Wishes Granted And Not
by Francis

Melody wished a lot of things, things like rainbows that you can see all the time, even at night, even when it hasn't rained yet. A rainbow 's sort of shaped like a smile. Thoughts like these always make Melody's day.

A lot of things make her smile, even thoughts of things like puppies that never grow up to be mean dogs, kittens that purr next to her ear when she is in bed. Hugging kittens and puppies and smelling their fur, not like the fur of cats and dogs that sometimes reeks. No, Mel always like beautiful things. things and people that are beautiful, like Josie and Valerie.

Mel wished that Josie would always stay in love with Allan M., that they'd get married and grow old together, have lots of children they could name Jake M. Valentine M. And that they'd stay famous the rest of their lives so they could play all the time and not have to work at the diner or the shoestore. She wished she'd always have money so she can buy beautiful things.

Melody Valentine wished that Alexandra and Alexander would get along for awhile and that Alexandra would get her hair fixed, cause she bet she'd look more pretty.

And most of all Mel wished that Val would just look at her. Look at her the way Val looks at Josie. Kiss her the way Val kisses Josie, soft and sweet, slow and thoughtful, fast and rough. She wished Val would look at her like she's peeling off her clothes and hug her so tight it would be impossible to breath.

But some wishes come true and some don't. They're still famous and rich, Alexandra has fixed her hair and gets along with Alexander. But Allan M. and Josie have broken up and Val is still so in to Josie.

Puppies and kittens grow old and they die, like everything. A rainbow, however beautiful still looks like a frown.


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