by Francis

New York, Faith loved the city not because it was dark and rainy, but because it was miles away from Buffy. She needed that some how, be away from her and everything that she had some how touched, save for her. Looking through the window as the rain feel upon the street, pelting the yellow skin of cabs running across to another world, Faith realized that she could not escape her. Even here.

Even in this place, even in this rain.

The office was small; big enough for her to cram into everyday it was a skill spending time thought her. Another was creating a false identity, though she carried the name Faith, everything else was new, it was easy after all no one knew her here.

Not in this place, not in this rain.

But ghost visit her very often, in dreams standing beside her bed, following her along her little street and alley. Watching her as she watched over the city. Sometimes they would be vivid, talking clawing at her, holding her. She has one ghost.

In the ten years since she last saw her, Faith expected things to change, the way she looked the way she would feel if she ever saw her again. Yet when she recognized the woman standing from across the street, the rain soaking her hair and clothes. Standing there.

Standing in this place, standing in this rain.

"Buffy," the world tumbling out of her mouth. Faith pressed her body against the window. "Buffy" again mumbling it, then the taste of her lips in her mouth liked she kissed her only a second ago.

Petite, the figure crossed the street as traffic and rain brought everything to a standstill, as she made her way through steel and rubber, Faith held her breath, simply staring still until she was at the door.

Buffy pushed the door open, the sound of falling rain and impatience flooding her small office space. She was here.

In this place, in this rain.

"Hiya B," she greeted awkwardly, taking the most of her minute in trying to say the words.

"Hello Faith," the blonde greeted back. "Surprised?"She asked as she dripped unto to the floor.

"Yeah, and you should've brought an umbrella with you. You being the Girl Scout and all."

"Can't make a So Cal gal carry one, " Buffy giggled despite the chill, she trembled a bit, prompting the brunette to run into her upstairs apartment for towels.

"God, I'm so sorry," Faith apologized as she returned handing her the towels, "I'm not used to people dropping around in the rain."

"Don't worry I'm also no good at walking around the rain," she quipped as she removed her denim jacket.

"Why don't we head up stairs get you out those clothes.

"Wouldn't you love that? "

"I didn't mean it that way B," Faith began to apologize.

" It's okay Faith, " she assured her then without warning pulling on her to come close she kissed her light y on the mouth. The other slayer jolted by the surprise pulled away and stared at her quietly.


"Why do you think I came here?"In this place, in this rain."

"To see me."

"No," she stepped close to her and kissing her again, this time deeper, the favor returned with the same intensity as hers. "To be with you."


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