me.

"So with everybody distracted, I grabbed Tanya out of line and kicked her down the steps. She fell head first, like I heard you telling her to the night before. See, I kind of had some listening devices in your cell, so I could hear you get off or beat the shit out of Tanya. I took a job as janitor assistant, so I could have access to your cell. Tanya's screams of pain really got me going, because I knew someday you'd go too far, and I'd be the one getting you off."

I'm staring ahead at the wall, not really registering anything else she's saying to me, wishing she'd go away.

"But Faith, you can't leave me alone now! You can't go back to how it was before you met me, ignoring me. I'm yours now, and you're mine! Is there something I've not been doing for you? Do you want me to start doing your kitchen work for you? Or even go talk to that blonde slut at 3? Is there some sexual thing you want me to do that I haven't been doing? Whatever it is, I'll do it for you, I'll do anything for you, anything to get your trust back."

I'm thinking of pissing in her mouth right now, but I change my mind, knowing she'd like it.

"I don't believe it, this can't be happening."

"Oh give me a break! You're the fucking vampire Slayer! You swallow that stupid bullshit down without question, but you don't think I'm smart enough to pull this off? Get a clue, little girl."

I'm still staring at the wall, nearly catatonic, until I hear the guard come to take me away to see Jenny. It's Snidley of course, noticing the bottomless Tammy, he's quick to make an obscene comment I half miss. For all I know, he could be naming off the positions he wants to bone me in, but I'd never hear them.

Jenny isn't sure what to make of all of this, not that I'm usually that chatty around her, but she can tell something is wrong. Days go by, and I'm constantly on the defense while in the cell. Tammy keeps trying to snuggle up with me at night, but I never allow it. As good as her hands feel around my waist, I never feel comfortable enough to allow somebody like her to hold me. News floats in slowly about the Hitchens family lawsuit, days go by and the date of my release grows closer and closer. Still I'm minding my own business, I don't even look at Tammy when I come into my cell. She's making a big deal about how I got the Papillon book, something about jailbreaks that I never quite understand.

"They allege that faulty engineering is to blame for the death of their daughter, the then 19 year old Tanya Lynn Hitchens, from the predominantly upper class west side of Sunnydale."

Rich people will sue for any stupid thing. Sad thing is, they'll probably win.

"It is known that the 19 year old fell down the steps on the morning of February 8th, but it is not known what caused this fall. The Hitchens family claims it is the fault of the jail for allowing out dated architecture to be used for so long, the jail blames it on other, as of yet unknown circumstances."

It's the night before the big day and I'm forced to talk to Tammy. She just won't let me sleep. "You didn't tell me!? You're leaving tomorrow and you didn't let me know?!!"

She's furious, screaming at me, everybody in the adjacent cells are telling her to shut up, even a guard had to come and yell at her, but she's still going mad.

"Why didn't you tell me, Faith? It isn't like you could keep it a secret, not with my Internet access anyway. You think you can keep this from me? You think I'm just going to let you go out that door?"

I'm getting things squared away in the cell, packing things here and there, trying not to lose my cool. The last thing I need is to beat Tammy to death the night before my release. I've already been grilled for about six hours by the warden and guards. They play those mind games with you, trying to get you pissed off and riled up, to see how you're going to react in similar situations on the outside. I know these games very well. Chocha blew her chance months ago and never for a second stopped bitching about it. But as big, nasty and mean as Mr Warden is, he is nothing compared to an 80 pound math geek stalker.

"Mark my words Faith, you will not get away this easy. You might be leaving tomorrow, but you better look over your shoulder, because someday, I'll be there for you." I'm not listening to this girl's threats, why should I? When I get back out on the outside, I'm going to team up again with B, Red and whoever else might be with them now. We'll be unstoppable, does she really think she poses some kind of threat to me?

"Wasn't I good enough for you? Don't you know I care?" She gives this speech again, only this time it seems she's repeating her cliches twice over. I'm not giving anymore information about this, because as far as I'm concerned, this part of my life is over for good, now I can get back out and start living again.

The next day at the trial, things went smooth. I was brought in my nasty orange jumpsuit, asked a few questions, some about the Hitchens incident, but I never changed my story from before. After some careful deliberation, and a scolding from the judge, he released me into Jenny's custody.

The first thing I'm doing when I get there is change into something more comfortable, that, and maybe sleep in a nice bed for the first time since the suite the Mayor gave me.


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