True Story
by Charles

"That's it, you fuckin' mallrat. You're gonna pay now."

Shannon grabbed Brodie by the collar of his t-shirt and dragged him to the back of Fashionable Male, where the dressing rooms were. The mall was about to close, so there weren't any customers around.

"What? I was looking at your fine selection of Jerry Garcia ties and accidentally spilled my soda on them. I said I was sorry."

"Sorry's not gonna cover it, you little shit."

He slammed Brodie into one of the dressing rooms and noted with satisfaction the grunt the mallrat uttered when he collided into the back of it.

"Sweet fucking Christ! What's your problem? I said I was sorry, didn't I? What more do you want from me?"

"On your knees," Shannon uttered through gritted teeth.

"Why the hell should I?"

Shannon's reply was to smack Brodie's face.


"I said on your knees, fucker." He grabbed Brodie's shoulders and forced him down.

"Okay, okay. Chill out! Geez!"

Brodie settled down on his knees. As he did, it began to dawn on him just what Shannon had in mind. "C'mon, man! I swear I'll never come in here again!"

"It's too late for that," Shannon said as he reached down to grab Brodie 's face. "Look at me, you loser. Those ties were expensive. I know you don't have the money to pay for them. But I'm willing to look the other way if you'll do me a favor -"

"You're kidding, right? I'll pay for the ties -"

"Shut up, you fucking mallrat," Shannon said as he tightened his grasp on Brodie's face. He held the punk's face with one hand, while his other hand undid his belt and began to lower his zipper. Shannon ran a thumb over Brodie's wet lips as his right hand freed his rapidly stiffening cock from his pants. He stroked it a couple of times, his eyes closing to slits. "Oh, yeah, you know you want this, you fucking prick."

Shannon's thumb gently probed Brodie's mouth, and instinctively, Brodie sucked on it. Shannon pulled his finger out with a wet pop, he looked down at Brodie with narrowed, nasty eyes. "Yeah, I think you get the picture."

Giving his dick one more squeeze, Shannon slid the head of his cock between Brodie's smooth, wet lips. Shannon groaned as the silky warmth of the mallrat's mouth enveloped him. Without giving Brodie a chance to get used to him, Shannon shoved the rest of his cock into the punk's mouth. "Yeah, choke on it, you fucker," Shannon grunted as he shifted one of his hands to the back of Brodie's head.

Brodie tried to pull away, but Shannon grabbed his hair and held the mallrat's head in place. "I know you can take it all. C'mon!" Shannon growled as he continued to thrust. He smiled with satisfaction as the head of his cock slammed into the back of Brodie's throat again and again. Shannon shuddered as the rough head of his cock scraped against the top of Brodie's mouth.

Shannon eventually relented, pulling Brodie's head from his crotch. Brodie panted as he glared up at Shannon, lust and hatred in his eyes.

Shannon smirked as he looked down at Brodie. "Will you ever show your sorry face in my store again?"


"No what?" Shannon asked, stroking his cock.

"No sir," Brodie replied, defeat in his voice.

"Good. Now finish the job, mallrat."

Brodie slid his mouth down Shannon's shaft, slowly, taking his time. His tongue traced a vein from the base of Shannon's cock to the thick, mushroom-shaped head. Shannon leaned his head back, and moaned.

Brodie's lips brushed against Shannon's garbadine slacks as he took all of Shannon's dick into his mouth. He began to work up a rythym, his head bobbing, with Shannon's hand still holding his hair.

"Ahhh, yeah," Shannon groaned.

Shannon thrust his cock into Brodie's wet, warm mouth once more. He began to increase the frequency of the thrusts, as he drew closer and closer to orgasm. Brodie kept pace with the thrusting, wrapping his tongue around Shannon's shaft.

The grip on Brodie's hair tightened as Shannon's orgasm began to hit. Shannon shoved Brodie's face into his crotch as he gave one last thrust. He growled loudly as he came, his warm seed spilling into Brodie's mouth. Brodie spit the salty fluid on to the floor next to him and wiped his mouth.

Shannon zipped up his pants and started to walk out of the dressing room. He stopped, and turned back to look at Brodie, who was still on the floor.

"You'd better not show your face in here again, mallrat."

"What if I do?"

"I'll screw you in a very uncomfortable place."

"What, like a dumpster?"


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