Take Your Time
by Francis

Darcy watches Missy's car drive away from the parking lot, at last she is alone, she thinks. Not quite, she thinks again. She stood there for another good minute, one hand on her hip, the other thumbing the keys to her more expensive car.

Her thumb traces the curves and grooves of the small metal implement and she wonders about things. Things like Missy. Is she really what Courteney insist she is through all that barb like big dykey loser or uberdyke. Is Missy really a dyke? Is it that simple to tell, are they just so naked that anyone with the slightest touch of the gay-dar, can tell?

Or then again how about Courteney herself, still without a boyfriend after all these years? She's so into Whitney that they practically live in each other's houses, that when they sleep over they stay in one bed. That they finish each other's sentences, that one time she caught them almost in a kiss, in a tight embrace.

Could it be that simple, she wonders.

"Hey, Darcy," she turns and she sees Kasey, standing there with a bag slung on her shoulder, her hair tied back, Darcy smiles and betrays her self-promise of coolness. "I'm ready," Kasey pats the bag to point it out, I got everything here.

Not quite, Darcy muses.


"It's super that you thought of me when you needed someone to spend the weekend with," Kasey smiles to Darcy who is behind the wheel and cannot afford to be distracted. "So is this your dad's house or your mom's?"

"Who knows? As long as I can use it on the weekends, I don't really care that much," she says coolly, her hands are wrapped around the wheels so tight that her fingers grow numb. Her eyes constantly shift from the road ahead to the sweet subtlety of Kasey's exposed knee, her mind races so fast in the details.

There is a rabbit on the road,
it's so white that I want to kiss it,
i want to follow it,
follow it up,

The car thuds, something was ran over, "Oh, my God!" Kasey shrieks as the rabbit is left to lament it's own demise. "Didn't you see it?!"

"No, I saw it," Darcy is cold and afraid, she slows down and pulls over on the side of the road.


Darcy, Kasey
sitting in a car
kissing, groping.....

Kasey holds Darcy for a few minutes and they are silent, cars pass them, in a hurry, but they are not, they are content. They are still, they are silent.

Then the car moves again, Kasey is behind the wheel, while the dark haired girl with the thoughts of Sappho in her head watches her. Now all that she fixates on is Kasey, who is oblivious to her, the car radio plays something that talks about the space between two people." I love this song! Don't you Darcy?"

Judith Darcy hears certain words and again her mind works itself into trouble, it string them so that she thinks its, "I LOVE YOU DARCY."

"I love too, Kasey. So much," she gushes and realizes her mistake when the tires suddenly screeched and she is almost thrown out of her own car.


Again the car is beside the road, other cars pass it, but they do not stop to look that there is no one up front behind the wheel. Some see that the windows are fogged and they know what is happening, they expect to see a hand suddenly appearing within and touching the glass, but no such luck.

They shift in the backseat, the pure pleasure of the coming weekend is not lose on both of them. They will make their way to Darcy's weekend haunt, but they will not hurry, they will take their time.


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