by Embitca

Faith hated the After-Parties, so this is why Marshall figured she was bored enough to follow him into the men's room. When he suggested he didn't need his bodyguard to follow him into the toilet, she shrugged and said "I'm just being cautious." Then she popped her gum and grinned at him.

It was a little disconcerting having her leaning right next to the urinal, especially since Faith didn't even pretend to not be staring intently at his cock in his hand. And the truth was, it was making him hard which made it difficult to piss. When he finished relieving himself, he looked at her and said "You wanna shake it for me?"

Faith just snapped her gum again and said, "Suck my dick."

He grunted and then laughed. "You wearing one?" He could play her game. Sometimes. But he wasn't very good at it. She was always surprising him, taking him off guard. Like now.

"What? You think this bulge in my pants is a gun?"

His eyes went to the crotch of her leather jeans. "I didn't --"

"Course you did." She grabbed his hand and brought it up undeneath the distinct bulge in her pants that he'd been eyeing curiously all evening trying to work it out.

"What the fuck?" It felt like she had a pair of balls in her pants and they shifted realistically under his fingers. Bolder now, he explored with his hand, rubbing around what felt like a semi-hard cock. Faith leaned back against the wall and sighed as he rubbed his hand forcefully against her. "Show me."

Faith opened her eyes and laughed at him. "No."

He pressed harder and her legs slid apart. "Just fucking show it to me! I wanna see."

"Later." She groaned again and then reached down and unzipped the leather. He slipped his hand inside immediately, found underpants with a fly and dug his hand into it as he stepped in closer to her, one hand on the wall to support himself. He wrapped his hand around warm flesh-like material, but it was obviously artificial. His breath let out in a rush. For one wild second he thought he'd just learned something new about Faith. This was wild enough as it was.

He played with the fake cock some more, stroking it hard so it bumped up against her clit on the upstroke. Faith was breathing heavily, mouth open and panting, as she grinded in towards his hand. After a minute, he said, "I bet you're wet under that thing," and then slipped two fingers behind it and stroked down, shoving his fingers into her gash. He moaned when he felt how wet she was and dragged his soaked fingers up over her clit. When she gasped, he said, "Oh, fuck yeah," and did it again a few more times until Faith came shuddering against him.

He was surprised when she pushed him away after she came, knocking his hand aside as she adjusted the cock in her jeans and then zipped them up. When she looked up at him, she smirked and said, "Thanks, babe."

"What the fuck?"

"Naw, maybe later. You can give me a blow job."

"You fucking cunt!" he hissed at her.

Faith just laughed cheerfully and pushed him out of the way, then walked out of the men's room.

Marshall cursed her again and then slammed a stall door open. Once inside, he locked it behind him and then jerked off over the toilet while he licked his fingers clean of the taste of her.


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