Nobody Listens To Techno
by Embitca

Emmett cut through the crowd at Babylon and made his way over to the boys as soon as he realized who it was he was looking at. "So, um, does anyone else think the hot blond over by the staircase looks familiar?"

Ted, Justin and Brian all turned at once, obviously staring, until Emmett smacked Ted.

"Hey! Oww!."

"Obvious much?"

Brian turned a sideways glance at him, still mostly concentrating on the blond, "This is Babylon. Everyone expects to be stared at. That's why they're here."

Emmett tugged Brian back around to face the bar. "Oh, I don't think he would. I think he's playing incognito."

Justin took another surreptitious peek. "He does look familiar. Who is it?"

Emmett leaned into the group and whispered, "I think it's Eminem."

Justin laughed. "No way."

"Take another look then"

Brian had turned around now to study the blond. "Hmm, is that what he looks like. I had no idea he was so --"

"Yummy?" Ted chimed in.

They were all staring again and Emmett gave up on discretion. "I'm sure that's him. Of course, I don't think he usually dresses in leather jeans and paisley shirts, but Hoo Wee! Is he a cute little muffin or what?" He turned back to the bar and waved at the bartender for another Cosmo.

Brian guffawed and then grabbed Emmett's arriving drink and swallowed it down. "It's like he's dressed in gay drag, but yeah, definitely pretty."

Justin made a face. "He's kinda short."

Ted nodded and then added, with hand gestures, "But compact and muscular."

Michael came wandering over then, making straight for Brian, but catching Ted's hand movements on arrival. "Who are we talking about?"

Emmett leaned in and draped an arm over Michael's shoulder, drawing him away from Brian's side. "Eminem's come out to play with the gay boys tonight."

Michael snorted in disbelief. "I knew he was a total closet case."

Ted laughed then, "Says the other closet case."

Emmett looked down at Michael and then waved his hand at the dance floor, "Mmm hmm, and this is a really big closet."

Justin grimaced again. "He's probably just looking for someone he can get alone and kick the shit out of--"

"Because he's a fucking terrified little homophobe," Michael added.

"Plus, so NOT cute," Justin finished.

Ted poked him. "Oh please. Hatemonger, homophobe or whatever, that boy has undeniable hotness. You're just jealous you're not the only cute blond in the room."

"Shut up!"

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin's waist and sing-songed against his neck, "Don't worry, Justin. You're still the cutest boy in school."

Ted harrumphed then. "I beg to differ."

"Shut up, Ted!" both Brian and Justin retorted.

As they all stood there continuing to stare blatantly, the object of their attentions finally pinged to the fact that he was being studied and lifted his eyes to glare at them, but the pouting lower lip mitigated the threat behind the chilly blue gaze.

"Mmm, if looks could kill and lips could suck cock, that boy would be all over mine right now while I was lying on the floor dead." Emmett, of course.

Michael responded, "Lips can suck cock."

Emmett said, "Exactly." Ted and Michael both giggled, but Justin just continued to glare right back at what he rightfully considered his opponent.

Brian just smiled and lowered his gaze for a slow full body appraisal. By the time he reached Eminem's face again, the eyes were focused solely on Brian. Since he didn't look away, Brian decided that was a sign of encouragement. Not that Brian needed encouragement to do anything Brian wanted to do. And Eminem was what Brian wanted to do, right now. Pushing Justin away from him gently, he announced "I consider it my civic obligation to make the world safe for faggots everywhere by introducing the pleasures of the backroom at Babylon to our closeted pop star."

Annoyed, Justin said, "He'd kill you if he heard you call him a pop star."

"Well, I'll just make sure he doesn't hear me then, won't I?"



"You're wasting your time."

"Oh, I don't think so. Pay attention, Sunshine. He's still staring at me."

"If you come home bleeding, I'm not cleaning you up." But Brian was already moving across the room, ignoring Justin, and intently focused on his latest prey.

Justin sighed, annoyed and jealous. "Figures."

"Well, Brian does have a thing for blond twinks." Ted, this time, and both Michael and Emmett laughed.

Justin snorted in disgust and stalked off without a goodbye.


Marshall's heart skipped a beat when he realized the man he'd been staring at was making his way towards him. He didn't do this often. In fact, it was only his third time and he mostly still worried about being recognized, outed. He'd gotten nervous when he'd seen the small group obviously discussing him and had nearly bolted, but then he looked at him and Marshall decided to stay put. And now, here he was. "Uh, hi. What's your name?"

A smile, amused, possibly already bored. "Brian."

Marshall's eye caught the other blond who he'd seen in Brian's arms earlier scowl at him and storm away from the group. He swallowed. "Who...who was that?"

"None of your business."

"Oh. Ok. I'm Marshall."

"That's nice." Fingers reached out and grabbed at his shirttails, pulling him in close, hips grinding against him. "Why are you here, Marshall?"

As an arm wrapped around the small of his waist, Marshall gasped a little bit. "To dance, just wanted to dance."

Brian looked down at him, eyes narrowed. "Somehow, I don't think this is your kind of music." A beat, and then he smiled knowingly.

Busted, he was busted. Fuck it, he'd play it off. Looked back steadily at Brian, edged in closer and swiveled his hips against him. "Yeah, I fucking hate techno. I came to get my dick sucked."

Brian nodded approvingly, then leaned in quickly and kissed him, explored Marshall's mouth until he was left panting when Brian broke away. "That's better. Directness is good, maybe it'll get you what you're looking for."

Emboldened now, Marshall leaned up into Brian and whispered, "Fuck maybe, let's go."

Brian grinned and then spun Marshall about and pushed him forward, "After you," hands on his shoulders as he navigated him easily through the crowd. Marshall's heart started slamming in his chest. It was happening much faster than he'd expected, which was stupid really since he'd virtually encouraged this kind of response. But still, he'd expected them to dance around the question for awhile. That's the way it usually happened even when Marshall was being forward. And then he had to admit to himself that he'd never been that forward. He usually played it coy, but he knew, just knew if he'd tried that, Brian would have lost interest and disappeared. He tried to slow down their progress anyway though, pausing to ask, "Where we going?"

Brian just pushed him harder, pressing his entire body against his back. "You'll see. Keep moving."

When they arrived in the backroom, Marshall stood rooted to the spot, taking it all in. He hadn't expected this. The last two encounters he'd had occurred in the backseats of sedans, more or less private. This was decidedly not private and also just way more queerness than he was ready to be confronted with. He was still having a hard time dealing with his own urges. Liked it better when he could ignore other people's. Nervously, he turned towards Brian, "I don't think--"

"Don't think then." Brian pushed him towards an unoccupied wall. When Marshall's back was pressed to it, Brian slid a hand against the crotch of his leather pants, stroking his erection into full attention. Marshall moaned and wiggled against the touch as Brian stroked harder and fumbled single-handed with his own tight jeans.

When Brian's cock was free, Marshall reached for it instinctively, stroked it and then pulled Brian in tight against him, one hand reaching up to the back of his neck so he could kiss him. He plunged his tongue into Brian's mouth, tasting cocaine, vodka and cranberry juice. Brian let go of his cock in order to wrap his hands around Marshall's face and kiss him back hard, running his warm tongue over Marshall's teeth and then sucking on his lower lip. He nudged a knee into Marshall's crotch then, lifting Marshall up so he could ride on it.

Marshall had been trying to keep one hand wrapped around Brian's cock, but he gave up in favor of putting both hands on Brian's hips so he could control his movements better, keeping the thigh between his legs firmly pressed against his balls as he practically climbed up Brian's body. As he felt himself getting closer to climax just from the friction, Brian whispered into his ear, "Suck my cock" and pushed him away and back against the wall. Marshall moaned in petulant annoyance, "No, you're supposed to suck me."

Brian laughed at him. "Fuck that. Not until I see just how talented that mouth really is." When he smiled his eyes gleamed brightly as he ran a thumb over Marshall's lips and Marshall decided that sucking Brian's cock was about the only thing in this world he wanted to be doing right now, so he slid to his knees. For a moment he looked at the dick waving in his face and swallowed, mouth suddenly watering. He took a breath and then wrapped his mouth around the head of Brian's cock, swirling his tongue around the underside of the crown experimentally.

Brian groaned above him, so he took that as encouragement and licked some more and then sucked hard. When Brian threaded his fingers through Marshall's hair, Marshall swallowed more of his length and let Brian control speed and tempo as he rocked against Marshall's face. Marshall braced himself for being choked, but Brian was obviously skilled enough at judging depth to keep it from happening so Marshall relaxed a bit more and just sucked hard around the cock sliding back and forth between his lips.

He had to brace his hands on Brian's thighs to keep from swooning as Brian fucked his mouth. It all made him feel a bit passive and light- headed, the room, the position, the music, Brian's panting breaths above him. So when he tasted Brian coming in his mouth, he swallowed reflexively and didn't pull away as the hot salty, slightly bitter flavor filled his mouth. As he swallowed again, he could feel his own pre-cum flow from the head of his cock and he moaned around Brian in his mouth.

When Brian finished, he pulled himself gently out of Marshall's mouth and then slid his hands under Marshall's arms and pulled him back into a standing position. Marshall just looked at him dazed, still caught up in the taste in his mouth and then Brian was kissing him roughly, sucking Marshall's tongue into his mouth. While he did so, Marshall felt hands fumbling at his waist and then the skin-tight leather pants that he wasn't particularly comfortable in anyway were sliding to his knees and he was exposed from the waist down. Brian pulled away from the kiss with a hard nip to Marshall's lower lip and then tilted Marshall's face up and gave him a feral grin, stroking his jaw. "Now you can get what you came for."

Brian was on his knees before Marshall had a chance to respond and then there was a very hot and very wet mouth around his cock and he totally forgot whatever response he'd been intending to make. He grabbed the wall with both hands for support as Brian devoured his cock, sucking it expertly, better than Marshall's previous two experiences and he thought he might not experience anything quite like it again if he had his cock sucked another 10,000 times in his life.

He groaned in frustration when Brian took his mouth off him for a moment, but the mouth was back before he could manage to get too pissy about it and he settled down with a sigh. When Brian reached up between his legs and stroked a wet finger against his ass, Marshall slid his legs further apart without thinking. He stiffened against the wall and breathed out hard, gushing air noisily, when Brian's finger entered him, but he wasn't prepared at all when Brian pressed that finger directly against his prostate. His knees buckled and he slid down to the floor with a moan as the electric shock went through him and then Brian was hovering over him, lips still fastened around his cock as Marshall came hard into his mouth.

Brian was standing and wiping the back of his hand across his lips when Marshall opened his eyes. Once Brian noticed, he put his hand out and Marshall took it and then Brian pulled him to his feet. When he rocked forward, a bit dizzy, Brian steadied him against the wall, leaned in for another quick kiss and then whispered against his ear, "Welcome to Babylon." Then he was gone and Marshall was stumbling back towards the dance floor after he fastened his pants closed, thinking he just might be able to stand dancing to a little techno after all.


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