by Francis

Giles stared at her, or better, at it in horror. Never mind the likeness it shared with Buffy or the fact that it did slay vampires and demons with the same efficiency as his ward once did, it was moments like these that he missed her bad.

This wasn't Buffy and now he had another proof.

It stared back at him like what it said was a perfectly ordinary thing you could say when someone asked you if you'd like to drink. "Did you just say you want cum?" it was hard to say it.

"Yes," Buffy-bot smiled at him.

"You do realize that cum is a bodily emission released after an orgasm?" he couldn't believe he'd have this conversation with machine, much less one that looks like Buffy.

"Of course, and I would like some."

"To drink?" the ex-watcher never knew how it felt like when you say jaw-dropping, but he now knows how.



"What did you just say?" Spike couldn't believe that an image of Buffy would say something sexual to him and now it was way too perverse even for him to imagine. This contraption of course couldn't possibly want sex.

"I want to finger you in the ass," it repeated the earlier words perfectly without a hitch. Like it was perfectly fine to ask someone to bend over and spread it.

"Have you fallen in a pool or gone near a magnet!" he maybe a vampire but at least he has dignity and the sense to say no.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm fine. Nothing's wrong," it reported after a second of self-diagnosis only a computer could do. "Is there something wrong with your anal cavity?"

"No! Get away from me!"



"You want to what?" they both asked completely flabbergasted. Xander and Anya stood side by side, the Buffy-bot stood in front of them in the sidewalk. "Did you just say?"

"I want a threesome," it stated coming close to him, Anya looked intently at it, how dare it come near Xander. Even if it was a machine, it was anatomically correct and that meant that it had the tools and holes for fucking and guys would hump anything with a hole.

"With us?" Xander asked like he wasn't getting the drift the entire thing. A threesome with the Buffster rates high in his sexual fantasy list. Right next to Willow with Tara. "Shut up, Xander!" the ex-demon suddenly pulling him away from the grasp of the machine. "Stay away from him, Robo-slut!" she pushed the Buffy-bot away.



The blindfold made it all exciting.

Tara had been noticing the sudden eagerness of Willow to do anything sexual. It was either she was getting horny or someone had switched bodies with her. She understood the reason when the cover on her eyes was removed.

"Is that..." she could not believe that sight in front of her, the Buffy-bot naked in her bed. "Is that..."

Willow laughed at Tara's disbelief, she told her that she would be surprised and she was. Never could anyone imagine this. "What do you think?" she asked all giddy.

"Willow, I don't know she's a machine."

"But I thought you liked the idea of having a threesome with Buffy?" now the programmer was worried.

"It's not that it's just that, she, I mean it's a machine."

Will thought it over a second then looked up and smiled at her. "Well, so is a vibrator."

"I guess so," now idea wasn't so bad Tara realized. Red walked towards the Buffy-bot and looked back at Tara. "C'mon, this'll be fun."

"Okay, I guess," she took Willow's hand and hoped that the machine knows how to keep secrets.


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