The Spell
by Don't Make Eye Contact

Willow was very pissed off. She would never say it in those words of course. Willow didn't use harsh language or express herself violently about most things but despite all this she was still very much pissed off.

The source of her anger was a woman. Actually that's not true, the source of her anger was her boyfriend Oz's attraction to the woman. The woman's name was Veruca and despite having a resolutely unsexy name that was where the lack of sex appeal ended. If it had been just a physical thing then Willow knew that Oz wouldn't have been interested. For all her curves, coolness and oral sex lips she still wouldn't have been able to attract Oz if it wasn't for the fact that they shared interests. They shared music. Willow liked music. She listened to it and appreciated it especially when Oz was playing but talk of amps and Stratocasters and a hundred other things just left her feeling like an idiot. She was certain it was that that he wanted. She could have learnt what it all meant but she just could never discuss things on the same level as Oz. She and Oz had some things in common but Willow felt that at heart he couldn't help but be more interested in talking to someone who shared his interests.

Willow was thinking about this one morning in Oz's bed. He had left early to do some Dingo related activity like practice. Veruca would know exactly what he was doing and be there to help or practice with them. Willow decided that she was going to do something about it. She wasn't going to let Oz go. As a witch she had a lot of resources open to her. Love spells were tricky and pretty unethical; they were notorious for going wrong. Willow had even experienced the backlash of a botched spell by a more powerful witch and that was enough to put any thought of trying it out of her mind. It didn't matter though. Willow was far more creative than that anyway.

It took a couple of hours research but she soon found she spell she wanted. It was a spell to know the weaknesses of enemies but mixed with a 'true love's heart' spell and tinkered with a bit (and tinkering with spells was a speciality of Willow's) then the result was a spell to share the interests of your love.

Magic is dangerous and Willow was nothing if not cautious, but she had confidence in her magic. Willow knew magic and knew when it would work. She took some of Oz's hair from his electric razor along with some incense, candles and a sacred circle. Pretty standard really.

She did the spell in Oz's room. The fire alarm was disabled for the safer smoking of pot and there wouldn't be that much smoke anyway. She spoke the chant in Latin. Willow felt the air tightening as she did the spell. The room around her, all of Oz's belongings were being drawn upon. The chanting reached a crescendo and Willow felt like a wind had rushed into her chest. She felt dizzy and quite weak but she knew beyond certainty that it had worked.

Willow stood up and looked around the room. She was seeing things so differently now and it was all a bit overwhelming. For a moment Willow thought that maybe she had been too hasty, that she should have thought things through a bit more, maybe slept on it before doing the spell but a mirror distracted her. Willow saw herself and she liked what she saw. She definitely liked how she looked apart from one thing. Her hair suddenly seemed so boring. It was nice but mundane, she had the urge to change it. She wanted hair that was wilder.

Oz's scissors and hair dyes were all right there. At first she wanted to chop it all off and make it spiky but she couldn't quite bring herself to. Willow searched through the dyes till she found some bleach. She used it to bleach streaks of pale gold through her hair. Then she used up Oz's entire store of wax (intending to buy him more at the first opportunity) to twist the streaks. It took about an hour in total but afterwards she looked in the mirror and was pleased at the blonde twists standing out in the red hair.

For a moment as she stood there and she wondered if she should have thought this through a bit more, maybe researched the spell more before trying it but she liked the look and then she saw Oz's guitar.

It wasn't his electric guitar; it was an acoustic guitar that he used mostly for his song writing. She picked it up and weighed it in her hands. She loved the smooth feel of the wood and the exciting anticipation of using it to make music. Oz made a big deal about how he wasn't that good with guitars but the truth was that he was very talented. He always saw the flaws in how he played and tried for more and more difficult chords but he was good. Willow strummed the guitar. It sounded perfectly in tune. Willow found some sheet music and sat cross-legged on the bed with the guitar in her hands and the music in front of her. She could read music and she was pretty certain that she could play something simple.

The description of Willow playing has been left out in case people of a sensitive disposition read this. Suffice to say that Willow decided that she needed a little more practice and the guitar itself was emotionally scarred and never fully recovered from the trauma. Willow wondered if she should have thought this through a little more, after all just because she now shared Oz's interests didn't mean that she had his knowledge. She would be able to learn but would that be soon enough. Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing.

"Hey Willow, I hoped you'd still be there."

Willow wondered if she should tell Oz what she'd done but that might need a face to face explanation. Instead she said "I went to the library but I came back here"

"Listen, I heard that Shy are playing at the Bronze tonight." "Shy? That's Veruca's band."

"Yeah, I wondered if you wanted to go?"

"Oh God yes."


"I've got to go. I'll see you there."

Willow suddenly very much wanted to go and see Shy perform. She wanted to see Veruca singing and hopefully talk to her afterwards.

Willow would have been thinking that maybe she should have thought this spell through first.

She would have maybe wondered how many of Oz's interests she would have gained.

She would have maybe thought that she should try and reverse the spell.

She would have thought this but her thoughts were mainly centred on Veruca now and besides she had to get ready to go out to the Bronze.


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