After The End Of The World
by Francis

The small space they shared was enough, after all didn't the Beatles say that all you need is love? Or was it the Bee-Gees?

It didn't matter to them though, who said it or how big the apartment actually was, it was the fact that they were together. Period. That was the plan after all these years.

Be together, share as a space not as Slayers or enemies or friends but as lovers. Just two souls sharing more than space and a lifetime, more than destiny and a bed. That was exactly the point.

New York was perfect, it was a million memories away from everything that had happened between them. Here they could pretend that it was all just a bad dream that they could forget.

Buffy kissed her lightly on the lips let her fingers caress her down to the small of her back. Faith smiled, eyes closed still at the gesture and kissed her for payment. Deeper, longer.

"I love you," she says this as she pulls out briefly from the brunette, invoking it every so often as if a challenge, a testament.

"I love you too," she responds and returns to her lips, to her embrace.


"Are you staying here?" Faith asked a little cautiously, how after all was she going to ask her to stay. She had just showed after all, soaking in rain water, that was all she knew at this moment. This and that she loved her more.

"I am. I'm staying here." She sighs deep and likes the feel of it and being in another's embrace, welcomed. "I'm all yours now."

"But what about...."

"Sunnydale? It's been safe there for years, there's a new slayer to keep guard."

"Is she any good?" Faith wondered remembering her days in Sunnydale.

"No, not as good as you," she lied.


After all these years she finally understood how it is to be the one left to wonder, as she watched Faith get into her street clothes, while she lies on the bed, naked and all alone. "Be careful," she hoped, knew that death was always around the corner.

"I will be, if only for you," Faith promised her.

"You don't have to promise anything," she says as she goes to the door. She lies again.


We hoped you enjoyed your stay ma'am, these words floated out of her ear inside the cab. The doorman smiled like she would never see him again, a smile of good riddance. She told the driver the address and he nods, he knows the place who Faith is.

"Are you a friend?" he asked innocently, looking at her by way of the rear view mirror. Buffy could see the statue of the Virgin Mary on his dashboard and braced for the reaction.

"I'm her girlfriend," smiling not quite believing the title. Yes, she was. And about the time she told herself that the world would end first before she became involved with Faith, for all she cares the world had ended that morning.


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