by Francis


A wandering eye catches her gaze, her stare, her bated-breath stare, and Willow smiles back at Tara. A discussion about the bake sale thrown casually from mouth to ear of everyone in the circle.

Red steadies her eye at her, she she shyly looks away yet peeks every so often smiling. Peeking and smiling.



Barely visible in the dark of the night, above them, circling in a direction of their own. Willow clasped her hands tighter against Tara's fingers interlocked, she breathed slower, finding accompaniment in the other Wiccan.

"We who seek knowledge in the light, by the name of Eros we seek...The ones who'll find us right," they whispered together into the air. Tara peeked a little, saw the convergence of shadow sand light converging above them, disappearing until it became dark again.

"Not again," Tara said in disappointed tone, prompting Willow to open her eyes and look.

"I guess we're never going to find our soul mates," Red sighed looking down and seeing a tiny speck of visible light inside their clasped together hands.



It flew out of her palm as she blew the handful of dust off. In the air it followed it's bidding, launching into the trajectory Willow had done for it. Across the room out to the open window and to the afternoon air.

"Bring the words to her. Let it be known to her my will, this shall be done. It will be said by the air."

It passed across a vast open plane, people and thoughts, words in the air all at once. Yet the particles from her hand strove across them. Into the the corridor and rooms of a brick building. Until it found it's target.

"I love you," the voice loud in clear in Tara's ear. She looked around looking for Willow. It was her voice that said it. But she wasn't there, only air.



Holding back the first kiss for so long, yet in a second it was over. Not enough to fulfill the wait. Done with, not yet.

Tara held her face between the palm of her hands, a smile and her tears fall across her face and into her mouth. Tumbles softly to her lips. Willow leans over and kisses her again.

Taste her smile and tears.



It flew amongst the light, weaving incessantly across the single ray of sunlight in the room. The windows closed, the minutest open space lets the brightest of the sun in.

Down on the floor, on her knees, Willow watched these particles frolic carelessly in the air. A stones throw away for m her the bed, on it Tara sleeping shoulders and breast bare for the dark to revel in. A sheet drapes across her waist and she rolls to her side. Turning against the direction of the window, the slight gesture draws Red's attention away from the dust in the light.

She stood up from the floor., the grey sweatshirt with UC-Sunnydale sprawled across it's chest, enough to cover parts of her. Will ran her hands swiftly across the light, random movement created, collisions and separations in that one second.

Willow goes to the bed and slides into it against Tara, thankful for the peace.


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