Dreaming Of The Stars And The Moon
by Francis

In her room, she sat silently, touching her hands, her skin. The only skin she could touch long enough to matter, without fear. without consequences. She looked up out the window and to the sky. The bare, open night sky. To the stars and the moon.

She held up her hand to them, trying to touch them, even if she knew she could not. If she could touch them would she get their beauty, their wonder. Could she fly and stay up there and look over the earth. Look over her.

Kitty Pryde, beautiful Kitty Pryde.

She could her finally. Kiss her for more than a second, let it linger for an hour or even a day. Make love to her herself, with her bare skin. Only her skin.

Rogue lay down beside her, on her bed, quietly as if a feather falling on a temple floor. She touched the back of Kitty's hands with the tip of her bare finger. Then she put on her glove and wrapped her covered arms around her. It hurt to be this close and still be so far.

Tonight she would dream of her, Kitty, their skins pressing against each other. Caressing each other like the stars and moon to the night.

"I love you," she whispered then closed her eyes.


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