The Perfect Broomstick
by Don't Make Eye Contact

Hermione entered the Gryfindor common room and immediately noticed Ron and Harry sitting in the corner. Harry was polishing his Firebolt broomstick, he had owned it for several years now, but you wouldn't know from the constant care he put into it. Ron seemed to be staring hatefully at the blank piece of parchment that was probably his charms homework. She joined them with a smile and opened a book.

After a moment she realised Ron was staring at her with an expression of slight annoyance. "What?"

"Hermione, where have you been going off to recently? We hardly see you at all these days."

"That's not true, we have lots of lessons together."

"I mean outside of lessons."

Hermione glanced over at Harry who nodded.

She shrugged. "Well I have been going off on broomstick rides occasionally."

"For hours! All the time!" Ron arms were wildly waving around, punctuating his sentence.

"You're exaggerating, Ron."

Harry chipped in. "I don't think he is, Hermione. Why are you off flying all the time? You never used to be remotely interested in it."

"I just discovered that going for a ride on a broomstick is a good way of organising my thoughts."

"You've never had problems organising your thoughts before."

"Well I have more work this term." Hermione's tone was dismissive.

"You could borrow my Firebolt if you want?" Harry lifted up his prize possession.

"No, I couldn't, Harry. I'd be worried about breaking it or something. I don't need a racing broom, just something to fly about slowly on."

"Do you use that one you use in flying lessons?" Ron asked incredulously.

"Sure, that's a fine broom."

Harry shrugged but Ron wouldn't let it go. "But why do you keep riding around on that cheap, school broom? Your parents could afford to get you a proper one."

"Well I would prefer that my parents buy me books rather than a broom." Hermione said sniffily.

"But that one's awful."

"It isn't all that bad, Ron."

"It stalls when you turn sharply."

"I'm not using it for Quidditch, just gentle flying."

"You can't go above thirty miles an hour on it."


"And it vibrates constantly!" Ron said in exasperation.

A slow smile spread across Hermione's face. "You know, you've both given me a lot to consider. I'm going to go for a ride and think about it."

She hurried off, leaving behind her book and her two bemused friends.

"She's mad." Said Ron.

"Absolutely." Agreed Harry.


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