Changeable Green
by Gunbunny

This was not how I imagined the future to be.

From the first time I met you, I was drawn by the sheer life in you. And the exciting aura of danger and dancing on the edge of the abyss that hung about you, in all your moody, violent, uncontrollable, fucked-in-the-head by authority glory. Irresistible.

The future was going to be strange, full of magic in our imaginings, malleable to our desires. It was indeed strange. But we always forget that magic brings its own price for the discovery of its world of strangeness.

When we were young and living for nothing but magic, sex and violence, I never thought I'd be supporting your grieving Slayer.

I came to the Hellmouth to cause trouble, the first time. You beat me up. I returned. I couldn't stay away. You were just too damn magnetic.

After that vampire-with-soul left, you and your slayer started sleeping together. Inevitable to anyone who had eyes in their head, really. Made me hellishly jealous. You threatened to kill me if I came near.

Being the charming bastard that I am, I soon wangled my way back into your affections, though. We were even happy for a time, the three of us.

Then came that stupid bloody random accident. A speeding car. None of us saw it coming. How stupidly ironic can you get?

We always thought she'd be the first to go. She's now the longest-lived Slayer on record. And a pregnant Slayer at that. Your kid, Ripper.

Wonder if it'll have her expressive hazel eyes or your changeable green?


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