by Conchetta

Maybe I'll stay here a little longer. You know. A little time to say goodbye.

Maybe I'll cry.

Maybe I won't.

Maybe I could have changed this. Maybe I could have gone to his chambers, spouting my undying love for him.

Maybe he returned my feelings.

Maybe he didn't.

I know him, as much as he would hate it. He would have gone. He went to save us all. And all we did was wait. We didn't help him.

Hell, everyone else made jokes about him. Called him names. Made nasty noises when he wasn't listening.

But I didn't.

Or maybe I did. I don't remember anymore.

It's getting so hard, and I'm getting so tired. The fight has gone on for so many years. He still went.

He still burned.

And I still waited.

But maybe, maybe I'll be able to rest with him too one day.

After all, maybe never solved anything.

And maybe I'll cry.

Maybe he would too.


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